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More grief Andriy

( Prince)

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Biography More grief Andriy
Andriy more grief (knee 18) from the family of the Moscow Grand. kn. Son of Basil II and Prince Dark Vasilyevich. Mary maloyaroslavskoy Yaroslavna. Genus. in August. 1446. Kn. Uglich and Zvenigorodsky in 1462-1492 he.

Wife: on May 27, 1470, Mr.. daughter of Prince. Mezetskogo Roman Andreevich, Prince. Helen (+ 1483)

+ October 7. 1494 g.


In 1479 Andrew and his brother Boris, unable to bear the harassment of the elder brother of Ivan III, decided to arms to defend their rights. They tied secret relations with Novgorod and Lithuania. In early 1480, joining their regiments, the brothers moved to Rzhev through the Tver region. Grand Duke sent to the nobleman to persuade him not to start feuds, but the brothers did not listen, and with a 20-strong army went to Novgorod. Just at this time, waiting for the invasion Akhmat with all the Horde force. Ivan III was in a difficult and dangerous situation. He was sent to persuade the brothers bishop Vassian Rostov. Tom managed to reconcile them, and the brothers sent to Moscow for talks boyars. But, without waiting for their completion, moved here in Luke, and began a negotiation with the Casimir Lithuanian.

Casimir no hurry to help. Meanwhile, Ivan III invited Andrew Kaluga and Aleksin for the fact that he may go from Boris. Andrew did not agree. Negotiations stalled. The brothers traveled to Pskov to ask for help against the Grand Duke. Pskov denied. Then Andrew and Boris got angry and told to empty the Pskov district. These people, according to the chronicler, had fought all as infidels, churches looted, women and girls poskvernili, in-house left no chicken. Pskov, to get rid of the scourge, the brothers have paid 200 rubles. Meanwhile it became known that Moscow is Ahmad Khan. Andrew and Boris took heart, sent to speak to Ivan: "If fixed, no longer oppress us going, and keep us become like brothers, we will come to your aid". Ivan promised to fulfill all their requirements, and the brothers came with his army to Ugra, where the Russian defense against the Tatars had. Andrew received Mozhaisk, that is a significant part vymorochennogo inheritance of his brother, Yuri.

In 1484, Mr., an ode to my mother's death Andrew, who loved him more than all his sons and defend it always the senior brother. After that, Andrew has always stayed in great fear, waiting for Ivan to any trick. In 1492, Ivan, upon learning that his ally,. Crimean Khan Mengli Giray, go Tatars from the east, sent his regiments to him 'for help and told the brothers to send its governor. Boris sent his regiments with grand, but Andrew did not send. That was in May and September Andrew arrived in Moscow and was adopted by his elder brother is very honorable and kindly. The next day the ambassador came to him with an invitation to dinner at the Grand Duke. Andrew went immediately to hit my forehead (that is, to thank) for the honor. Ivan took him in a room called a trap, sat with him, talked a bit and went into another room, povalushku, orders to wait for Andrew and his boyars to go to the dining room Gridnev. But as soon entered there, all were captured and separated in different places. At the same time in the trap to Prince Andrew entered Semen Ryapolovsky with many other princes and boyars, and, . tears, . could hardly utter Andrew: "Sovereign Prince Andrey! Caught you by God so sovereign Grand Prince Ivan Vasilyevich and All Russia, . your elder brother ",
. Andrew got up and replied: "Wohlen May God Emperor, my elder brother, Grand Prince Ivan, and the court me with him to continue to God, that takes me innocently". From the first hour of the day until the evening Andrew was sitting in the palace, then brought him to the state-owned yard and placed a guard of the many princes and boyars. At the same time sent to Uglich grab Andreevs sons, Ivan and Dmitri, who was put in the glands in Pereslavl; daughters do not touch. Despite requests from the clergy, Ivan has not released his brother. Andrew and died in custody.

Buried in Moscow, in the Archangel Cathedral.

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Andriy Shevchenko
Andriy Shevchenko

More grief Andriy, photo, biography
More grief Andriy, photo, biography More grief Andriy  Prince, photo, biography
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