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Shuttle Nikolai

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Shuttle Nikolai
photo Shuttle Nikolai
(9. 5. 1906 - 16. 7. 1974)

H ikolay V. Chelnokov - Captain Squadron attack aircraft. Born May 9, 1906 in Irkutsk in the family of the railway. Russian by nationality. Member of the CPSU since 1940. In the Soviet Army from 1928. In 1929 he graduated from the Leningrad military-theoretical school Air Force in 1930 БT  Borisoglebsk Air Force Pilot School in 1931 БT  Sevastopol military aviation school of marine pilots. He served in line units the Air Force.

Member of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940, carried out 40 sorties.

Member of the Great Patriotic War from 1941. Fighting near Leningrad in the position of commander of the Air Squadron 57 th Attack Aviation Regiment (Air Baltic Fleet) to the beginning of January 1942 carried out 58 successful combat missions. Moving the bomber to attack, he was the first to apply the assault strikes on the enemy by sea.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Chelnokov Nikolai Vasilyevich awarded June 14, 1942

. Summer 1943 translated into the Black Sea Fleet, relieved Kerch, Feodosia, Sevastopol
. Assault strikes forced the fascist command to abandon daily operations on the communications Novorossiysk Anapa БT  БT  Kerch. After the liberation of the Crimea again sent to the Baltic. On account of his battle БT  destroy the squadron of 14 pennants, located in Narva. In his role as commander of the 8 th Guards Ground Attack Aviation Regiment (Air Baltic Fleet) by July 1944 made a further 219 sorties, ably commanded the regiment, personally transports and sank several enemy ships.

. In the Torah medal "Gold Star" Nikolay was awarded on Aug. 19, 1944.

. Subsequently, guided by attack aircraft in the battle for the liberation of the islands Ezel, as well as in the capture of KцTnigsberg, and Danzig Pillau
. Altogether during the war has made more than 270 sorties.

After the war he served in command and staff positions in naval aviation, was in teaching. In 1945 he graduated from the academic courses at the Naval Academy in 1949 БT  Military Academy of the General Staff. In the same 1949 NV. Finals was given the rank of Major General Aviation. Nikolai elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the second convocation. Since 1954 БT  in stock.

Lived in Moscow. Died July 16, 1974. He is buried in Moscow on Golovinsky cemetery.

Awarded 3 orders of Lenin, 4 orders of the Red Banner, Order of Ushakov 2 nd degree, the Red Star of Honor, medals. His bronze bust is set in Leningrad.

From the first days of the war captain Chelnokov, squadron commander, was on guard Leningrad.

The enemy rushed to the city. Chelnokov raised squadron in the air. No enemy fighters or flak continuum could not prevent you from completing his assignment. With bombers under the command of Captain-finals made its way to the goal and accurate bombings destroyed more than 10 enemy tanks and 14 vans with the troops. Tank maneuver the enemy was frustrated.

The squadron, commanded by Chelnokov, became a threat to enemy tanks, artillery and infantry regiments. Day and night, . in fog and bad weather in the Leningrad sky, . over the waters of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea bravely flew Chelnokov, . inflicting devastating blows to enemy ports, . railway stations, . enemy troops on the roads, . leading to Leningrad.,

. They say that good news light wings
. So the news of the military affairs of the fearless knight of the air soon broad wave spread in the North; 3apadnomu front, defended the approaches to the city of Lenin.

On the arms began to receive new aircraft - attack aircraft. Chelnokov quickly mastered the car, fell in love with her, and her fought to the end of the war. In his hands, "ilyoshin" was a menace to the Nazis not only on land and in the air, and sea.

Yes, the sea! At first, "muds" were considered machine designed for ground targets of attack. Many shturmovok held Chelnokov on enemy columns. He first experienced the excellent fighting qualities of the new machine under Kremenchug, on the right bank of the Dnieper. Then on the approaches to Leningrad. Only the first eight months of fighting Chelnokov destroyed dozens of enemy tanks, many vehicles with ammunition and infantry. He quickly mastered the tactics of the storm strikes.

Now he wanted to use a new car for the assault strikes against naval targets. And soon, in practice, proved how formidable a weapon is "Elah" in the maritime theater of military operations.

. When the finals given the title Hero of the Soviet Union and was appointed commander of the Guards assault regiment, he became even more demanding of themselves
. To implement each combat mission approached creatively. This relentlessly demanded of his subordinates.

- Attacked the goal - dobey to the end - has repeatedly said he was young pilots .- Little surprise - we must destroy the enemy. Not a template, a clearly defined scheme of each stroke provides the victory.

. This golden rule Chelnokov followed everywhere, wherever he had to fight.
. In the summer of forty-third year he gets a new assignment: fearlessly fighting for Kerch, Feodosiya and Sevastopol
. Here, in the skies of the Black Sea, with particular strength evident tireless innovation Chelnokova-attack. That he found and first applied the tactics bomboshturmovyh strikes on enemy sea. Thus was born precision bombing from low altitudes. This technique has found staunch supporters among marine pilots and, in fact, determined the outcome of anti-fascist group, Theodosia ships.

. Under the onslaught of the storm strikes the enemy was forced to abandon the daily operations of communications Novorossiysk - Anapa - Kerch
. But the Soviet pilots successfully crushed the enemy at night.

Before that was common opinion that the transports - the goal only for the bombers, but not for ground attack. This was confirmed by the tactics of the Nazis: they kept their ships in the range of attack aircraft.

. In the battles for the liberation of Sevastopol chelnokovtsy refuted this view: they sank 24 transport and several tankers opponent, proving that not only small but also large ships may be available "oozes".

. Another dark group commander arrived at the finals jolting lorry to their aircraft, near midnight, which worked good mechanics, fitters, gunsmiths
. Meticulously examined the pilots machines. And this nicety does not hurt aviation specialists: pilot goes into battle, he must be confident in his plane in arms.

- Fifth, take off! - Heard Chelnokov concise command. He gave full revs and the car, shivering, slowly at first, and then, picking up speed, went from the starting line ahead, in the morning haze that covered the airfield.
The band soon fell on the combat course. District purpose - a small square bay marked on the map in red pencil. Here, early in the morning to go through an enemy convoy of ships. It must be destroyed.

Out of sight outlines native shores, the bottom, under the wing - a dull and monotonous pattern. Chelnokov looks at the devices and determines the time. Yes, a few minutes to appear Nazi ships.

Attack aircraft are in service 'right bearing ". Chelnokov again looks at his watch: it's time! He was staring down at the bluish-silver expanse of the sea, trying to see the purpose. Its not. Chelnokov command to change course 90 degrees and inserts his plane to turn.

. Again closer look at the pockmarked surface of the bay and turn again ...

. - Purpose of the left! Attack - the first to discover subtle silhouettes of enemy transports, handed Chelnokov command group
. And at that moment, when he gave a pen away, took his plane on the flagship of the enemy convoy, near the "silt" any black hats explosions of anti-aircraft shells.

. With the growing roar of the engine "sludge" quickly raced down towards the sea depths
. Growing and the speed decreases height. But Chelnokov begins to take over the control knob, and obedient "mud", almost touching the mast of the enemy flagship out in level flight, but for a moment before the pilot manages to press the button elektrosbrasyvatelya bombs.

. At the bottom of a white cloud of steam, mixed with black wisps of smoke envelops the Nazi ship.

. Krasnozvezdniy "oozes" one after another, attacking the Nazi ships
. Chelnokov unfolds and again leads his team into attack. That plane shuddered, control stick was heavy, maloposlushnoy. "Damage the plane," - decides Chelnokov, but because the battle does not go. He continues to attack an enemy convoy dumps on all the bombs, firing from guns. And so are all the crews of his group.

A few minutes later attack aircraft, assembled, lay in the opposite direction. And, as if in retaliation for a daring attack, which was started three to the bottom of transport in the sky appear "Messerschmitt".

"In the circle!"-Succinctly tells Chelnokov, and "oozes" from "bearing" quickly rebuilt in the so-called defensive circle. Frog hold "Messers" at arm's length. So, fighting off the fascist fighters, a group of storm troopers returned to their base.

The pilots are going to report on the results of the raid, and engineering and mechanics - to count the number of leaks and damage to combat vehicles. Airman in a hurry: they know that dusk Chelnokov again go on a combat mission. And so it will be tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and after a month, until then, until the enemy will be defeated ...

Hero of the Baltic Sea, the hero of the Black Sea. In August, forty-fourth year on his chest sparked a second gold medal of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Fter the release of the Crimea Chelnokov again in the Baltic. Now he is the commander of the Red Ropsha air connections. The new position of great responsibility, but willows greatly expanded range of military activities. Chelnokov remained faithful to his rule: do not act according to the template, but on a strictly developed plan for each combat mission.

. Soon after his arrival to the Baltic was received military orders: to destroy the detachment, consisting of 14 pennants and was covering the left flank of the enemy, which goes into Narva Bay
. Order Nazi ships carried on patrol duty in the Gulf. Many times our pilots plunged their attacks on the detachment, but he was a vicious, remained unscathed. Well-organized anti-aircraft defense did not let our aircraft sighting opportunities to inflict blows.

Chelnokov led a group. Skillfully maneuvering, attack aircraft unexpected blow from the sun paralyzed anti-aircraft defenses, and some go almost completely destroyed the patrol unit. Flank of the enemy from the bay was bare.

And once again fighting, but is now engaged to maintain a formidable offensive against the Soviet army, paving the way to final victory over the enemy. Narva Bay, the island of Saaremaa Island, Koenigsberg, Pillau, Danzig - wherever in the sky raced cars, led Chelnokov, the enemy felt the punishing hand of freedom fighters.

H. Stepanov

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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Shuttle Nikolai, photo, biography
Shuttle Nikolai, photo, biography Shuttle Nikolai  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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