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Russell, Ken (Ken Russell)

( Director)

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Biography Russell, Ken (Ken Russell)
Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell was born July 3, 1927 in the English town Sautgemptone. He grew from childhood creative kind, fond of choreography, literature, theater. Russell for his life has changed several professions, having been a dancer, photographer, and even the military, but brought him worldwide fame Film Directing. He began, as many members of the profession, with shorts and television films.

It was on television Russell honed his famous style that is imaginative, "klipovy" video series, free treatment with the facts of history and biographies of famous people and was somewhat peculiar philosophy. Russell can not tell, . namely, to show the plot, . thus almost every one of his films can be reviewed many times, although the visual splendor of his paintings are often caused severe criticism of the British critics, . accused him of lack of taste,
. Unless, . after the 60-ies of a number of excellent TV movies ( "Antonio Gaudi", . "French dressing", . "Do not shoot the composer), Ken Russell takes unshakable reputation as a strong professional, . and the third film directed, . made for theatrical distribution - "Women in Love", . - Brought him international recognition,

In the next decade talent Russell reaches, perhaps, the highest peak, and it takes a few masterpieces in a row. Films such as "Devils", "Wild Messiah", "Valentino" and the first in the history of cinema rock opera "Tommy", set by Ken Russell in a row with the most famous and scandalous directors. His love to the audience, but do not like historians and religious figures, who often see in his tapes provocative and offensive moments.

. But Russell, in spite of age, in the 80 years, remains true to himself and shoots a few pictures that were consolidating its reputation as a non-conformist, but at the same time - and master of the highest standard
. "Crimes of Passion", . example, . caused rapid surge of interest in viewers' erotic thriller, . and "Gothic" - the horrors of the Gothic style, . but the level of Russell's virtually none of the Hollywood and European filmmakers could not be managed.,

. Now, . unfortunately, . because of advanced age Ken Russell takes rare (though no less "crazy", . than before), . but his musical legacy continues to be of interest movie buffs, . a music video without the artifacts and techniques, . developed by British director, . just hard to imagine.,

. Filmography

. Peep Show - Peepshow (1956).
. Amelia, and the angel - Amelia and the Angel (1957).
. Lourdes - Lourdes (1958).
. Variations on a mechanical theme - Variations on a Mechanical Theme (1959, TV).
. London poet - Poet's London (1959, TV).
. Guitar Madness - Guitar Craze (1959, TV).
. Picnic schahtera - Miner's Picnic, The (1960, TV).
. Light Fantastic - Light Fantastic, The (1960, TV).
. House in Bayswater - House in Bayswater, A (1960).
. Prokofiev - Prokofiev (1961).
. London moods - London Moods (1961, TV).
. Antonio Gaudi - Antonio Gaudi (1961, TV).
. Elgar - Elgar (1962, TV).
. French dressing - French Dressing (1963).
. Desert coast - Lonely Shore (1964, TV).
. Nobody Diary - Diary of a Nobody (1964, TV).
. Do not shoot the composer - Don't Shoot the Composer (1966, TV).
. Isadora Duncan, the greatest dancer of the world - Isedora Duncan, the Biggest Dancer in the World (1966, TV).
. The brain of a billion dollars - Billion Dollar Brain (1967).
. Women in Love - Women in Love (1969).
. Music lovers - Music Lovers, The (1971).
. Devils - Devils, The (1971).
. Wild Messiah - Savage Messiah (1972).
. Mahler - Mahler (1974).
. Tommy - Tommy (1975).
. Listomaniya - Lisztomania (1975).
. Valentino - Valentino (1977).
. Altered states - Altered States (1980).
. Crimes of Passion - Crimes of Passion (1984).
. Vaughan Williams - Vaughan Williams (1986).
. Gothic - Gothic (1986).
. Aria (short story "Turandot") - Aria (1987, segment "Turandot").
. The Lair of the White Worm - Lair of the White Worm, The (1988).
. Last Dance of Salome - Salome's Last Dance (1988).
. Rainbow - Rainbow, The (1989).
. British drawings - British Picture, A (1989, TV).
. Whore - Whore (1991).
. Lady Chatterley - Lady Chatterley (1992, TV).
. Mr. Kirsch Insatiable - Insatiable Mrs
. Kirsch, The (1993).
. Uri Geller - Mindbender, aka Uri Geller (1995).
. Alice's Adventures in Russia - Alice in Russialand (1995, TV).
. In search of English folk songs - In Search of the English Folk Song (1997).
. Lion - Lion's Mouth (2000 korotkometr.)
. Fall Asher-lice - Fall of the Louse of Usher, The (2002).

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Russell, Ken (Ken Russell), photo, biography
Russell, Ken (Ken Russell), photo, biography Russell, Ken (Ken Russell)  Director, photo, biography
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