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Fernando Colunga Olivares

( Actor)

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Biography Fernando Colunga Olivares
photo Fernando Colunga Olivares
Full name: Fernando Colunga Olivares
. Height: 187 cm
. Weight: 85 kg
. Date of Birth: March 3, 1966
. Parents: Fernando Colunga and Dona Margarita Olivares
. Zodiac: Pisces
. Place of birth: Mexico City
. Marital status: single
. Education: Engineer, actor
. Favorite artist: Dali
. Composers: Vivaldi and Mozart
. Book: Literature of the Theater
. Literary Character: Cyrano de Bergerac
. Sports: swimming, motorcycle races, karate
. Favorite place: Caribbean
. Food: Pizza
. Pets: two dogs - an Afghan hound, Max and Rottweiler Tiara

. Fernando was born on March 3, 1966 in Mexico City
. By education he is an engineer, but never worked in the profession. He started playing about 10 years ago. Once in university, Fernando heard that is similar to the actor. For the sake of laughter decided to audition and was accepted. Fernando began his acting career in theater and still continues to participate in various productions. Most of all he loves to play it in the theater. At first he played a small role in the telenovela "Maria Mercedes" (Maria Mercedes) (1992), . "Marimar" (Marimar) (1994) and "Alondra" (Alondra) (1995), . Well and then the principal: in the telenovela "Maria from the suburbs" with the waist and "Esmeralda" with Leticia Calderon,
. "Impostor" is where he played in a duo with Venezuelan Gabriela Spanic made him a star. On the set of "Mary of the suburbs" Fernando met with the waist, which already was a star, and fell in love with her without memory. Thalia said his feelings, but these relationships did not lead to marriage. After a year and a half lovebirds parted. Fernando is going through the gap and found solace only in the work. "Impostor" had to be here very helpful and the actor has put his heart and soul of his hero, Carlos Daniel, although agreeing with critics that his hero is too flabby. So far, he argues that of all the characters he played in movies, serials, or theater, the character of Carlos Daniel Bracho his closest. There was talk, even about his romance with Gaby Spanic, but the actors all refuted, saying that they are just friends and good actors, so if viewers believe their game. He participated in the children's program "Sesame Street" as adores children and dreamed of theater. Then there was the telenovela "never forget you" with Edith Gonzalez, and in 2000, "Hold me tight" with Aracely Arambula. Telenovela so successful, that Fernando was named best actor of telenovelas of 2000, and she telenovella won a prize as the best in 2000. Fehr satisfied. Fernando spent the last six months the theater, as it is to miss. Another Fer starred in several very successful movies. They can be found in serialografii. And yet in his eyes still can see the yearning for true love and family. It is strange that such a beautiful, handsome (his height 187 cm and weighs 85 kg), the successful and talented actor, which oversees the figure, playing sports, does not smoke or drink, until now one. He has not forgotten Talia? I do not think. Thalia is married and is now happy with another. He simply looks for its half, as each of us. They say that recently he was seen with a blonde, but as long as the actor did not confirm, but about the personal life in general refuses to talk. About creativity - please, but personal - is a sacred. I agree, this is correct. Fernando loves motorcycles, but his real passion is racing cars. His first car he bought with the money he earned at the bar. He is the only child in her close-knit family and his mother is very upset lonely son, who himself said that the ideal family is an example of his own.
. In December 2001, Fernando participated in the Magazine as a mini-series "Christmas without end", after which the actor has decided to take a break to rest
. Several months ago he returned to work, to accept the offer of Carla Estrada is going to shoot a new telenovela "True Love" (Amor Real). Parnershey Fernando became famous Adela Noriega ( "Guadeloupe", "Maria Isabel"). Fernando is now extremely busy in the shootings, which come to an end. In the television broadcast of the Mexican telenovela out recently (June 2003).

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  • Maria for Fernando Colunga Olivares
  • Fernando you a bright and talented actor. I watched all the movies with your participation. You're doing fine. You most remarkable! Your Movies hearts of people leave an unforgettable impression. You're done!
  • Anonymous for Fernando Colunga Olivares
  • pozdrowienia z Poland - jesteś niezwykły w tym jak grasz.
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    Fernando Colunga Olivares, photo, biography
    Fernando Colunga Olivares, photo, biography Fernando Colunga Olivares  Actor, photo, biography
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