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Andrei Platonov Platonovich

( Writer)

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Biography Andrei Platonov Platonovich
photo Andrei Platonov Platonovich
Andrei Platonov Rakhmanov (1899 - 1951), writer.
Born on August 20 (September 1, NS) in Voronezh, in the family locksmith railway workshops Klimentova. (In 1920 changed his name to the name Klimentov Platonov). He studied at the parish school, then at a local school. As the eldest son already in 15 years began to work to support his family.

Worked "in many places, many owners, then the locomotive repair works. He studied at the Polytechnic rail.

The October Revolution radically changes the whole life Platonova, for him, working people, hard Its goal is life and their place in it, comes a new era. Collaborates in the offices of various newspapers and magazines Voronezh, serves as a writer, reviewer, tries himself in prose, wrote poetry.

In 1919 participated in the civil war in the Red Army. After the war, returned to Voronezh, entered the Polytechnic Institute, which ends in 1926.

. The first book of essays Platonov "electrification" was published in 1921.

. In 1922 he published "second book" Blue depth "- a collection of poems.

. In 1923 - 26 Platonov provincial land improvement works and administer the electrification of agriculture.

. In 1927 he moved to Moscow, in the same year appeared his book "Epifanskie gateways" (collection of short stories), which makes him famous
. The success inspired the writer, and already in 1928 he published two collections of "Prairie Masters" and "Secret Man".

In 1929, publishes the novel "The Origin of the Master" (the first chapter of the novel of the revolution "Chevengur"). The story is a barrage of harsh criticism and attacks, and the writer's next book will be only eight years later.

Since 1928 working in the magazines "Red Virgin Soil," "New World", "October", etc.. Continues to work on new prose works "Excavation", "Juvenile Sea. Try their hand at drama ( "High Voltage", "Pushkin in the Lyceum").

. In 1937 was published a book of short stories "The River Potudan.

. Since the beginning of World War II was evacuated to Ufa, it issued a compilation of war stories "Under the sky country.

. In 1942 goes to the front as a special correspondent of the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda.

. In 1946 demobilized and returns to the literary work
. Published three prose collection "Tales of the Motherland", "Armor", "Towards the Sunset". In the same year, wrote one of his most famous stories "The Return". However, the emergence of "New World" "Families Ivanov" was met with extreme hostility, the story was declared the "defamatory". Platonov stopped printing.

At the end of 1940, deprived of opportunities to earn a living by literary work, the writer turned to paraphrases of Russian and Bashkir fairy tales, which he took some children's magazines. Despite rampant poverty, the writer continued to work.

After his death left a large manuscript heritage, among which shook all the novels "Pit" and "Chevengur". A. Platonov, died Jan. 5, 1951 in Moscow.

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Platonov (cf.. Pham. Klimentov) Andrew Rakhmanov (1899, Voronezh - 1951, Moscow) - writer. Genus. Domestic locksmith. At age 13, after Church and the parish and the city of Uch-u, began working as "boy" by an insurance company in the foundry, etc.. At the same time cooperated in a number of newspapers as a poet, essayist, critic. Participated in the Civil War as a war correspondent. In 1924 he graduated from Polytechnic and worked in land improvement and electrician. In 1921 his first book publicist. "Electrification", in 1922 - Prince. poems "deep blue"; in 1927 - sat. stories "Epifanskie gateways", which brought him fame. Platonov moved to Moscow, became a professional writer. His prose ( "City Grad", "casting doubt Makar, etc.) resulted in the rejection of criticism. Platonov rarely published. Tale of "Excavation", "Juvenile sea," the novel "Chevengur" could see light only in the late 80-ies. and received worldwide recognition. From 1942 until the end of World War II served as a war correspondent in the army. In 1947, subjected to charges of creating a "defamatory" story "Family Ivanova". Despite the arrest of his son, Platonov was not repressed, and died at home.

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Andrei Platonov Platonovich, photo, biography
Andrei Platonov Platonovich, photo, biography Andrei Platonov Platonovich  Writer, photo, biography
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