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Peniche Arturo (Arturo Peniche)

( Actor)

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Biography Peniche Arturo (Arturo Peniche)
photo Peniche Arturo (Arturo Peniche)
He was nearly forty, he has two teenagers and is one of the most popular actors of Mexico, who played in many important telenovelas 90-ies. Most of us are looking at Edmundo Serrano (his character in La usurpadora), were not indifferent, dreaming about the time when he and Gabby Spanic once again come together on screen, this time to play with the two lead roles.

. Filmography:
. Telenovelas (small roles):
. 1983 "Bianca Vidal" (Bianca Vidal);
. 1983 "Princess" (Principessa);
. 1983 "To live a little" (Vivir un poco)

. Telenovelas (almost the main role (co-estellar) or as a special guest star):
. 1987 "Love in silence" (Amor en silencio);
. 1992 "and Valeria Maximiliano" (Valeria y Maximiliano);
. 1999 "impostor" (La usurpadora);
. 2000 "I will always love you" (Siempre te amare)

. Telenovelas (main role):
. 1986 "mountain of suffering" (Monte calvario) with Edith Gonzц?lez;
. 1987 "Stroptivitsa" (La indomable) with Leticia CalderцЁn;
. 1992 "Maria Mercedes" (Maria Mercedes) with waist;
. 1994 "Morelia" (Morelia) with Alpha;
. 1995 "Jose Maria" (Maria Jose) with Claudia Ramirez;
. 1997 "The soul has no color" (El alma no tiene color) with Laura Flores;
. 1998 "Dreamer" (Sonadoras) Alejandro Avalos;
. 1999 "Hurt Women" (Mujeres enganadas) with Sabine Mouser;
. 2001 intrusa "(La intrusa) with Gabriela;

. 'I - surrounded by liars'
. If in the telenovela "Deceived by women" (Mujeres enganadas) and there is a man, . who suffers from deception and betrayals of the female half of humanity, . so this is Arturo Peniche, . who says, . that learned much from his character, . although at first he was sorry for his ego.,

. There are many telenovelas, starring Arturo Peniche and few such as "deluded woman, on the set where he learned
. "On my character in" deceived ... "you can say so - he seemed to shroud the eyes, which prevents him from seeing the reality surrounding him. At first I was very sorry for my masculinity, . since then, . what she did with Alejandro (my hero) in the course of the telenovela Diana, . quite simply hurts me, . but, . at the same time, . I realized, . that every person - is an independent person, . that everyone - the master of his fate, . and then, . that when you cause someone worse off, . then you will cause him, . so you should always wear a face mask, . that no one knows about your true feelings at this moment,
. And then there is a mask for the first second, third, etc., and, finally, when you've finally realized this, the thirtieth mask is already becoming your true face. What a horror, no!? This telenovela has helped me to understand it ".

As we have said, this character was not just another job, Arturo, he gave the actor an opportunity to understand many things in his own life. "Yes, because I tried to learn a lot from him. The fact is that each story was written, the book has something significant, something that happens in real life. But then not be amiss to ask: why the author wrote this? that he wanted to say all of us? And here begin my search and trying to understand the author "

. For everything in life to pay
. Arturo continues to tell us, what does he learned from this telenovela: everything you do in this life has a price and you can not doubt that this, in one form or another, for you'll be back
. "Yes, I believe that life - it is a boomerang. The man who offends, he will be hurt, and how, and in that a large proportion of our own guilt. They say that when a man offend someone, however, as a woman, he himself also necessarily offended or he will be deceived. As I said, for the most part this is only our fault. How many times have we tried (I say we, because I, too, man) fall in love with a married woman? ".

Continues: "We are all to blame, though ... as women. There are a lot of the fairer sex, which also provoke us, knowing full well that this relationship - infidelity - will take place because of them, she accepts it and the man goes so far as it allows the woman. Actually this is a very complicated subject. In any case, treason is now in the order of things ".

You insult or offend you?
Little evasive, Arturo limited response: "I have offended myself. I can not tell you I'm offended or not. The only thing I can tell you - I am a man who fights for his life, which is trying to change it, to make new, I just can not tell you if I offended anyone. But I confess to you that changed me in many senses. I change myself, untrue to myself, many times I have mated with someone on the street, I felt because of it bad, but still caused damage to life and returned it to me in full ".

Change for the sake of their children
The father of two teenagers, Arturo recognizes that change is not because of them, but for them.
"No, I changed for the sake of their children. Although ... in life, no one can force you to change, just comes with the arrival experience and maturing of your feelings. "

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Peniche Arturo (Arturo Peniche), photo, biography
Peniche Arturo (Arturo Peniche), photo, biography Peniche Arturo (Arturo Peniche)  Actor, photo, biography
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