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RYAZAN Mikhail Sergeyevich

( Soviet scientist, designer of rocket and space technology)

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Biography RYAZAN Mikhail Sergeyevich
photo RYAZAN Mikhail Sergeyevich
Soviet scientist, designer of rocket and space technology. Born in 1909 in St. Petersburg. Childhood years spent in Baku, where his father worked as a secretary in the office of the Nobel. In 1923 the family moved to Moscow, Ryazan. In school years had taken an active character Misha Ryazan and his extensive knowledge. Becoming a Young Communist, he was active in the Komsomol, is a propagandist in Khamovniki. Soon he finds a job: first, fitter, then - Technician. In sixth grade Ryazanskiy seriously carried away the radio, which defined his whole life.

In 1924 - 1927 years on a voluntary basis what he likes, direct radiokruzhkami, works in the Presidium of the Society of Friends in the radio IC Komsomol work in the Presidium of the Central Committee of Komsomol radiokomissii (section of the short-wave). In those same years, attracted short-coupled, was an active short-wave amateur. The first in the USSR established radio contact with the icebreaker Krasin, who went to rescue expedition Umberto Nobile. This is his greatest accomplishment Ryazan proud all his life.

The credibility of the young Ryazan was so high that it was his faction of the CPSU (b) the Society of Friends of radio in 1928, recommended to work in the Nizhny Novgorod Radio Laboratory of the Lenin - while the country's leading radio center. In Nizhny Novgorod, he entrusted the charge of the antenna test range. In addition, remains active in the Komsomol, was elected secretary of the Komsomol organization of the laboratory. It was in the years of work in the Nizhny Novgorod Radio Laboratory incident occurred, which significantly complicated the life of Ryazan. At the edge of the antenna test range is a wooden wagon with the equipment, which once burned. Begin an investigation. In arson accused Ryazan, pulled into the light of the fact that his grandfather, whom he had never seen, was a priest in the Tambov province. The label "Ryazan - the enemy of the people", who with someone's "light" hand was immediately glued to it, nearly became fatal for him. For the protection of Ryazan actively got young laboratory, which literally repulsed him. Escaped trifle - a month of hard labor. The fire at the range and grandfather, priest haunted him all his life. Thus, becoming in 1931 a candidate member of the CPSU (b), it is only in 1940 was admitted as a member of the Party. But thanks to the laboratory at the Nizhny Novgorod Ryazan remained all his life, it was in those years, he began to study what worked until the end of his life - a military radio technology.

In the laboratory Ryazan constructs its first radio station, some of which were adopted at the Red Army equipment. In 1931, someone from the leadership of the laboratory remembered that the talented young scientist has no special education and sent him to the Leningrad Military-Technical Academy. However, in the year of admission to the academy was not and Ryazan entered the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. Simultaneously, he gets a job in a special technical office (Ostehbyuro), which is developing radios for the Navy of the USSR. General disorder, work, study - all this has led to what Michael fell ill with tuberculosis. The verdict of doctors was laconic: "stay in Leningrad - die". Do not hope to recover and reconcile ourselves with the thought of impending death, Michael went in Bashkortostan, where by this time had moved his family. Father and mother, fed his mare's milk, fed honey, and still managed to cure her son. In 1934 he returned to Moscow, moved to Moscow Electrotechnical Institute (MEI), works in the Moscow branch of Ostehbyuro.

In 1935 graduated MEI, protecting the secret degree in special radio notification systems: the transfer of coded information radiovzryvateli, radioschetchik under the rails, and other similar devices. After graduation he continued to work in Ostehbyuro, which was soon converted to SRI-20. There he deals with radio remote control aircraft, torpedo boats, tanks and other equipment, stood on the Red Army. Before the outbreak of World War II Ryazan started new for themselves, but a very interesting business - Radar. He participated in the development of the first Soviet radar P-2, developed the reception of. Work on the radar, started in Moscow before the war, continued in Barnaul, where they had been evacuated by the radio operators. In an unprecedentedly short period of time the radar was set. All participants in the development, including the Ryazan became Stalin Prize for 1943. The next development of Ryazan was the locator of an H-3. At the end of the war Ryazan became interested in radio systems missile guidance V-2 (this time about these developments became known Soviet designer). In 1945-1946, including many prominent Soviet scientists and designers, was on a business trip in Germany, where he studied the development of Germanic engineering. There, Soviet engineers created Institute Nordhausen, where he worked as a Soviet and German experts. Ryazan also went through the school "Nordhausen", together with Korolev, Glushko, and other future founders of the Soviet rocket and space technology. Returning to the Soviet Union, he was immediately appointed Chief Designer of NII-885, which was engaged in work on the equipment and radio communications for launch. Ryazan was the end of his life mostly rocket radioman country.

In January 1951 he was appointed chief engineer of NII-88, and in the summer of 1952 - Chief of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of arms of the USSR. On the one hand the work in the Ministry pressed Ryazan, . He just was not suited for bureaucratic work, . On the other hand, this work has allowed him to recognize the device ministerial mechanism: how best to make the paper, . who agree, . whom to, . to whom to, . anyone around,
. In 1954 he returned to the SRI-885 is there scientific director and chief designer until the day of his death. He participates in the development of radio systems for ballistic missiles, and subsequently for space launch vehicles, satellites, interplanetary probes. When SPKorolyov created the famous Council of Chief Designers, a member of the Council was Ryazan. In 1956 he joined other members of the Council was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor for the development and delivery of weapons of R-5 - carrying nuclear weapons, and in 1957 became the winner of the Lenin Prize. In 1958 he was elected a corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR - was so marked his contribution to the creation of the first artificial earth satellite. Later years brought Mikhail Sergeyevich bitterness of loss of loved ones. In 1981 he died beloved wife Elena Zinovyevna, and in 1982 in the mountains was killed son Volodya. Ryazan ill, tried to forget the work, carried away by the creation of equipment for receiving television panoramas of Mars and Venus. But the disease was stronger and the summer of 1987, Mikhail Sergeyevich Ryazanskiy died.

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RYAZAN Mikhail Sergeyevich, photo, biography
RYAZAN Mikhail Sergeyevich, photo, biography RYAZAN Mikhail Sergeyevich  Soviet scientist, designer of rocket and space technology, photo, biography
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