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Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell)

( Actor)

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Biography Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell)
photo Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell)
Kurt Russell was born March 17, 1951 in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. His father, Bing Russell, was a professional baseball player. As a teenager, Kurt Russell also played for the 'California Angels', but the gap shoulder muscle that occurred in 1973, put an end to this hobby.

. Little Kurt almost grown on set, making his debut at 11 years in the television series "Our Man Higgins"
. After that he became a 'regular kid' "in Disney films, entered into a ten-year contract with a lad.

. Funny that on the set of comedy 'It happened at the World Fair' (1963), he played the 'boy who drives the Elvis Presley', and years later played the role of the King of Rock 'n' roll in the movie John Carpenter's 'Elvis' "(1979) .

. In 1967
. during the filming of the musical comedy 'The only original family band' he first saw the 22-year-old actress Goldie Hawn (Kurt was barely 16 years old) - many years later (in 1983) they constitute one of the few perfectly faithful Hollywood couples,
. Film, which eventually will connect their hearts, will be retro-Jonathan Demme's melodrama 'Changing partners in the rhythm of Swing' (1984). They live in seclusion in a large country residence area of 72 acres and raise two sons - Boston (from his first marriage to actress Russell Sizen Khabl) and Uaytta (named in honor of the legendary sheriff of a Wild West Uaytta Erpa, . whose role is played by Kurt Russell in 1994,
. in Western George Kosmatosa 'Tombstone').

Growing Russell actor and a human took place mainly in numerous television series. Movie star Kurt made fateful meeting with John Carpenter, who, after a television 'Elvis' offered him a major role in the brutal dystopian fiction 'Escape from New York' (1980). A rebel from the not too distant post-apocalyptic future by the name of Pliska, nicknamed The Serpent, entered the pantheon of religious figures in world cinema. Incidentally, in the long awaited sequel, released only in 1996. 'Escape from Los Angeles' Russell has made not only performers, but also a producer, and screenwriter. 'Escape from New York' successfully blended into the brutal low-budget fashion line-paced action movies, beginning with the Australian 'Mad Max'.

. A gifted artist Carpenter, not disadvantaged own original style, decided to go the beaten (this time 'foreign') path, and in his next project 'Something' (1982) again with Russell in the role of a courageous superhero, starring
. The next joint project of Carpenter - Russell's 'Big Trouble in Little China' (1986) proved to be more ironic. Criticism, admired sometimes shocking naturalism previous tapes tandem, took 'commotion' in arms, not wanting to take Russell's character in the new relief-frivolous roles.

. In Kurt's filmography, there are comedies, like 'man overboard' in 1987, where he again played with his beloved wife, Goldie, and social dramas, for example, based on real events "Silkwood" (1983, nominated for a Golden Globe) Mike Nichols.

. But in an action movie where the action to see Russell habitual
. Most directors use different outstanding talent of Kurt reincarnate in strong spiritually and physically heroes militants. In 'Nasty season' (1984) Philip Borsosa he got the role of a brave reporter criminal chronicles vstrevayuschego in an unpleasant 'mokrushnuyu' history. Ron Howard in the thriller "Backdraft" (1991) he played the valiant firefighters, not only saved from the fire the property of peaceful citizens, but also incriminating cleverly conceived crime maniac single. (Played, incidentally, very reliable - not in vain in the period predsemochny Russell almost spent the night in the Chicago fire platoon).

. In virtuoso psihotrillere Jonathan Kaplan's 'illegal invasion' (1992) the hero Russell saved his family from the maniac in police uniform
. Unique case - the most impregnable of all screen Kostolomov Steven Seagal died within the first 15 minutes of the film 'The decision to eliminate' (1996), . but Kurt Russell (Blockbuster Entertainment Awards) remained unhurt, . struggling with evil until the final credits.,

. Finally, . only prone to experience the exquisite psychological vignette of Andrei Konchalovsky's a rough genre militants associated with the names of Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell - in the movie "Tango and Cash" (1989) Kurt replaced retired from the project of Patrick Swayze.,

. In the second half of the 90 Russell starred in the movies less often, preferring not to experiment with image, and work has already mastered Role
. For example, a fantastic action movie, Paul Anderson's 'Soldier' (1998) was not too successful attempt to repeat the success dilogii Carpenter.

. When a good friend Russell's director Ron Shelton for him wrote the script sports drama 'Daremsky bull', but, at the insistence of producers who took the ultimate Kevin Costner
. And in 2001. Russell and Costner were photographed together in a not very successful (Razzie Awards, nomination) thriller '3000 miles to Greyslenda '

. Winner in the categories: Best Actor - Adventure / Drama
. 1997 - The decision on the Elimination
. / Executive Decision
. Vanilla Sky
. / Vanilla Sky, 2001
. 3000 miles to Greyslenda
. / 3000 Miles To Graceland, 2001
. Soldier
. / Soldier, 1998
. Accident
. / Breakdown, 1997
. Escape from Los Angeles
. / Escape From L
. A., 1996
. The decision to eliminate
. / Executive Decision, 1996
. Stargate
. / Stargate, 1994
. Tombstone
. / Tombstone, 1993
. Captain Ron
. / Captain Ron, 1992
. Illegal invasion
. / Unlawful Entry, 1992
. Backdraft
. / Backdraft, 1991
. Tango and Cash
. / Tango And Cash, 1989
. Tequila Sunrise
. / Tequila Sunrise, 1988
. Overboard
. / Overboard, 1987
. Big Trouble in Little China
. / Big Trouble In Little China, 1986
. Silkwood
. / Silkwood, 1983
. Something
. / Thing, The, 1982
. Escape from New York
. / Escape From New York, 1981
. Elvis
. / Elvis, 1979

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Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell), photo, biography
Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell), photo, biography Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell)  Actor, photo, biography
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