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Ricci, Stefano (Stefano Ricci)

( Designer)

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Biography Ricci, Stefano (Stefano Ricci)
photo Ricci, Stefano (Stefano Ricci)
Stefano Ricci, a fashion designer, founder and president of Stefano Ricci Spa. Born in Florence, in a family of entrepreneurs from the field of fashion. As a child he became interested in collecting neckties, then settled in a pilot sewing room of their parents, began to invent their own models. Thus was born his first collection.

Manufacturing ties booming, the success of the new enterprise, Stefano Ricci was obvious, and in the early 70's, parents began to gradually transfer control to his son for the most part of their production workshops. In 1972, Stefano Ricci collection was first officially presented at the trade fair Pitti Immagine Uomo, which to this day remains the most important event in the sector of men's fashion. The day before the young designer opened wide the doors to international markets. His collections Tie interested buyers from America, Britain and Japan, who were the first to understand and appreciate the new and revolutionary interpretation of the details of wardrobe, so everyday and fresh - in the past. For, thanks to Stefano, tie has become a central element of the men's room, was an important trait image, a powerful symbol of identity

. Stefano Ricci is respected throughout the world not only as unique patterns, . but also as a tireless researcher and innovator, . creator of many products, . which is equally fascinating and unusual thinness of, . and the highest quality fabrics, . especially silk with printed pattern,
. Because of this obsession with the master, some types of products, for example, ties in the style of patchwork in the fold, which are produced in very limited quantities, deserve 'glory very expensive ties in the world'. One of the latest collections, Stefano Ricci 'Millenium Luxury Collection' (inspired by a new series designed specifically for ties and shirts, silk printed fabric called 'Luxury Collection') includes a tie for a tuxedo (with silk embroidery), . Ties to the jacket, . cummerbund and bow ties, . studded with authentic Swarovski crystals,
. The collection was shown to the public in June 1999 during a theatrical show-show, which took place in the historic center of Florence in the Uffizi Galley area.

Products Stefano Ricci is intended for very cream of the consumer market, ie. for those buyers who are willing to pay for your favorite model for any arbitrarily high price. Sultan of Brunei Darussalam, Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev - just some well-known clients, designer. Speaking sometimes in the role of adversaries in the international arena, its clients are unanimous in one, they all preferred products, Stefano Ricci, who meet their most exacting demands.

In parallel with the strengthening of economic and financial situation of the company, expanded and
product mix. In addition to ties, the company currently produces men's shirts, perfumes, clothes and accessories, while maintaining the tradition of impeccable quality sewing and constant search for perfection. Today, 25 years after its founding, trademark Stefano Ricci is one of the most respected Italian brands in the world of high fashion men's.

Stefano Ricci - president and one of the founders of the consortium Classico Italia - Gruppo Italiano di Moda Maschile, brought together 23 companies, each of which is a leader in Italian fashion. Products Classico Italia is the most prestigious part of the exhibition space at Pitti Uomo, which gather the most esteemed customers from all over the world. The aim of the consortium established in 1987, was the preservation of Florence as a center of men's fashion, and this was successfully achieved, despite competition from the more commercialized the Milan market.

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Ricci, Stefano (Stefano Ricci), photo, biography
Ricci, Stefano (Stefano Ricci), photo, biography Ricci, Stefano (Stefano Ricci)  Designer, photo, biography
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