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FORD Tom (Tom Ford)

( Designer)

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Biography FORD Tom (Tom Ford)
photo FORD Tom (Tom Ford)
Tom Ford was born in 1961 in Texas (Austin), but spent his childhood in Santa Fe (New Mexico).

After moving to New York, he decided to devote himself to his art, and entered the appropriate department at New York University. Soon, however, Tom decided that would be an architect, and throwing the university, enrolled in Parsons School. Later he moved to Paris and finished his education is already there. Incidentally, in the years of learning bad Tom moonlighted in television commercials and, with a very colorful appearance, even played in serials.
Returning to New York, Ford in 1986, joined the creative team famous designer Cathy Hardwick. In 1988 he went to work for Perry Ellis where he took the place of artistic director.

Two years later, in 1990, Ford crosses the ocean and arrive in Milan, Italy. He began working in the company of Gucci as a designer women's clothing. In 1992 he became artistic director of the company. Stunning rise for the beginner, is not it? This meant that Tom now manages the design and artistic vision all Gucci products - clothing, perfume, etc.. He was also responsible for the image of the company (advertising, design shops, etc.)

In early 2000, followed by the famous bargain - Group acquires stake in Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent. From now on, Tom Ford is responsible for the style's most famous brands in the world, as well as the fragrance from YSL. Tom actually takes control of the company, working with key creative teams YSL, developing the overall image and brand positioning.

His unconventional look at the fashion industry has earned great respect from colleagues. Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1996 called Tom Ford designer of the year. He received many awards, something that could make them have a wonderful collection.
In 1997, when Tom was 35 years, People magazine named him one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Hollywood loves this man, the press looks at him with admiration, the women secretly sigh, looking at Ford's stylish figure on the podium. And what speaks to blame all this madness? "In the fashion business all the way temporarily. You can enjoy three or four months for its beauty, but then you get tired of this crazy ".

It is called "king of calm". He builds his own empire, he - one of the most famous designers in the world. He pulled the corpse of Gucci Group (recall that recently shook her scandals and even murders). In 2001, he again confirmed its status, becoming the best designer women's clothing (premium CFDA), Time magazine named him the best American designer. However, he has long ceased to live in New York. Tom prefers the streets of Paris.

What has caused such a rapid take-off? One simple, but at the same time, brilliant idea. Alarmed by the onset of AIDS Society of the 90's, seemed to have forgotten about sex. Everywhere reigned androgynous style. Ford called a spade a spade - a woman must be a woman, sex can not have sex. He again gave women's sexuality, so it may be so fond of clients.

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FORD Tom (Tom Ford), photo, biography
FORD Tom (Tom Ford), photo, biography FORD Tom (Tom Ford)  Designer, photo, biography
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