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Nikolay Nikolay Ivanovich

( Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1937), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1945). Professor (1946). Head of the Department of General Geology, Moscow Mining Academy ()

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Biography Nikolay Nikolay Ivanovich
Born September 18, 1906, Mr.. G. Moscow. Graduated from the Industrial and Economic College (1922) and soil-geological and geographical separation of physical and mathematical faculty of Moscow State University (1930).

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1937), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1945). Professor (1946). Head of the Department of General Geology, Moscow Mining Academy (1951-1964). Professor of general geology MGRI (1964). Organizer and Head of the Laboratory of neotectonics and seismotectonics Department of Dynamic Geology Geological Faculty (1964).

Member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists (1933), Honorary Member of the Geological Society of Estonia (1993). President of the International Commission on Neotectonics of the International Union for Quaternary Research - IHKVA (1961-1973), . member of the Soviet Section IHKVA and its neotectonic Commission (1963), . Chairman of the Subcommittee on Mapping neotectonics of the Commission on Neotectonics IHKVA (1982), . Honorary Member IHKVA (1990),
. Chairman geomorphic section of the Moscow branch of the Geographical Society of the USSR (1948), Deputy. Chairman of the Commission for Quaternary AH the USSR (1959), a member of the Commission on International tectonic maps to the Office of Earth Sciences of the USSR AH (1962), geomorphological commission AH the USSR, a member of the expert group YUHESKO (1970-1980). Member methodical council of the knowledge society (1968). Chairman of the interdepartmental coordinating council of MSU on the complex problem New tectonic, new deposits and man (1968). Member of the Academic Councils of Geological Faculty of Moscow State University, Geological Institute, RAH, MGRI. Member of Expert Commission of VAK USSR (1970-1980), Chairman of the specialized council at Moscow State University (1971-1981), a member of a specialized council on Geology and Geophysics Institute of the History of Science and Technology RAH (1970). Member, Editorial Board, editor of magazines and anthologies Questions of Theoretical and Applied Geology, Geography, Geomorphology (1970-1989), chief editor of a series of compilations Heotektonika, quaternary geology and man (1967).

. Winner of USSR State Prize (1952)
. Awarded the Labor Red Banner (1953), . Friendship (PRC, . 1958), . 5 medals of the USSR, . Medal of Merit of the USSR Ministry of Geology in the subsurface exploration (1983), . medals VDHH (1973, . 1986), . badge for excellent performance in the work of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education (1970) and diplomas to the RSFSR Supreme Soviet Presidium (1986), . AH of the Estonian SSR (1986),
. He was awarded the title of Honored Scientist of RSFSR (1968). MK Komsomol Award (1937), Prize of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Komsomol and AH the USSR (1938), Prize. AD Archangel (AH USSR, 1946), Prize MOIP (1966), Prize. MV Lomonosov I degree (MSU, 1983).

Research interests: stratigraphy, Geotectonics, seismotectonics, engineering geology, geomorphology, history of science. As a student, published a series of articles on stratigraphy, tectonics and engineering geology of areas of Crimea, the southern Volga and central regions of Russia. In 1937, Mr.. by accumulation of scientific work without defending a thesis he was awarded the degree of Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. Subject doctoral thesis: The main problems of regional engineering geology and an example of engineering-geological zoning of the Southern Volga. In this paper we first formulated the problem of regional engineering geology, given their consideration in the district geographical aspects in relation to different types of construction, considered the principles of engineering geology mapping. Author works, . on geotectonics, . geodynamics, . neotectonics, . seismotectonics, . Geomorphology, . Geology, . stratigraphy and genetic types of the latest deposits, . as well as the various problems of dynamic geology, . Engineering Geology, . Hydrogeology, . Seismology, . History Science,
. First carried out a comprehensive analysis of methods for the study of recent tectonic movements, . proposed a comprehensive method of studying neotectonics, . examined the ratio of geomorphological and neotectonic (structural) elements on the example of different regions of the world, . proposed the concept of neotectonic stage of development of the crust, . identified a new section of environmental neotectonics,
. Created the first broad synthesis of methodological and regional issues of neotectonics. Author First Review maps neotectonics of the USSR (1950). Under his leadership, and the editorial published the first map of recent tectonics of the USSR (1959). Later published maps of recent tectonics of Europe, . Scandinavia, . territory of Russia and neighboring foreign countries (1977), . South Asia (1981), . Mira (1984) with explanatory notes, . as well as the latest maps of the fault tectonics, . gradients of the latest vertical movements, . tectonic activity in the USSR,
. Closely related to issues of neotectonics develops problem prediction of seismicity. Held seismic zoning of the Crimea (1964), . proposed new principles of seismic zoning of the East European platform (1964), . studied the issues of excited seismicity, . linking them with the problem of environmental protection (1970-1978), . considered the problem of tectonic earthquakes, . their relationship with tektonodinamikoy, . seismotectonics and nonlinear geodynamics (1993),
. In recent years, dealt with issues of origin, . types and classification of tectonic movements, . studied the impulsive motion and relief-the role, . processes glyatsioizostazii, . common problems, . regional and dynamic geomorphology, . questions of genetic classification of landforms, . paleogeography, . Karst, . Speleology,
. Supervised South Kazakhstan expedition MGRI (1954-1957), . tektonodinamicheskimi and seismotectonics works MSU in areas Toktogul, . Inguri, . Rogun (1972-1978), . participated in the research and examination of nuclear power projects, . GES and the major projects in the USSR, . Poland and China,
. In the history of science conducted an analysis of creativity MV Lomonosov, . AD Archangel, . Obruchev, . EV Milanovskii, . GF Mirchina, . Mazarovich, . SS Shultz, . MV Gzovsky, . GP Gorshkov, . H. A. Popov, and others, . and considered the history of ideas in geomorphology, . Engineering Geology, . Neotectonics etc.,

. Gives lectures Regional Engineering Geology
. In MGRI MSU and taught courses in geotectonics, neotectonics, seismotectonics, geomorphology, general geology, military geology, etc.. In 1937, Mr.. first (Joint. with MP Kozonovym and Shantser) developed and conducted academic geological practice in the Bakhchissaray region of Crimea for students MGRI. In 1972. developed an original methodology for geological practice for students of soil science.

Published about 500 scientific papers.

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    Nikolay Nikolay Ivanovich, photo, biography
    Nikolay Nikolay Ivanovich, photo, biography Nikolay Nikolay Ivanovich  Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1937), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1945). Professor (1946). Head of the Department of General Geology, Moscow Mining Academy (, photo, biography
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