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LANGUAGES Nikolai Mikhailovich

( Poet)

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Biography LANGUAGES Nikolai Mikhailovich
photo LANGUAGES Nikolai Mikhailovich
Languages Nikolai Mikhailovich (1803 - 1846), poet. Born March 4 (16 NS) in the Siberian province to the rich landlord family. Received a good education at home, which enabled him to 11 years of successful study in the Mountain Cadet Corps and then at the Institute of Railway Engineers in St. Petersburg (1814-20). During these years, wrote many poems.

For continuing education is going to Dorpat, where for seven years studying at the Philosophical Faculty of the University (1822-29). In the perfectly learned the German language, acquired deep knowledge of history, political economy. During visits to St. Petersburg met first with Delwig Ryleev and, later Pushkin. Poems Yazykova published in various magazines and newspapers. The years spent in Dorpat, - the most fruitful period of his work. He quickly gained a reputation as an original poet, spokesman of the views of the best young nobleman. There was widespread use of his student's song "ranks, we are looking for is not on all fours," "Heart - on the altar of freedom", "Our mind - not a slave of others' minds," etc., Elegies Liberty proud inspiration! "," More silent terror of the people .. . ".

In the summer of 1826, at the invitation of Pushkin, Languages attends Mikhailovskoye. This meeting is reflected in the beautiful verse: "Evening", "Trigorskoye," two letters "K P.A. Osipova ".

Of the country, a country far away,
With mother Volga wide
For the sake of sweet labor
For the sake of freedom high
We have gathered here.
We remember the hills, valleys remember,
Our churches, our villages,
And at the edge, the edge of a strange
We feast feast gay
And for the home we drink.
The beneficial power
From our German friends
Frank wine
Noisy, fiery and sweet
We walk at the same time
. And hopefully wonderful
. We are glass, and the full,
. Nasha Russia - whether it
. The first kingdom in the heavenly places,
. And happy and strong!
. 1827

. In 1829 Languages leaves Dorpat due to severe illness and moved to Moscow where he met Kireevsky, Aksakov, Baratynsky and other writers, is included in their circle
. After the defeat of the Decembrists changing the tone of his poems, of which leaves the combat pathos. After the poem "The Swimmer" ( "our sea shy ...", 1829), full of courage and cheerfulness, he joined the condemnation of the past (" Hey! ", 1831), and at the end of life even to an attack on Chaadaeva Herzen (" By Nenashev, 1844)

. Unsociable our sea,
. Day and night the noise of it;
. In the vastness of his fatal
. Many ills buried.

. Bravely, brothers! Wind full
. I sent my sail:
. Fly on the slippery waves
. Swift boat!

. The clouds run over the sea,
. There is a growing wind, swell black
. There will be a storm: we want to bet
. And pomuzhestvuem with it.

. Bravely, brothers! Cloud will break,
. Gromada boil water
. Above the shaft angry arise,
. Deeper abyss fall!

. There, beyond the distant tempest;
. There is a blessed country:
. Do not darken the sky vaults,
. There is silence.

. But there render the wave
. Only a strong soul!.
Boldly, brothers, full storm
Straight and strong in my sail!


In 1831 he joined the Land Survey Office, but in 1833 resigned. In 1838 as a result of the sharp deterioration in health is going to be treated abroad. Returned in 1843 and lives in Moscow. Publication comes out of his two collections of poetry (1844.1845).

December 26, 1846 (January 7, 1847 NS) NS Language died.

Used materials kn.: Russian writers and poets. Brief Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 2000

. Sea shine, hum, strikes,
. And the land is shocked;
. That glass wall
. On the rocks split,
. That run through krutoyary
. Abounding in Niagara
. The width and depth!

. Won swimmer! Its shores of
. Riptide claimed;
. In the blue twilight vodobega
. He rest a paddle ..
In vain! turbulent rapids
He is not strong push;
Far from it into the abyss
Throw a stone steepness!

Peaceful death obedient,
Removed it his oar;
He lowered his indifference
Desperate man;
He looked calm eye ..
. And to the depths of the waves and rocks
. Fatal to its flow
. Waterfall him sped.

. Sea shine, hum, strikes,
. And the land is shocked;
. That glass wall
. On the rocks split,
. That run through krutoyary
. Abounding in Niagara
. The width and depth!

. 1830

. Elegy
. I saw a servile Russia:
. Before the sacred altar
. Booming tsepmi, bowing his neck,
. She prayed for the king.

. 1824

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LANGUAGES Nikolai Mikhailovich, photo, biography
LANGUAGES Nikolai Mikhailovich, photo, biography LANGUAGES Nikolai Mikhailovich  Poet, photo, biography
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