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Rowan Atkinson (Rowan Atkinson)

( Actor)

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Biography Rowan Atkinson (Rowan Atkinson)
photo Rowan Atkinson (Rowan Atkinson)
Born January 6, 1955

Every talent is hard to conceal, while Rowan Atkinson with his childhood talent was evident. Rather, on the face. True, its the nature of mimicry too mobile for a long time people have taken over ... sign of stupidity and carelessness. To protect themselves from the eternal ridicule, eccentric Rowan was forced to come up with for the role, in which the laughter of others can not offend him, and even contrary, lift to the top of fame. This - the role of Mr. Bean, the audience favorite, always hamming man "not of this world."

. History

. "We're seriously talking! Immediately stop playing the fool, what the punishment for this child!" - These words of the English farmer's son, Rowan Atkinson ever heard in early childhood
. Yet he never thought to play the fool, rather the contrary, the boy was serious, just a little too thoughtful. But when Rowan about something to think about how his face itself arose most absurd grimace. This much he had been grown. Always skipping past the ears reprimands parents and two older brothers, the boy is fiercely frowned, then smiled broadly one he guided thoughts. And if this person had the most stupid ...

Sitting at a desk in the Newcastle school, he often dreamed of, without noticing that the teacher for several minutes immediately drawn to him, Atkinson. He, of course, smiling. Classmates called him "an alien - from ear to ear" (this nickname remember Rowan so that many years later he took a screen saver to "Mr. Bean" from the space overture movie "Terminator"). Given that studied Rowan bad in school he was considered a fool. He was terribly naive: Tell him somebody, for instance, that his whole back is white - he dutifully took the clothes brush and walked to the mirror, and so at least ten times a day ... Only in the class who did not laugh at him, was a serious boy named Tony Blair (the future Prime Minister of Great Britain was keen on learning, not grimaces eccentric Atkinson). More than anything, Rowan wanted to be like everyone else, but he was no good. It is fortunate that the teachers quickly got used to his involuntary grimace and performance appraisal estimates strangeness Atkinson did not affect. Moreover, with the advances in physics and mathematics, he received direction in Oxford at the engineering department.

It soon became clear that in Oxford blockheads who enjoys to make fun of the wonderful guy, no less than in the Newcastle school. And in the lecture hall Rowan also felt an outsider. But there he became acquainted with a certain Richard Curtis, a student activist theater. Richard Rowe suggested the idea to try his hand at comic pantomime - and has not lost: he has since become the permanent sponsor of all sketches, pantomimes, and scripts Atkinson and earned it a lot more than someone from Oxford scoffers.

. One day, preparing for the student skit, Atkinson for two solid hours built funny faces at her reflection in the mirror
. Curtis, Visitor found out a friend, he asked: "And what are you going to speak?" Rowan to try on lots clown costumes, wardrobe made in the theater, but Curtis did not like. "You know, it was much funnier when you're grimacing in his ordinary clothes," - he reasoned. And Atkinson decided to act in their own tweed jacket with suede patches on the elbows - a hair's breadth the same, in which go to work, millions of ordinary Londoners. This skit has decided the fate of Rowan Atkinson. First, a resounding success forced him to leave Oxford and served in comedians. And secondly, it was the birth of Mr. Bean: after tweed jacket with patches became indispensable uniforms Mr Bean and ... same indispensable talisman Mr Atkinson.

Acting, Atkinson nowhere and never studied. To succeed on stage it was pretty well the nature of the mobile face and ... Councils friend Curtis, followed Atkinson in London. Especially Rowan go well eccentric pantomime, and solo performance on all of the same character of the student skit, collected sold out. It is true that professional success does not affect the ability to Rowan to find common language with people in everyday life. Talent to compose sketches still coexisted in him with ... complete lack of sense of humor when dealing with others' jokes. And still do not wish to become a respectable person Rowan strongly interfered with the girls. Worth some beauty to talk with him for several minutes as it began to irritate quite unsuited to the case grimaces Atkinson.

. Probably, . these girls biting elbows with anger, . when in 1990 was rejected by the boyfriend came to real fame: it became televised performance - it is in her favorite character, Mr. Atkinson was named Bean (in English it means "bean", . that is something small, . helpless, . that can roll on the table or eat),
. World has swept this wave binomanii. The series has collected for the year 123 million pounds - more than, say, Paul McCartney, along with the rest of the ex-Beatle and Lennon's widow - Yoko Ono.

A considerable part of the army of fans Atkinson are children. They believe that Bin behaves exactly as we would like to themselves, but they do not allow the parents. British women adore him as "the most hilarious sex symbol". And men love the Bean because of his antics do not look like their own behavior. "There is light at the fools!" Thank God, I did not like that! " - About the so-secretly discussing ordinary Englishmen.

But representatives of the British establishment are not among the fans of Mr. Bean. In particular, Tony Blair still does not find a former classmate funny. The fact that the British, mastering and conquering the continents for centuries nurtured its image of thoroughbred, self-confident, well-bred and infallible people - perfect gentlemen. And then suddenly the whole world saw how ridiculous a Londoner, "bean" always getting into a mess, late for work, get tired of all their pettiness and stupidity. From this "revelation", but still clothed in the form of charming insanity, the foreign audience was delighted. And the Japanese Academy for training of the personnel officers found that the majority of Japanese who are tired of impenetrable bureaucratic entities of their superiors, dream to see Mr Bean as his boss.

. Of course, Atkinson played not only Bina
. He has starred in the episodes - in particular, the role of Chief James Bond - Connery in the film "Never say never," or priest in the film "Four Weddings and a Funeral". And on stage, he beat a lot of roles, including roles in productions of Chekhov. But all this for Atkinson something like a hobby. His real profession - to be Mr. Bean. He considers himself an actor in one role, and even proud of it. After all, this role has made him one of the most highly paid actors of England. "Somewhere in the back room of my house quietly humming machine that prints money. This machine is called "enterprise of Mr. Bean". However, the machine is already processed and myself ", - says Atkinson. In short, for some time to be Mr Bean was not just his profession but also his destiny.

. Private life Atkinson covered with a veil of impenetrable mystery that many doubt - and there still in this man something, but his character
. Of course, Rowe is the family: his wife Sunetra Sastry (makeup artist), and two children - six-and four-Benjamin Lily. They all live very secluded in a luxurious castle of the XVIII century in Oxfordshire. During the nine years of marriage, he led his wife in the light of not more than ten times. The fact that he is ... Sunetra jealous of Binah. "Sometimes I think that this is not me, but he is married to her. And with what she was to marry me? Everyone knows that I bore. In short, I do not want to drive my wife where she could be a mistake to call Mrs. Bean "- once confessed to actor. The fact that Rowan and Sunetra met on the croquet field at a time when the actor continued working out a comic stunts for the film on Binet. As luck would have, at Atkinson in the day was the most famous tweed jacket, wearing which he himself does not understand who he is - an actor or character.

. Wherever Atkinson, his cries of welcome: "Look, Mr. Bean!" Over time, he himself used to look at her only as a counterpart of his character
. "I think we are twins. We were separated when we were nine years since I had time to grow up, but he remained a big kid. Nine. But when I met him, I myself become the same ", - confessed the actor. Incidentally, the date of his birth forty-four Rowan says January 1, 1990 - the day of the official birth of television Mr Bean. Even the interview he preferred to give the name of his character. "So I feel much calmer. After all, hardly anyone would dream of offending Handsome Bean or tactless to ask him questions ". Alas, such a "security system" is not perfect, because it can not protect against ... savage love fans.

Three years ago in Toronto, where the actor came to advertise their series, Atkinson was nearly torn to pieces. Another three hours before your appointment to meet with the audience the time the largest shopping center of a crowd of at least four thousand. Police was horrified, because the situation had become unmanageable. Atkinson recommended that a little cool delight of spectators came out not in uniform Bean, and in some other suit, but the actor flatly refused. He did not need these people, they need only Mr. Bean, Atkinson reasoned. So he went out to his fans and said: "Let me introduce myself. My name is Mr. Bean "- and then ... was lifted into the air hundreds of hands. He could not free himself, screaming for help over the roar of the crowd no one heard. Only a miracle the police managed to repulse the pale and frightened actor. The famous tweed jacket with patches was torn apart ...

But this story is not weaned from the habit represents Atkinson Mr Bean and the people live in his guise. And it is something which, as tweed jacket with patches had enough.

In the series Mr Bean - as it should be "little man" - always travels to ruin mark "mini". This compact car is painted in a special AUTOMUSEUM stars next to the colossal "Batmobile" from the Hollywood series about Batman. But Atkinson - the owner of an entire collection of extremely expensive sports car brand Aston Martin. A passion for good cars - the only thing that belongs to himself unreservedly, not Bean, says actor. Recently, he laid out several hundred thousand pounds for a miracle surviving copy of the very first model of the British racing car - a gift to London Museum of cars.

But Rowan is not just an amateur collector. From time to time, he wrote serious articles in the professional automotive magazine "Car" (engineering knowledge still useful). Moreover, Atkinson also an experienced race car driver. Last year he even took the honor for a layman's eighth place in the national races of Great Britain. But in recent years and in this corner of the reserve life of the actor entered irrepressible Bean. One day, noticing that the stadium too ill together for one of his rivals, Atkinson during a break between races ... donned the famous tweed jacket and played brief pantomime. The audience was delighted and began to ache for him already. "Mr. Atkinson is very boring subject and therefore no one needs. But Bean is interesting to all, "- with a tinge of envy in her voice light says the actor.

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  • Obazhatelnitsa Bean for Rowan Atkinson (Rowan Atkinson)
  • This cool! Always sad when involving Mr. Bean, and immediately becomes fun! Rowan funniest and a good actor!
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    Rowan Atkinson (Rowan Atkinson), photo, biography
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