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Talgat Musabayev Amangeldievich

( test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air Force.)

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Biography Talgat Musabayev Amangeldievich
Test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air. Born January 7, 1951 in the village Kargaly Zhambyl District, Almaty region, Kazakh SSR. Kazakhstan.

In 1968. Graduated from Alma-Ata high school? 58. In 1974. graduated from Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute of the Lenin Komsomol, specializing in radio-electronic equipment, and worked as a shift engineer radio Burundayskogo aviation detachment aviation Civil Aviation,

In January 1975. elected secretary of the Komsomol committee released the October Youth of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan in Alma-Ata. Since January 1976 he worked as an instructor and senior instructor in the department of political education work of the Kazakh Civil Aviation Authority. Since May 1979. - Deputy commander of the Alma-Ata united squadron of political education. In 1986 he graduated from the 30 th trainer detachment of civil aviation and the pilot received a certificate of civil aviation. In the same year he started medical examination in the group of cosmonauts, but only in February 1989. decision of the Chief Medical Board was admitted to the special training. Since January 1987. worked as co-pilot and then commander of the AN-2 in Burundayskom united squadron. In 1989. zakovchil Ulyanovsk center to train pilots, traffic control and engineering staff of aviation countries - CMEA and from June to October 1990 worked as a co-pilot of the plane TU-134 1-goletnogo detachment of Alma-Ata united squadron.

May 11, 1990 decision of the State Interdepartmental Commission recommended for training in the CPC at the rate of OKL from the Ministry of Civil Aviation. In October 1990. was seconded to the CPC and began cosmonaut training. March 6, 1991 order of the USSR Ministry of Defense to active military service. Exceptionally lieutenant stock TA Musabaeva given the extraordinary title of "Major" and he enrolled full-time position on a candidate for cosmonaut-researcher GCTC cosmonaut corps air.

From 20 May to 10 July 1991 was trained to fly to the Kazakh program of visiting as a cosmonaut-researcher with VV Tsibliev and AI. Laveykin scheduled for November 1991. Flight in order to save money combined with the flight of the Austrian program, but the crews of reformed. From 17 July to 13 September 1991 continued to prepare for flight on the Kazakh program and the program "Austromir-91" as the first cosmonaut researcher in the second crew, along with AS Viktorenko and K. Lotallerom (Austria). September 13, 1991 at the end of the immediate preparation for the flight and the cosmonaut training decision of the Interdepartmental Qualification Commission he was qualified as a test cosmonaut.

October 2, 1991 was a double first cosmonaut researcher Soyuz TM-13 "T. Aubakirova. For participation in the preparation for space flight on the orbital research complex "Mir", . great contribution to the strengthening of mutual understanding, . friendship and trust between the peoples of the Soviet Union and the Republic of Austria was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples,

October 22, 1991 order of the Civil Air Force appointed a test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air Force and continued training for space flight as a group. In February 1993, job training completed Aktyubinsk higher flying school. From August to December 1993. passes directly to the flight training program EO-15 as a flight engineer with YI Malenchenko and GS Arzamazova.

His first space flight made in conjunction with S. Malenchenko in the sixteenth Expedition to the station "Mir" (127 per day.) C 1 July to 4 November 1994.

Talgat Musabayev multifaceted athlete. He was a member of the team of Riga and the Latvian SSR, gymnastics, won the USSR aerobatics in the team competition, team member of the Kazakh SSR on aircraft sports. He was qualified as a Master of Sports of the USSR "in gymnastics and aerobatics. Has total flight time of more than 1800 h.

Talgat Musabayev married to Victoria Voldemarovne, has a son and daughter Daniyar Kamil.

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Talgat Musabayev Amangeldievich, photo, biography
Talgat Musabayev Amangeldievich, photo, biography Talgat Musabayev Amangeldievich  test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air Force., photo, biography
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