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( Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1945). Professor (1961). Zam. Dean of the Faculty of Geology for Science (1964-1972). Professor of Dynamic Geology of the geological department.)

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Biography YAKUSHOVA Alexandra
Born December 25, 1907, Mr.. on the farm Volny Urupinskov village. Graduated from the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute (1932).

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1945). Professor (1961). Deputy. Dean of the Faculty of Geology for Science (1964-1972). Professor of Dynamic Geology of the geological department.

. Scientific secretary of geological and geographical sections of the knowledge society of the RSFSR (1956-1966), member of the Board of propaganda section of earth sciences, environmental management and environmental protection under the rule of the All-Union Society Knowledge (1967-1989)
. Member of the NMS on Higher Education under the Ministry of Higher Education geological USSR (1971-1987). Member of the Academic Councils of natural faculties of Moscow State University (1964-1982), Faculty of Geology (1949-1987), Department of Geology Department of Geology (1970-1993). Member (1970, Academic Secretary in 1970-1980), a specialized council for the defense of doctoral dissertations, a member of a specialized council for the protection of PhD theses (1973-1986) at MSU. Member of the Advisory Board of WAC (1963-1972). Member of the editorial board of Journal of Moscow University. Series of Geology (1964-1987).

She was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1937) for work on the construction of Moscow-Volga Canal, medals for the defense of Moscow, for heroic work in the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945. for participation in the Glavoboronstroya NCB. She was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1961), and a diploma RSFSR Supreme Soviet (1969), and a diploma of the Central Committee of Komsomol (1976), the Order of Lenin medal China Friendship (1956), Ministry of Geology of the USSR Medal for Merit in the exploration of mineral resources (1983), etc.. Awarded the title Honorary Professor of Moscow State University (1993).

. Research Interests: After graduation he worked in the position of district geologist and head of engineering and geological party to the construction of Moscow-Volga Canal (1932-1937), . then directed (1937-1939) a group of engineering-geological surveys under the Kuibyshev hydroelectric, . from 1939,
. July 1941. worked as chief geologist to study the engineering geological conditions at the Gorky (Chkalovsky) hydroelectric. During the Great Patriotic War (July 1941-March 1942) worked as a senior geologist of the expedition-martial construction Glavoboronstroya NGOs in the West and South-Western Fronts, . then led the thematic group of the complex geological and hydraulic engineering of the expedition and was the chief geologist Ponyshskogo Dam on the river,
. Chusovoj (April 1942-end 1945.). For a long time engaged in the study of karst processes, . established pattern of development and importance for hydraulic and industrial construction, . is reflected in a number of publications in scientific journals and monographs Karst and its practical value (1950),
. In 1947-1955 he. participated in complex investigations related to the problem of irrigation and irrigation in dry areas of European USSR. In 1956, Mr.. was sent to China, where she worked as part of the joint Soviet-Chinese expert committee to determine the feasibility of building high-pressure power station on the river. Yangtze and to make recommendations on further geotechnical studies. Since 1957, Mr.. together with colleagues from NIIZarubezhgeologii and VNIIGNI been studying tectonic crustal movements and their reflection in the present relief and the degree of heredity of. Using examples from different parts of the geological structure has been developed a method of structural-geomorphological studies in connection with the search for oil and gas fields in the Caspian, . East Predkavkaz'ya, . between the Volga and Don, . Baltic, . in the western part of the Siberian platform,
. In all cases, various scale structural-geomorphological maps for different genetic types of the plains. The results presented in several articles and monographs in New tectonic south-eastern Baltic syneclise (in co -. with AE Dodonov and G. Namestnikovym, 1976). In 1976-1986. participated actively in the development of interdepartmental scientific topics Geomorphic mapping in surveying the extent. The results of these studies were published in a comprehensive collective monograph Geomorphological mapping for the people's business objectives (1987). Topic of Ph.D. thesis: Karst carbonate rocks on the Russian plain.

. Prepared 10 candidates of science.

. During work on the geological faculty delivered lectures General Geology, General hydrogeology, geomorphology, geology with the fundamentals of geomorphology, special courses on exogenous processes (Karst and weathering).

. She has published over 100 scientific papers
. Independently and in collaboration with other scientists of the faculty wrote a number of textbooks and teaching aids, for which students are taught geology, soil and geographical specialties Russian universities and institutes in t.ch. General Geology (co-author. S. Gorshkov, 1957; ed. in English., Fran. and Spanish. lang.), Dynamic Geology (1970), Geology and geomorphology of the elements (1972, ed. in English. lang.), General geology students geological specialties (al. VE Khain, and VI Slavin, 1988), Principles of Geology (co-author. NV Koronovskii, 1991).

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YAKUSHOVA Alexandra, photo, biography
YAKUSHOVA Alexandra, photo, biography YAKUSHOVA Alexandra  Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1945). Professor (1961). Zam. Dean of the Faculty of Geology for Science (1964-1972). Professor of Dynamic Geology of the geological department., photo, biography
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