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VERSACE Donatella (Donatella Versace)

( Designer)

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Biography VERSACE Donatella (Donatella Versace)
photo VERSACE Donatella (Donatella Versace)
When miniature Italian 42 years headed one of the most famous fashion houses after the tragic death of his brother, many doubted its success. Initially, Donatella helped his brother with the organization of promotional campaigns and demonstrations, then began to engage in design, accessories and children's clothes. Now, it creates its own collection of haute couture and pret-a-porter, and is no less significant figure in the fashion-biz, than its legendary brother, Gianni Versace.

. After the tragic death of Gianni Versace, who was killed on the eve of their own houses, 15 July 1997, the fate of one of the most famous Italian fashion houses came under threat
. Fashion critics and envious of the talented and successful designer in one voice predicted short existence of a vast empire Versace and much skepticism about the first collection of his successor, who became the youngest sister of Gianni, Donatella.

. Donatella Versace was born in Calabria in the family of simple dressmaker in 1956, 10 years after the birth of Gianni Versace
. Future designer adored his little sister, who all became his muse, companion and best critic. Later she confessed that in 11 years wore things that Gianni created specially for her. After graduation, . Donatella Versace moved to Milan to Gianni, . who had already founded his own fashion house, . and took the position of PR-director, . while their elder brother Santo, . economist by training, . started finances Versace family business,

line Versus, 2001 Soon, in addition to issues of image and advertising, Donatella was administered and the new youth line Versus, which is poured into the general stream of its multi-million dollar turnover Versace. Gianni not miscalculated, inviting the most senior positions of its energetic relative. "The three of us are much stronger. For twenty years we have managed to build what others are doing for a hundred, "- he said shortly before his death.

The unexpected death of Gianni Versace has created a lot of guesswork and versions of the motives of the crime. It was rumored that the murder had been involved with Donatella and Santo, who has long wanted to manage the company independently, and the Mafia to launder money in its boutiques. But no evidence, no version has not. We only know that Donatella has spent a lot of money to withdraw most of their information about the life of the deceased from the investigation materials and prevent the spread of the book under the authorship of his brother Frank Monte, which casts a shadow over the Versace family.
. After just three months after the death of his legendary brother, Donatella presented to the public its first fashion collection of the main line of Versace
. Several low-key reception, however, did not embarrass energetic Italian woman with platinum hair. She continued to work intensively managing to do all the running earlier collections, while seek your style. "On my collections poorly spoken, but I always knew that I could not just continue what he was doing Gianni. To stay on the crest, we must seek a new ".

Staying in style, created by Gianni, Donatella Versace made new models from Versace more feminine, comfortable and less aggressive in their sexual expression. But sensuality and luxury remained unchanged components recognizable style of Versace!

. As a master of advertising campaigns and the creation of the image, Donatella in a short time to restore the shattered house position in the fashion world and has won the respect among fellow designers and business
. Clearly following advertising tradition Gianni, she made a bet on celebrities, without whom no one has managed fashion. Elton John, Liz Hurley, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Moss - a regular guest at the show Versace, and one of the hits went even Prince Charles!
. Pret-a-porter, . 2002 Due to his indomitable energy and coordinated work with his brother Santo, . miniature native of Southern Italy, with an increase of 162 cm was achieved almost the impossible - in 1998 the annual turnover of the company exceeded 560 million dollars,
. Now, under her leadership employs 40 stylists, developed 17 lines of clothing, operates about 300 boutiques and 3000 retail outlets.

Responsibility for the company, Gianni, and respect for the memory of his brother was forced Donatello to forget the fact that it is simply a woman whose family has its. Donatella happily married to the former male model, Gianni, an American, Paul Beck, 17 years. They have two children growing up - 10-year-old son Daniel and 15-year-old daughter, Allegra, which, incidentally, has inherited much of the state as a bequest Gianni Versace.

"I am becoming more and more convinced that the main thing for me - being a mother. Everyone needs a connection with reality. And for me it is my children. "- Said Donatella, who is currently actively looking for a talented designer, able to support the Versace tradition and become a successor as chief artist of the famous fashion house.

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VERSACE Donatella (Donatella Versace), photo, biography
VERSACE Donatella (Donatella Versace), photo, biography VERSACE Donatella (Donatella Versace)  Designer, photo, biography
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