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Oleg G. Makarov

( Astronaut Russia)

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Biography Oleg G. Makarov
photo Oleg G. Makarov
Astronaut Russia. Born January 6, 1933 in the village Udomlia Udomelskogo district of Kalinin (now - Tver ') area in the family of a soldier. In 1951 he entered, and in 1957 graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman. As was assigned to work in OKB-1 (CB Queen). Participated in the development of manned spacecraft. In 1966 he was enrolled in the detachment of Soviet cosmonauts (1966 a group of civilian experts? 5). It has been a full course of general space training and preparing to fly to the ship type "Soyuz". Trained as part of one of the crew to fly to the moon. After the closure of the lunar program, continued training for flight aboard ships such as "Union". His first space flight made from 27 to 29 September 1973 as a flight engineer of Soyuz-12 "(jointly with Vasily Lazareva). Length of stay in space was 1 day 23 hours 15 minutes 32 seconds. In the future, continued preparations for a new flight on board the spacecraft like the Soyuz and orbital stations such as Salyut (DOS). He was a member of the backup crew of the Soyuz-17 "(jointly with Vasily Lazareva) at the start of January 11, 1975. The second time was launched into space April 5, 1975, along with Vasily Lazarev in as a flight engineer of Soyuz-18 / 1.

On the ascent accident the third stage booster rocket. Lander spacecraft was separated and made a suborbital space flight. Planting took place in remote regions of Altai and through a happy accident not occurred tragedy. Mission duration was 21 minutes 27 seconds. His third space flight began on Jan. 10, 1978, together with Vladimir Aleksandrovich Dzhanibekov as flight engineer for Soyuz-27 ". Within 4 days he worked on board the orbital station "Salut-6" - "Soyuz-26" (crew Yury V. Romanenko and Georgi Grechko) - "Soyuz-27". For the first time in the world on board the orbital station while crews worked two spacecraft. Returned to Earth on Jan. 16, 1978 on board the Soyuz-26 ". Length of stay in space was 5 days 22 hours 58 minutes 58 seconds. Trained to fly on spacecraft like the Soyuz T. He was a member of the backup crew of Soyuz T-2 "(with Leonid Denisovich Kizim) at the start of June 5, 1980. Fourth space flight made from 27 November to 10 December 1980, together with Leonid Denisovich Kizim and Gennady M. Strekalova as flight engineer of Soyuz T-3. During the flight were conducted repair work on board the orbital station Salyut-6 ". Length of stay in space was 12 days 19 hours 7 minutes 42 seconds. Over 4 flights flown in space 20 days 17 hours 43 minutes 39 seconds. Was in the squad of cosmonauts until 1987, continuing the work in the NPO Energia (now - RSC Energia). He served as chairman of the International Association of Space Flight (AUKP).

PhD (1980).

Twice Hero of the Soviet Union (Decrees of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from October 2, 1973 and March 16, 1978). Awarded 4 orders of Lenin and medals. He was awarded the Order of the Ethiopian Blue Nile. Honorary Citizen of Yakutsk (Russia), Rivne (Ukraine), Dzhezkazgan (Kazakhstan).

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Oleg G. Makarov, photo, biography
Oleg G. Makarov, photo, biography Oleg G. Makarov  Astronaut Russia, photo, biography
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