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HURAMSHIN Talgat Zakirovich

( Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of USSR Council of Ministers, Distinguished Inventor of the USSR)

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Biography HURAMSHIN Talgat Zakirovich
Born May 1, 1932 in the village Ibragimova Chishminskaya area Bashkir ASSR. Father - Huramshin Zakaria Gafurovich, . waged farm, . then worked at the farm, in late 1938, moved with his family in the city Ufa, . where a salesman in a store krekingzavoda; in July 1941 went to the front and in March 1942 was missing,
. Mother - Huramshina Maguzya Kabirovna (1911-1983). They raised the children in a spirit of respect for parents, respect for elders, love for the land and labor. Wife - Huramshina Fidagiya Fayzievna. Sons: Rinat Talgatovich (1952 g. born.) Damir Talgatovich (1962. born.), two of them walked in the footsteps of his father, graduated from the Petroleum Institute and worked in the oil industry.

. In 1947, after seven years of schooling? 11 in Chernikov Talgat Huramshin enrolled in college Chernikov oil, . which he graduated in 1951, . with the specialty-equipment mechanic for repair and maintenance of oil equipment.,

. Working career he began in July 1951 machinist pumps and compressors, shop? 4 on the Order of Lenin Ufa Refinery (Refinery)
. In 1952 he was transferred to work as a mechanic install, and then head of technical repair shop.

In 1956 T.Z. Huramshina appoint a senior mechanic shop catalytic cracking Novo-Ufa refinery named XXII Congress of the CPSU, and in 1962 - chief technology shop. Talgat Zakirovich in 1958 he entered in 1964 graduated from Ufa Oil Institute and became an engineer-technologist. From 1964 to 1965 worked as secretary of the Party Committee of the plant. In 1965 he headed the largest enterprise - the Novo-Ufa refinery, and then in 1977 became director of the Novo-Ufa refinery named XXII Congress of the CPSU.

. Talgat Zakirovich earned a reputation as a good organizer, a real professional and enjoyed great prestige among the many thousands of works by great concern for workers
. During his leadership the plant is actively developed social infrastructure: built housing, dining halls, kindergartens, community centers, recreation areas, hospitals. Much attention T.Z. Huramshin paid work with youth. Many of those who began his career at the Novo-Ufa Refinery, graduated from university and technical schools, and to this day working at the enterprises of oil production and refining in the expanses of Bashkortostan and Russia.

. And he Talgat Zakirovich, despite the difficulties, does not stop in its development
. Experience - experience and knowledge needed. And he in 1973 graduated from Institute of National Economic Management. His hard work, the state's approach to the case caused admiration and respect.

In May 1978 T.Z. Huramshina appointed Head of Transport and the supply of oil and petroleum products at the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR, and in July 1979 - Chairman of the RSFSR State Committee for petroleum. In this position he served until 1981, when he became chairman of the USSR State Committee for petroleum products.

. He was elected a delegate XXV and XXVI Congress of the CPSU, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, the local authorities.

. From November 1989 to 1992 worked as chief specialist, head of technical department, chief engineer of the All-Russia Research and Design Institute of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry Ministry of Fuel
. Since December 1992 he was a CEO-president of Joint-Stock Company "Bashkir house trade and technology". Currently T.Z. Huramshin is Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Bashkortostan of the President of Russia.

For outstanding employment gains in 1971 T.Z. Huramshinu awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. He was awarded the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1974), was awarded the Order of Lenin (1971), the October Revolution (1975), two Orders of Red Banner of Labor (1966, 1981), recorded more than 40 different letters and signs. He, the author of 49 inventions, conferred the honorary title "Distinguished Inventor of the USSR."

Talgat Zakirovich loves music, theater, literature, and it is - a wonderful storyteller. In his spare time enjoys hiking.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Pallo Tatyana for HURAMSHIN Talgat Zakirovich
  • Dear Talgat Zakirovich! I am writing on behalf of my mother Pallo (nee Diakonova) Albina Alekseevny.Kogda you worked together at a factory in Ufa, and she was very friendly with your wife Fidagiey Fayzievnoy.Moya mother now lives in Moscow, . Bashkortostan and misses his old druzyam.Poetomu I took the liberty to write you and send to Fidagii Fayzievny mother's phone number (495) 945-81-66.Mne think they both will be pleased to talk, . remember former ... Yours Pallo TA,
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    HURAMSHIN Talgat Zakirovich, photo, biography
    HURAMSHIN Talgat Zakirovich, photo, biography HURAMSHIN Talgat Zakirovich  Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of USSR Council of Ministers, Distinguished Inventor of the USSR, photo, biography
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