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Stegman Millie (Millie Stegman)

( Actress)

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Biography Stegman Millie (Millie Stegman)
photo Stegman Millie (Millie Stegman)
Strong, confident - all this testifies to the inner tranquility and balance. Actress herself said that already entered the path of maturity and is seriously thinking about replacing adolescent nicknames of Milli for his full name - Milagros.

Actress of the new telenovela "Wild Moon" broke with the famous prodyuserom Luis Skalelya. Strong and sensual as ever. Catches the eye of its new image and a statement that it is open to love.

Her real name - Milagros. It seems that it is ready to take all the surprise and the reality of this name. Millie Stegman (32), one of the main heroines of "Wild Moon" says: "I grew up with this nickname, which has always suited me."
. Many believe that my name - it is a diminutive of Emilia and continue to ask how I manage to make such a great nickname
. Lately I am more and more zadumyayus hard to regain my real name "Milagros". Because I had already entered the path of maturity and individuality. In addition, it expresses the whole of my essence. "

- What are the things happening to you, do you think the daily miracle?
- I think that within me there is the ability to replace the love anxiety, which leaves misery. I'm not ashamed to go out and ask for love, if I need and I want it. I have always lived, feeling happy, even though the time may be very unfortunate and painful. Also, can be wonderful not to deny your feelings today and illusions, though you can be very painful or sad ... Perhaps it is unnecessary to do, though, on the other hand, life is always put you in the place that you should take.

- What is the biggest disaster you experienced?
- The death of my father when I was ten. I had a feeling of abandonment, as my mother hoisted on their shoulders the responsibility to ensure the family and be a father in the house and she did not avoid the same mistakes that he did. My father was half-artist, as well as sang, though not professionally. I liked very much engaged in the same things and he, in fact I got him a hug or a smile.

- What are you expecting from life, when she was little?
- From childhood I wanted to become an actress. I was very voluptuous and my behavior pointed to the fact that here I will do my career. I think it was a call to pay attention to me, because I really needed was to love me. In a nutshell it can be described as: "Here I am, love me". My childhood was very free and bound to the land. We lived in Coronel Pringles. Two years ago this place was sold and from that moment I was no longer able to go back. Also, if I go back, it would be deeply pondered and said: "This is mine", because man has always sought a memorable place for himself. Also, when I was a child, you dreamed that in 22 years I'll get married and I will have family in the best traditions of Argentina. And finally, I made exactly that way, which would. At 17, graduated from college, this time I have worked and therefore could engage in the theater. With the work that I had, I started to hoard all their encouragement.

. - On what built your happiness?
. - I feel good, experiencing professional growth, I am open to give and receive love, and I can not convey its ability to wonder what is going
. I want to finish the working day and feel that I deserve this. For example, I look in the mirror and laugh knowing that it reflects my essence. And I'll never hide. I think that my happiness is just a balance that is in my life.

. - You like something internally changed? This can be seen on your figure, you become more stylish and sensual.
. - I have always struggled to feel and be better
. I tend to overweight and do not hide it. When I grew plump, it is not fought with itself, not hiding at home, because it looked bad. Instead, I went ahead. Two years ago I came to Dr. Carlos Pisani and we tried to fix it, besides I did run a few times a week, as well as classical, conventional gymnastics. Soon there were results that have brought me these Godi perseverance, effort and will.

- How's your heart once after three years of life you broke up with Luis Skalelya?
- It's in the world with itself and calmly. And this is what really matters. There was a balance and it is good. I never renounced love.

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  • ullmann franck for Stegman Millie (Millie Stegman)
  • hola millie tanto tiempo me gustaria communicarme con Agustina ,me puedes mandar su telefono y email adress un beso franck
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    Stegman Millie (Millie Stegman), photo, biography
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