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Skomorokhov Nikolai Mikhailovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Skomorokhov Nikolai Mikhailovich
photo Skomorokhov Nikolai Mikhailovich
(19. 5. 1920 - 14. 10. 1994)

H ikolay Mikhailovich Skomorokhov, Captain Squadron 31 Fighter Lower Dniester Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2-nd degree of the regiment, was born May 19, 1920 in a. Belogorskoe Krasnoarmeiskii (ex. Zolotovskii) district of Saratov region in a peasant family. Russian. Until 1935 he studied in high school, then graduated from high school trade schools, worked as a fitter and turner at Odvom from Astrakhan plants. From 1939 he studied at the college and flying club. In December 1940, voluntarily went to the Red Army. In March 1942 he graduated from Bataisk military aviation school pilots. From November 1942 until the victory over Germany in World War II in the 5 and 17 air armies to the Caucasus, North Caucasus, South-West and 3 rd Ukrainian fronts. Has participation in the defense and liberation of the Caucasus, the liberation of Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, defeating the enemy on the territory of Austria. He was awarded four Orders of the Red Banner-(1943, . 1944 - 2, . 1945), . Order of Alexander Nevsky (1944), . World War 1-st degree (1944), . Red Star (1955), . medals "For Military Merit" (1950), . "For the Defense of the Caucasus", . "For the capture of Budapest", . "For the capture of Vienna", . "For the liberation of Belgrade", . "For perfect service" 1-th degree and four other medals, . well as the Hungarian Order of the Red Banner (1955), . Yugoslav Order Guerrilla Star 1-st degree (1945), . Bulgarian medals "Patriotic War" and "20 Years of Bulgarian People's Army.",

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Nikolai Mikhailovich Skomorokhova awarded on Feb. 23, 1945 for 483 sorties, . during which he personally shot down 25 and of the Group of 8 enemy aircraft.,

. In the Torah the Gold Star Medal "awarded on Aug. 18, 1945 for 520 combat missions and personally shot down 35 enemy planes.

. Bronze bust of H
. M. Skomorokhova set in his native village in 1953.

In this world during the Great Patriotic War, NM. Skomorokhov made 605 sorties, conducted more than 130 air battles, shooting down 46 Nazi planes in person and 8 aircraft in the group, and also destroyed on the ground the enemy bomber 3. Incredibly, he Skomorokhov never was wounded, his plane did not burn, was not shot down, the entire war has not received any holes.

In the postwar years, NM. Skomorokhov graduated from the Military Academy named after M. V. Frunze Military Academy and General Staff. In Soviet times, was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In 1981, NM. Skomorokhova given the rank of Air Marshal.

. October 14, 1994 Nikolai Mikhailovich died in a car katostrofe.


In oevat Nicholas Skomorokhov began in November 1942 in the foothills of the Caucasus, where the offensive Nazi troops in the area completely goes flat
. On the land front lull, but in the air battles did not stop. Above the peaks of the mountains almost daily struggles were played out hot. In one of them a young pilot claimed his first victory.

It is New Year's Eve. German twin-engine reconnaissance plane "Focke-Wulf-189 (known as" frame ") hovered over the disposition of Soviet forces. Crew Fokker correcting artillery fire on one of our batteries. Regimental commander, Major Mikitchenko lieutenant ordered Skomorokhova destroy spotter. The difference in the speed of our fighters and the "frame" was huge, and Skomorokhova not easily able to get close. Climbing at altitude, he attacked the fascists from the top rear of the gun and fired a long queue. According to calculations reconnaissance pilot was to be shot down. But when Skomorokhov made a U-turn battle, saw that the "frame" is flying towards him as if nothing had happened and evil whips in the direction of our "hawks" of all guns. There was a rapid frontal attack. At this time the shells Skomorokhova achieved their goal: "frame" and burst into flames, leaving behind a smoky trail of mourning, collapsed in a mountain gorge ...

. Every combat sortie grew airmanship Nicholas Skomorokhova, steeled his will
. Soon he was appointed commander of the managers, began to fly as a leading group. The very first task at the head of the four La-5 Skomorokhov performed brilliantly. That is what is written about this sorties a private affair of the hero:

"Mr. 4/12/1943. Undertake an assignment with a group of IL-2. In the target area attack aircraft were attacked by eight planes Me-109. Despite the numerical superiority of the enemy, Skomorokhov bravely joined the battle. Audacious attacks, with great risk to life, he broke the military formations of enemy fighters, tore their plan and made it possible for the Ilyushin to comply fully with the combat mission. In the air battle Skomorokhov personally shot down two "Messers, forcing others to leave the battlefield. Pilots 951 th Attack Aviation Regiment, returned to the airfield, staged a lieutenant Skomorokhova solemn meeting.

On the shadow of war in 1944 moved to the territory of Hungary. Captain Skomorokhov then commanded a squadron of "la-fifths". He "held in the Hungarian sky, dozens of air battles, won a series of brilliant victories. In the fighting near Budapest Skomorokhov destroyed an entire group of Nazi aces, including the deputy commander and commander of the so-called Diamond squadron - the best in the Germanic Air. Many air battles conducted Skomorokhov at a time can be rightly attributed to the best examples of Soviet art of flight. A classic example in this regard is an air combat, which occurred on December 21, 1944.

On that day the captain Skomorokhov paired with a junior lieutenant Filippov flew to "sweep". In the area of Lake Velence, where our ground forces broke through the defensive line "Margarita" with the aim of encircling Budapest enemy, the pilots met eight aircraft Focke-Wulf-190 ". It was a new German fighter with a powerful engine, armored cockpit armed with two guns and two machine guns. Maximum speed it is 625 kilometers per hour. Fokker went from hanging bombs, intending to strike at our mechanized formations, forced their way deep into enemy positions.

. - Philip, closing! - Ordered Skomorokhov his wingman and typing height, rushed to the fascist fighters
. His stroke he sent to the lead. Hitlerite noticed the danger, tried to wriggle out from under the blow, but it was too late: flashing fire, blow gun "Lavochkin". A long tongue of flame licked the canopy, and the Fokker corkscrew went to the ground.

Boev reversal Skomorokhov brought his plane out of a dive, and noticed how in the area of battle came two more groups of "Focke-Wulf". Considering its overwhelming superiority, the Nazis shlya confidently. In fact, we could do our two "hawks" with thirty enemy fighters?

. - The attack left the group Fokker! Filippov, closing! I Skomorokhov, reception, reception! - Communicated by radio Skomorokhov and rushed at the enemy below.

. Today's battle against superior enemy by posing as risky, he was calm, confident, believing it to normal.

. Moments later, the headphones sounded Filippova crack the two gun bursts and the next moment, for his wing swept to land another aflame "Fokker"
. And then in German in the air sounded alarming phrase:

-In the air Skomorokhoff! ..

This warning was sent thrice.

Twenty-eight Fokker immediately scattered in different directions. Bombed their troops, the Germans were running away from the blow of our pilots. But the flight could not all. A vulture with the coup went to the ground and exploded from the cannon turns lieutenant Filippova. Soaring up a candle, Filippov overtook another Fokker and destroyed his accurate strikes along the fuselage. At this time Skomorokhov went to a third attack. Now alone, without Filippova, because there was nothing left to fear - the Germans were running away. Taking advantage of La 5FN in speed, the captain caught a nazi is lagging behind a group. German pilot darted up, . but not saved: a second later he flew down, . flashed a short gun burst happened, . seemed, . incredible: thirty enemy planes were defeated by two Soviet fighter, . while losing five of their cars ..,

In fighting Skomorokhova had a lot of new, original. He was a zealous advocate of new combat formations of fighters which was not based trio, a couple and a link of the four machines. His squadron was the first in the regiment moved to the combat formations, waves, the height and dispersed along the front. The famous rule: "only a fighter defends attack", was the law in fighting the work of the Soviet ace and his pets.

1) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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  • xachik for Skomorokhov Nikolai Mikhailovich
  • xachik for Skomorokhov Nikolai Mikhailovich
  • xachik for Skomorokhov Nikolai Mikhailovich
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    Skomorokhov Nikolai Mikhailovich, photo, biography
    Skomorokhov Nikolai Mikhailovich, photo, biography Skomorokhov Nikolai Mikhailovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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