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CHANEL Coco (Coco Chanel)

( Designer)

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Biography CHANEL Coco (Coco Chanel)
photo CHANEL Coco (Coco Chanel)
Coco Chanel was born August 19, 1883 in Saumur (Saumur), France. Her parents were not married. The mother could not feed the baby and gave it to a shelter for orphans. When Gabriel was 12 years old, her mother died, and his father gave the girl in a Catholic monastery, and then in boarding. Being forced to wear a uniform for many years, she dreamed of all women to dress in their own.

Founder of the most famous and luxurious fashion house many decades ago established a tradition of perpetual elegance, unswayed time. Instead of endless innovation Gabrielle Coco Chanel offered an update to the classic pleated skirt, women's slacks and blazers. Coat, and, of course, the famous dress in the style of Chanel. The ideas which she embodied in early XX century, were truly revolutionary: it has freed women from the suffocating corsets, long skirts, lavish, extravagant hats and fancy jewelry. Simple, strict, clear lines, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of hiding the figures, replaced ryushkam and frills. Women were enraptured by the brilliant philosophy of the Chanel: to look good, not necessarily be young and beautiful. Fashion from Chanel is not obsolete. All of her things - simple and comfortable, yet stylish and elegant, remain valid from year to year, regardless of place in the world of fashion changes.

After leaving the orphanage, the young Gabriel decided to try their hand at a music career. Mediocre, but very attractive canary cabaret often performed the song "Soso", then got its nickname Coco entrenched for life. Particularly successful in the musical career she has achieved, but it started a close friendship with several wealthy men. Chanel was familiar with celebrities such as Toulouse Lautrec, Renoir, Picasso, Diaghilev, Stravinsky. Ibid, in "La Rotonda", Gabriel, never knowing his father's affection, met with a rich businessman Etienne Balzan and settled with him in the aristocratic suburb of Paris - Vichy. She wanted to be different clothes from the rich courtesans, also lived in the area, and preferred their suits to complement the small elegant hats.

Balzan bought her shop where she sold their hats, which eventually began to use a great success. Feeling confident, Chanel went from Balzan and began to live independently, maintaining close relationships with other Balzan Kopel.

In the difficult war years, many fashionable women of Paris lost their brocade dresses and ostrich feather boa. Instead, Chanel invited them simple shirt-cut blouses and straight skirts to the knee - a copy of their own models of thin, but always current wardrobe. Parisian enthusiastically adopted the "elegant simplicity of Chanel, but in the early 50-ies fashionistas to recognize the style of Chanel, one could see already all over Europe. Prichtenny costume, coquettish hat covering half her face, high heel - the image of an elegant, confident, sexual ladies without age. Lacks only the latter, a subtle but necessary accent - a drop of spirits, which would have emphasized this image.
Then, Chanel has created a fragrance that has become the most famous in the world and recognized as descendants of a work of art. His spirits are called Coco "Chanel N 5. All her life she considered her lucky number five, always brings her luck. It is no accident his new collection, she always showed it was the fifth day of

. Already being the uncrowned queen of Paris Fashion, . Chanel invited her to clients a few revolutionary changes: pants Kleег, . short haircut and his famous "little black dress", . in the past - the uniform of the Parisian shop assistants, . without which it is now a wardrobe of any woman of fashion is incomplete,

Coco was something irresistibly coquettish, it is extremely sharp, straightforward, even cynical. She looked around purposeful, self-confident, contented himself and his success woman

. And suddenly in the late 30's, while at the height of his fame, in the prime of life and creative
. Energy, . Chanel unexpectedly closed its boutiques and retired to Switzerland, . The reasons for this sudden act called different: and disappointment at his craft, . and exhausting ten-year competition with other known modelershey, . Elsa Chiaparelli, . and of course the looming Second World War,
. Anyway, following several years of voluntary confinement became very sad chapter of life of the great couturier. Already difficult situation is extremely complicated affair with Coco senior German officer Walter Schellenberg, assistant commander of the SS, Heinrich Himmler.

In the postwar years, Coco has appeared in a dangerous competitor - Christian Dior, which made women look like flowers, dress them in crinoline, tightening his waist and let loose the many folds in the thigh. Chanel laughing at this "giperzhenstvennostyu": "A man who had not a single woman in my life, tends to dress them as if he were a woman".

In 1954 at age 70, she triumphantly returned to the world of fashion. "I could no longer see what was done with the Paris haute couture designers such as Dior or Balmen" - so she explained her return

. The first reaction of the experts and the press to show the new Chanel collection was shock and outrage - it failed to offer anything new! Gabrielle Chanel died a quiet death on Jan. 10, 1971 at the age of 88 years in a suite of the Ritz Hotel in Paris, . across the street from the richly decorated with, . world famous House of Chanel,
. Revenues her empire was 160 million dollars a year, but her wardrobe was found only three attire, but "very stylish attire," according to Great Queen of Fashion.

Business Coco Chanel now continues talented designer Philipppe Guiborge.

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    CHANEL Coco (Coco Chanel), photo, biography
    CHANEL Coco (Coco Chanel), photo, biography CHANEL Coco (Coco Chanel)  Designer, photo, biography
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