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Bassem Steve (Steve Buscemi)

( Actor)

Comments for Bassem Steve (Steve Buscemi)
Biography Bassem Steve (Steve Buscemi)
Steve Bassem - one of the cult, you might say, "my own way" figures of American cinema past 15 years, and at the same time - one of the most enigmatic. Even the pronunciation of his name from our kinolyubov still a matter of controversy: in their mouths, he visited already Baskemi, and Bush, and Byusemi. Since the beginning of his career, he was withdrawn from the principal of "informal" American direction, appearing mainly in small, but vivid episodes. The main role - not his hobby, apparently, directors purposely did not give him a big role, because in this case, Steve immediately drag a blanket around herself, "offending" other actors. "Desperate" Steve just 10 minutes of the film (again, the scene in the bar!) Just does not "removed" Banderas, and in action movie "Con Air" - Malkovich

. Continuing (and very effectively) zasvechivayas in pictures Jarmusch, . Coen brothers, . Rockwell and Tarantino, . Bassem gradually "goes to the people", . and seems, . that soon fashionable blockbuster about the "bad guys" without his participation would simply inconceivable,
. It is called "clown with vampire teeth, compared with Nicholson and painted with a halo on the Internet for saint. Most curious, . estimated that one American editions, . on show business, . Bassem finished second (!) In the list of the most "profitable" actors in recent years (ie the actors, . films in which the producers have brought the most revenue over the budget),
. Lost it only Samuel Jackson, who appeared in films, at least Dzhigarkhanyan, no different in this particular eagerness.

. Recently, Bassem, and he was making movies, where the action is, of course, is mostly used in bars, slums, and even prisons
. And, I must say, it turns out this man, who wanted at one time to become a fireman, very organically.


Since it is - Way It Is, The (1984). Directed. Eric Mitchell.
Difference of opinion - Parting Glances (1986). Directed. Bill Sherwood.
Coffee and Cigarettes 2 - Coffee and Cigarettes II (1986, korotkometr.). Directed. Jim Jarmusch.
Kiss Daddy at night - Kiss Daddy Goodnight (1987). Directed. Peter Aili Hyumer.
Heart - Heart (1987). Directed. James Lemma.
Call me - Call Me (1988). Directed. Solles Mitchell.
Geniuses in the arena - Arena Brains (1988). Directed. Robert Longo.
Mysterious Train - Mystery Train (1989). Directed. Jim Jarmusch.
Slaves of New York - Slaves of New York (1989). Directed. James Ivory.
New York Stories - New York Stories (1989). Directed. stories - Martin Scorsese.
King of New York - King of New York (1990). Directed. Abel Ferrara.
Pass Miller - Miller's Crossing (1990). Directed. Joel Cohen.
Zandana - Zandalee (1991). Directed. Sam Pillsbury.
Billy Bathgate - Billy Bathgate (1991). Directed. Robert Benton.
Barton Fink - Barton Fink (1991). Directed. Joel Cohen.
Like chickens in the soup - In the Soup (1992). Directed. Alexander Rockwell.
Reservoir Dogs - Reservoir Dogs (1992). Directed. Quentin Tarantino.
What happened to Pete - What Happened to Pete (1992 korotkometr.). Directed. Steve Bassem.
The Rising Sun - Rising Sun (1993). Directed. Philip Kaufman.
Twenty bucks - Twenty Bucks (1993). Directed. Kiva Rosenfeld.
Ed and his dead mother - Ed and His Dead Mother (1993). Directed. Jonathan Ueks.
Succeeded Hadsakera - Hudsucker Proxy, The (1994). Directed. Joel Cohen.
Empty - Airheads (1994). Directed. Michael Lehmann.
To love someone - Somebody to Love (1994). Directed. Alexander Rockwell.
Pulp Fiction - Pulp Fiction (1994). Directed. Quentin Tarantino.
Floundering - Floundering (1994). Directed. Peter McCarthy.
Living in oblivion - Living in Oblivion (1995). Di Rezh.Tom Chill.
Desperado - Desperado (1995). Directed. Robert Rodriguez.
What do the dead man in Denver - Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995). Directed. Gary Felder.
Fargo - Fargo (1996). Directed. Joel Cohen.
Under the canopy of crowns - Trees Lounge (1996). Directed. Steve Bassem.
Kansas City - Kansas City (1996). Directed. Robert Altman.
In search of the one-eyed Jimmy - Search for One-eye Jimmy, The (1996). Directed. Sam Henry Kass.
Escape from Los Angeles - Escape from LA. (1996). Directed. John Carpenter.
Con Air - Con Air (1997). Directed. Simon West.
The Big Lebowski - Big Lebowski, The (1998). Directed. Joel Cohen.
Armageddon - Armageddon (1998). Directed. Michael Bay.
Louis and Frank - Louis & Frank (1998). Directed. Alexander Rockwell.
Impostors - Impostors, The (1998). Directed. Stanley Tucci.
Big Daddy - Big Daddy (1999). Directed. Dennis Dugan.
Factory of animals - Animal Factory, The (2000). Directed. Steve Bassem.
28 Days - 28 Days (2000). Directed. Betty Thomas.
Ghost World - Ghost World (2000). Directed. Terry Zvigoff.
Gray Zone - Grey Zone, The (2001). Directed. Tim Blake Nelson.
Family troubles - Domestic Disturbance (2001). Directed. Harold Becker.
Draft Laramie - Laramie Project, The (2002). Directed. Moises Kaufman.
Love in the era of money - Love In the Time of Money (2002). Directed. Peter Mattei.
Mr Dids - Mr. Deeds (2002). Directed. Steven Brill.

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Bassem Steve (Steve Buscemi), photo, biography
Bassem Steve (Steve Buscemi), photo, biography Bassem Steve (Steve Buscemi)  Actor, photo, biography
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