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Alfredo Di Stefano

( football player)

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Biography Alfredo Di Stefano
photo Alfredo Di Stefano
Born June 4, 1926 in Buenos Aires.
Country Argentina, Spain.
Position Striker
Clubs: River Plate, Huracan (both Argentina), Millonarios (Colombia), Real Madrid, Espanyol (both Spain).
Over 521 club teams had the match, scored 377 goals.
Team: For teams of Argentina and Spain held 39 matches and scored 29 goals.
Achievements: 5 times winner of the Cup Champions (1956-1960.) Intercontinental Cup in 1960, 8-times champion of Spain (1954, 1955, 1957, 1958, 1961-1964.) Cup Spain 1962.
Individual prizes: Winner of the Golden Ball as the best footballer in Europe 1957, 1959 years.

Football biography:
-1926 Alfredo Di Stefano, Stefano Louth born on 4 July Barracas, a poor suburb of Buenos Aires (Argentina).
-1940 Declared itself as an important player back in the first junior team to the Los Kardales ", when in 20 minutes scored a hat-trick.
-1942 Gone from Los Kardales "due to conflicts with the coach and began playing for his father's former club River Plate.
-1943 At 17 years old made his debut in the River Plate on the site of the far right in the match with San Lorenzo.
-1944 Was leased "Urakanom", which included scored the winning goal in the national championship game against River Plate.
-1946 Returned to River Plate and replaced the great Adolfo Pedernera at center forward position in the line of attack, which was called "La Makina" ( "machine").
-1947 In the national team of Argentina won the championship of South America.
-1949 During the strike of Argentine players moved to Colombia, where he played in the "underground" league, set up outside the offices of FIFA, with the club Millonarios "from Bogota.
-1953 Moved to Spain and began to play for Real Madrid.
-1956 Inspired of Madrid on the first (of five in a row) victory in the European Cup. He made his debut for Spain.
-1960 Scored a hat-trick in a legendary match against Eintracht Frankfurt, where the Madrid defeated Frankfurt at Hampden Park in Glasgow with a score of 7:3.
-1963 During the tour, "Reala" Venezuela has been kidnapped, but later released unharmed city gangsters.
-1964 Has passed away and Real Madrid after the season, held in Barcelona, Espanyol, finished his playing career. Then worked as a coach in Argentina and Spain.

Many believe Alfredo Di Stefano the greatest player in the history of world football. And although fans of Pele, . probably, . deem such a statement blasphemy, . Millions of football fans, . who admired the powerful play of Di Stefano, . dominance in European football in the 50's and early b0's., . certainly agree, . that this player is really great,
. And not just because he has consistently demonstrated world-class game, led the Madrid to five consecutive victories in the European Cup and inspired a breakthrough in international football. Di Stefano as no one else knew how to combine individual skills with ability to continuing to organize the team so that it clearly and effectively carry out the game on a given figure.

. Now Di Stefano - recognized as the "patriarch" of football in senior management positions
. However, he was born in Barracas, a poor suburb of Buenos Aires, and the first - hard - the lessons of a football game was on the streets. It is in these boys' battles he developed the sort of remarkable endurance and legendary durability, which later struck the whole world.

Di Stefano's grandfather emigrated to Argentina with Capri. His father played a leading Buenos Aires club River Plate, but abruptly broke off his career, when football became professional in Argentina. For Di Stefano, a senior game was fun, but not a way to earn a living. That's why he was not too pleased when his sons - Alfredo and Tulio - started their own football career in the junior teams of local clubs.

. But then he did relent, and August 18, 1944 a young Alfredo, nicknamed El Alemán ( "German"), which he got for his blond hair, made his debut for River Plate in the position of right winger.

. Di Stefano was the idol of the central Paraguayan striker "Independiente" Arsenio Erico
. Di Stefano himself wanted to become a center forward. He had learned this "craft" in the "Urakane, rent it at the River Plate, and then returned to his club, which replaced the Grand Adolfo Pedernera.

. The line of attack "River Plate" called "La Makina" ( "machine") - for consistency in action, which it ruthlessly pick to dust protection rivals
. His mastery striker Di Stefano displayed in full and in the national team, when in 1947. Argentina won the championship of South America.

In 1949, Mr.. Argentine football professionals went on strike Manual clubs subjected them locked out and gained the missing players on the team among fans. And the remaining "irrelevance" stars professionals lured to Colombia, where they began to play "underground" league, set up outside the jurisdiction of FIFA.

Di Stefano was there first-magnitude stars. He played for Millonarios "from Bogota. When Columbia came second in FIFA, "Millonarios" went to their last world tour, during which Di Stefano noticed guide Real Madrid: he shone at the tournament, dedicated to the 50 anniversary of the Spanish club.

. Of Madrid have agreed with "Millonarios" the amount of transfer, which exceeded the amount offered by their old rival Barcelona, with the former club of Di Stefano - "River Plate"
. Spanish football court ruled that Di Stefano has to play one season for Real Madrid, the other - for Barcelona. However, Di Stefano started the season quite pale, and "Barcelona", not impressed with his game, has sold its share of "ownership" soccer Real Madrid.

And four days later, Di Stefano scored a hat-trick in the match against ... Barcelona, which won the Madrid crushing with a score of 5:0. Thus was born the legend.

In the first two seasons Di Stefano at Real Madrid was the champion of the country, in his next five seasons - the holder of the European Cup. Di Stefano scored goals in every final match against Real Madrid CF in the European Cup and scored a hat-trick in a legendary match against Frankfurt Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960. - A match which went down in the history of football as one of the most exciting and spectacular.

Di Stefano was the embodiment of "total football" even before the term was coined. He moved across the field like a boom, rapidly rushing into the goal. Here he is on the defender in his penalty, the next second he was in the center of the field, and in another moment an effort on goal from the corner of goalmouth rival. As Miguel said Munoz, a longtime friend Di Stefano for Real Madrid and as a player and as a coach: "When Di Stefano went on the field, he played one of the two, and in any position."

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Alfredo Di Stefano, photo, biography
Alfredo Di Stefano, photo, biography Alfredo Di Stefano  football player, photo, biography
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