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Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)

( Actor, director, singer, composer)

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Biography Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
photo Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
Adriano Celentano (Adriano Celentano) - Italian singer, composer, actor, director. 'Senor Boof' - this is precisely his press.

He was born Jan. 6, 1938 in the north of Milan in a working-class neighborhoods, and more precisely on the street Gluck (named after the great German composer Christoph Willibald Gluck), the son of poor peasants Puglia. They came from the south in search of work and good luck. The family was friendly and very musical. Perhaps, Adriano less keen on the music of others - much more interesting it seemed to him, a teenager, the profession of a watchmaker, which he mastered while working in the workshop of his uncle. Unfinished school, . Adriano from twelve years began working as an apprentice in the workshop and watch, . perhaps, . would stop their choice of profession watchmaker, . if not success, . had fallen to his share in the play-vaudeville lyubtelskom, . where Adriano conquered the audience with hilarious parody of the young in those years, the singer Louis Prima, . on which was superficially similar,
. He began to invite amateur competitions, and in 1950 he performed two of his first 'hit'. This time rock and roll, Celentano and many others began to imitate the masters of this genre, such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis. He sings songs from their repertoire, podygravaya himself on the guitar.

In 1954, Celentano had himself composed and performed his own songs, and in 1955 his friend Michele Del Preto (Miki del Prete) brings him his poems. Since then, they always work together.

In 1957 in Milan Sport Palace 'Kyachcho' (Ghiaccio) held the first contest obscheitalyansky rock 'n' roll. Within a few evenings out on the stage performers, which in Italian and English, sang songs of their 'idols'. Only a few dared to submit to the jury and audience songs composed. Among them was Adriano Celentano. His song 'I'll tell you "chao"' (Chao ti diro) became, in the unanimous opinion of all those present, the real gem of the competition. It should be noted, moreover, the natural plasticity Celentano, which is very important to the artist rock n 'roll. Not for nothing that Adriano was nicknamed 'Molledzhato' (Molleggiato) - 'all on the springs'. At this competition he becomes the winner. In 1958 he won the festival of light music in the port city of Ancona (Ancona), performing 'Your kiss, like a rock' (Il tuo bacio e 'come un rock). In 1959 he performed the song 'rebel', which became famous and gave the name of his akkomponiruyuschemu ensemble. Since then Celentano recognized 'rock-n-rollschik' Italy

. December 19, 1961, after another success at the festival in San Remo (second prize for the song 'Twenty-four thousand kisses' ('24 .000 baci')), he organizes his own record company - 'Clan Celentano' (Clan Celentano), . gathering around him musicians - friends of his youth,
. Now the firm includes publishing, booking agency, studio video and audio. Working in it more than 150 people, and are managed by the brother of the singer Alessandro. 'Clan' yummy friends, like-minded singer. Later, many isponiteli, such as the Beatles, 'Stones', (so as not to depend on the producers and the demands of fashion), and went towards the creation of their own companies, but in the very early 60-ies such an act was bold and unusual

. After the victory in 1962 at the famous contest 'Kantsonissimo' where Celentano represented his song 'You're far away from me' ( 'Stai lontana da me'), . he goes in on tour in France (successful performances in the famous Parisian music hall 'Olympia') and Spain, . where he first gets the opportunity to speak on television with a series of his own show,

In 1963, Celentano was withdrawn in the film 'What a strange type' ( 'Uno strano tipo') together with his wife, FUTURE, famous actress Claudia Mori (Claudia Mori). In 1964, Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori becomes a married couple.

In 1966, many critics as a turning point in art Celentano. This year he arrived in San Remo with the autobiographical song about the fate of a simple guy Milanese - 'The guy from the street Gluck' ( 'Il ragazzo della via Gluck'). Won over by the sincerity of a great song, critic and audience were in raptures. This song has been translated into twenty-two languages, more than four months, led by the Italian charts - the first pressing socio-political song and first song of Celentano, who went around the world. Later it was included in school textbooks as a call for respect for nature. Then in his songs, there are increasing political and antiwar themes, but no matter how acute, topical song was not Celentano, it is never hopeless: cheerfulness and optimism do not leave the musician. Great success had fallen to the lot of his songs, . as' who does not work, . does not love '(' Chi non lavora non fa l'amore '), . 'Pinocchio' ( 'La ballata di Pinocchio') (from the album 'Misfortunes of the century' ( 'I mali del secolo'), . entirely devoted to the problems of the modern world, . modern Italy),
. In the late 60-ies the song 'Twenty-four thousand kisses' is recognized as one of the best Italian song of the decade.

In 1970, at the next festival in San Remo A. Celentano, together with K. Mori zavaevyvayut top prize with the song 'Who does not work, he does not like'. Over the years his songs have become more serious. 'Primary duty of the actor - to protest against injustice', - says Celentano.

More than forty years of his creative activity Celentano released over 30 albums with a total circulation of 70 million.

In addition to the musical deyatelnsti, Celentano deals and cinematography. In the 70 years he frequently appeared in films and he makes films. He appeared in four dozen films, and he started in 1959 with bit parts rock singers. Well-known film is a film by Federico Fellini's 'La Dolce Vita' ( 'La Dolce vita', 1960). In these films, he plays himself - a fashionable singer, a rising star of youth lyrics. And of course in his films, he sings. Over time, become the main role, and movies are not unrelated to the music. 'He creates an image akin to the characters popular comedy - he is a simpleton, and onions, naive and wise at the same time' - Adriano talked about the famous director Pietro Germi (Pietro Germi), creator of 'Serafino' ( 'Serafino', 1968). 'In his work on screen, he continues to develop the character of the hero of his songs, and home - in their nation. He is so confident working on the set, so staraetsya insight into all aspects of filmmaking that I think he is more likely to be a director '. So it happened. In the 70's and early 80's, he always takes off and in films. At one time there were such popular films:

. 'Superograblenie in Milan' - 'Super rapina a Milano', (1964)
. 'Yuppi Doo' - 'Yuppi du', (1975)
. 'Bluff' - 'Bluff storia di truffe e di imbroglioni', (1977)
. 'Taming of the Shrew' - 'Il bisbetico domato', (1980)
. 'Bingo Bongo' - 'Bingo-Bongo', (1982)
. 'Joan lui' - 'Joan Lui', (1985)
. At that time, for example, 'Taming of the Shrew' grossed an astronomical sum - 19 billion pounds, reaching the second highest total box office and at first place among the Italian films
. 'Bingo Bongo' has collected $ 15 billion, and 'Grand Hotel' Excelsior '(' Grand Hotel Excelsior ', 1982) - 16 billion pounds, leaving behind many worthy examples of national cinema.

In the late 80's popularity began to wane Celentano. In order to somehow return to its former glory, he started one of the leading Italian television his own show. In 1987, Adriano was left with the evening broadcast program 'Fantastico'. Home was a success, so Celentano every Saturday for a long time to welcome celebrities Italy and neighboring countries. Show closed only because of the fact that Celentano interested in a new project - since 1999, along with actress Francesca Neri, he began his musical show program (Francamente me ne infischio).

Now Celentano live 100 km from Milan, alone in his villa with his wife Claudia Mori, doing repair hours. 'I have two craft, - says Celentano. - One thing I learned in my childhood, I - Watchmaker. Pity, not conquered tools, and then repaired to someone's watch ... My second lesson - actor. This was mainly. I take this craft to express that in what I believe ... ' He has three children: Rosie (Rosita), Giacomo (Giacomo) and Rosalind (Rosalinda). November 10, 2000 Adrian presented his CD 'Esco di rado e parlo ancora meno', . and in 2001 he again appears on television with a new show '125 million fantasies '(very soft translate) ('125 milioni di cazzate'), . which, . must say, . happened not long lasting and scandalous,
. In December 2001, to Sorokolet creative activity Adriano Celentano and education "Clan" released the album 'Il Cuore, La Voce' with old songs, some treated. By the end of 2002, November 15 "clans" released a new album 'Per Sempre'.

Site dedicated to Adriano Celentano

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  • Snoopy for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • I admire perevashim talent! And I can safely call you my idol. Much would give just to shake your hand!
  • varsi for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • hello, my name is Lanna I adore your songs and my great wish is to travel to Milan and meet you? just for interview. I want to be the first georgian to meet you. I don't believe that you'll get the letter but still to do it. Hope to meet you one day.
  • lela for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • Olga for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • I do not like the concept of idol fan .. But I really want to ever see Celentano. In Russia, he is unlikely to come, but I often ride in Italy. In October, I'll go again. How to know, . He can be davt a concert, . or will carry something? Or, . You can come to his town and see him at a table in a cafe? I will not approach, . just look from afar at the man, . which lot of respect ...,
  • Anonymous for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • Here is a man better actor than he was gone, I would like to look and of course to be photographed with such a great and insanely talented Adriano Celentano good that you're still alive
  • Anastasia for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • is not just an actor, this is a wonderful person. In your example, you know the word that the talented person is talented in all. Health to you.!
  • Olga for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • I love you, Adri, my sunshine, my joy! You have not changed, all the same lapulya, saw the picture with the anniversary of the Inter, there you are - just VAHHHH! So I want to embrace you tighter and not let!
  • Olga for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • Adriano, my darling, darling! I adore you, my little hare! You do not change, all the same lapulya! I saw photos from the anniversary Inter, there you are - just VAHHHHH! So I want to embrace you tighter and not let! So it would hold you in my arms!
  • Galina for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • The first time I heard in 1980 and still think (and I now 60 years old) Celentano best singer. Each singer has songs that are like some of the flow. And Celentano all chudesnye.Kogda about some singer said that he has sexy voice. becoming ridiculous. Here at Celentano he really gets straight to the soul. See and listen to each mechtayu.a den.Zhelayu many years of happiness!
  • Masha for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • Yes, Adriano has not changed, still a man's handsome. But his wife - ugh, fat cow!
  • Enrica for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • You just talent! Idol of all ages! I would much away, that would just see you !
  • Zloi for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • Balde from Confessa !
  • Karina for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • My daughter turned 6 Alin This is no accident all the time, every night, we listen to songs and music Adriano (Alina is very bad and restless sleep, but as soon as I turn on the drive - all in order). It's just magic! We have a complete collection of titles, including instrumental albums. Thank you for tvorchetsvo, talent and insane energeniku! Happiness and health for the whole family - wife, children and grandchildren! Daughter asks to hug and kiss you!
  • sapiens for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • ..... at different times and in different countries people were born art .... always and at all times there talents ..... they admired their fans ..... .... idol fan ..... all characters ..... are kings for a day ... buyout singers on stage for earnings .... and those who made them popular for that that, too, make ... There are values timeless ... fashion .... political system .... there is an original cohort of people with a capital in their business ..... The chain of their names not so long .... they will always love .... for any changes in the society .... in all the standards .... .... they PERSON who made the scene painting or film its own unique way .... people presented us PHENOMENON ..... unique as all truly valuable .... Among these individuals are higher Charisma minute fashion that will always love ...... THE BEATLES; LOUIS ARMSTRONG; JEAN MISHEL JARRE; MIKLE JACKSON; ADRIANO CHELENTANO ...... I I wish you long life ....,
    . You are not idol .... you just PHENOMENON .... believe that the world for finding harmony is not enough people like you .... when you leave it ..... as any death ..... but there in heaven in the doomsday you truly be able to answer the question of the Almighty: "What did you good?" .... You say: "I gave joy to people from communicating with the Beautiful!" Thank you for everything .... for your guitar .... the voice .... a ragged T-shirt in which you went on stage ... the voice .... for the songs .... for the images in the film snepovtorimymi gestures .... a joke .... FOR sincerity and honesty .... I admire you! Good for you!
  • anna for Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)
  • I love your musical energy, your optimism, and the fact that you have been protected from the influences of N.America where I live. It is destructive to the soul and to family. It has so inspired me that you have protected these things through the years, while submerged in the glow of fame. Not an easy journey I am sure!Viva Italia. and sociale justica! Anna
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    Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano), photo, biography
    Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano), photo, biography Celentano Adriano (Adriano Celentano)  Actor, director, singer, composer, photo, biography
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