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Valery Tokarev

( Air Force Colonel RF test cosmonaut Cosmonaut Training Center Air Force 388 th astronaut World 91-second astronaut Russia)

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Biography Valery Tokarev
photo Valery Tokarev
Valery Tokarev was born October 29, 1952, Mr.. in the village of Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan region, Russia. In 1969. graduated from 10 classes in high school? 3 Rostov Yaroslavl region. In August 1969,. Valery Tokarev, joined in the Stavropol VVAUL, which he graduated in October 1973.

After graduating from college he served in the Air Force: first in the post pilot, then a senior airman. Since February 1977. he was a flight leader, and since January 1980. - Deputy commander of the Air Squadron Fighter Regiment, based in the village Dombarovsky Orenburg region, Volga Military District.

Since October 1981. Valery Tokarev studied at the Center for training test pilots (TSPLI) Akhtubinsk in the Astrakhan region, which ended in March 1982. After graduating with honors, he was sent to the branch of the State Scientific Testing Institute of the Red Banner (rituku) of the Air Force. Chkalov stationed in the village Kirovske in the Crimea, Odessa Military District. In 1982-1985 he was. was a test pilot, and in 1985-1992,. - Senior test pilot. From October 1986 to September 1988. He also served as deputy commander of the aviation squadron for political.

While serving in the military branch rituku Valery Tokarev took part in the testing of aircraft Yak vertical takeoff and landing deck of the home, as well as aircraft landing deck aerofinishernoy-based development of OKB Sukhoi and Mikoyan. Mastered more than 25 types of aircraft flown by them more than 1600 hours.

At the end of 1987. Valery Tokarev successfully passed a medical examination for selection of candidates for cosmonauts in TSVNIAG and in February 1988. received the opinion of Chief Medical Board cleared him for spetstrenirovkam. A year later, on 25 January 1989. decision of the State Interdepartmental Commission (GMVK) VI Tokarev was recommended for admission to a group of astronauts rituku Air Force, created to fly on the ship "Buran" on military programs.

From May 1989 to April 1991. Valery Tokarev took place cosmonaut training at GCTC Gagarin (the method of charges) in a group of test pilots rituku Air. At the end of OKP, April 5, 1991. he was awarded the qualification test cosmonaut, but the group of cosmo-navtov rituku Tokarev got no right. In 1991-1992. He continued to serve as a senior test pilot branch rituku in Crimea.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in late 1991, Mr.. Crimean branch rituku came under the jurisdiction of Ukraine. Because of the refusal to take the oath of Ukraine in February 1992. VI Tokarev was dismissed, removed from the flight operations and placed in state. In May 1992, Mr.. Order of Minister of Defense of Russia, he was transferred to the Air Force in rituku Akhtubinsk a Senior Test Pilot.

January 30, 1993, Mr.. VI Tokarev order of Defense Minister has been appointed as a test cosmonaut group of astronauts rituku Air Force.

In the same year Tokarev graduated from the Air Force Academy named after Yury Gagarin in Monino, where he studied by correspondence from 1989.

In January 1994,. Valery Tokarev led a group of astronauts rituku Air Force instead retired Alexei Borodai.

By the time of enrollment in Tokarev group buranovskih cosmonaut program Buran was suspended, and September 30, 1996, Mr.. directive of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force was disbanded and a group of astronauts rituku. Of all the astronauts of this group, only Valery Tokarev was achieved in the transfer cosmonaut Cosmonaut Training Center Air Force.

July 28, 1997, Mr.. decision GMVK he was recommended for enrollment in the detachment of the Air Force Cosmonaut Training Center and was immediately appointed commander of the backup crew for Expedition 2 on the ISS and the commander of the prime crew for Expedition 4.

September 16, 1997, Mr.. order of the Commander Air Force, he was enlisted in the Air Force cosmonaut Cosmonaut Training Center in the post test cosmonaut.

In 1997. Valery Tokarev graduated from the Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russia, where he studied from 1996.

October 20, 1997, Mr.. ISS crews have been reformed, and GMVK approved Tokarev backup crew commander 1 st Russia visiting the ISS (to replace the Soyuz TM "), along with flight engineer C. Revin.

From October 1997 to December 1998. Tokarev trained in the CPC in a group of astronauts. In December 1998, Mr.. joint (RSA and NASA) Planning Commission of flights to the ISS has appointed Valery Tokarev of the crew STS-96 instead of Yuri Malenchenko, who was transferred to another crew of space shuttle.

From January to May 1999. Tokarev was preparing for the flight of STS-96 crew at the Johnson Space Center. Ironically, Valery Tokarev, who for many years, was preparing to fly on the Soviet shuttle "Buran", eventually flew on the U.S. space shuttle.

Colonel V. Tokarev - military pilot 1 st class and test pilot class 1. He was awarded the Order "For Service to Motherland in the USSR Supreme Council in the 3rd degree and several medals.

Valery enjoys gaming sports, motoring, loves outdoor recreation. He is married to Irina, in their two children: Olga (born. October 17. 1976) and Ivan (August 4. 1987).

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Valery Tokarev, photo, biography
Valery Tokarev, photo, biography Valery Tokarev  Air Force Colonel RF test cosmonaut Cosmonaut Training Center Air Force 388 th astronaut World 91-second astronaut Russia, photo, biography
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