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Boris Konstantinovich

( Prince)

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Biography Boris Konstantinovich
Boris Konstantinovich (count. 14)

From the kind of Suzdal and Nizhny Novgorod led. kn. The son of Konstantin Vasilyevich. Kn. Gorodnensky in 1355 - 1393 he. Conducted. kn. Nizhny Novgorod in 1383 - 1387, 1393. J.: in 1354 the daughter of Grand. kn. Lithuania Olgerd, led. kn. Agrippina + 1393). + 12 May 1394, Mr..


In 1365 on the death of his elder brother Andrew, Boris took Nizhny Novgorod, which is followed in seniority to another of his brother - Dmitry. Dmitri, not being himself able to take his brother Lower, sent to ask for help in Moscow. Dmitry Konstantinovich Moscow has sent to the ambassadors with the exhortation to make peace and share the preserve, but Boris did not listen. Moscow then used the other force: Metropolitan Alexei took bishopric of Nizhny Novgorod and Suzdal Gorodetsky from the Lord, and at the same time, the ambassador from Moscow prince came to the Lower St. Sergius, abbot of Radonezh. He called Boris in Moscow and when he did not listen, on the orders of the Metropolitan and Grand Duke of Moscow shut all the churches in the Lower. After this had been sent from Moscow to the shelves to help Dmitry Konstantinovich, and when the latter went up to them and their Ratiu to the bottom, then Boris went to meet him, with a bow and conquest, giving him the captured parish. Dmitry reconciled with him, took his lower, and his brother gave Gorodets

. In 1370 Boris with Nizhegorodian shelves and his nephew, Vasily, . as well as Khan's ambassador Agihozheyu went to war against the Bulgarian prince Asana, he greeted them with a petition and gifts, . They took gifts, . but put on a reign Saltan, . Bakova son,
. In 1377 Mordvinians unexpectedly sailed down the Volga in Nizhny Novgorod principality and robbed him. Boris ran after him and defeated Mordovians river drunk: some drowned, others were beaten. Not satisfied with this, in winter, despite the terrible cold, Boris went to the army in Nizhny Novgorod and Mordovia land "created it is empty". With him was the Muscovite army led by the voivod Sviblom.

In 1383 he died Dmitry Konstantinovich. Khan Tokhtamysh gave the label to the lower of the old days Boris, but his nephews, sons Dimitri, armed against his uncle and with the help of Dmitry Donskoy forced him to the assignment of the lower one (in 1387). Boris had gone to his Gorodets, nephews predicted that they would cry from their enemies.

After the death of Don, Boris went to the Horde and asked to borrow a label at the Nizhny Novgorod principality. But the young son of Don, Basil, 1 in 1393 went to Tokhtamysh and bought a label at the Nizhny Novgorod principality. Hearing about the designs Vasilyev, Boris called to him his boyars, and began to tell them: "Gentlemen and Brothers, boyars, and my friends remember his cross kiss me, remember how you swore to me". Senior boyar he was Vasily blush, which the prince replied: "Do not worry, Mr. Prince!" All of us are true and you are ready to lay down their heads for you and the blood shed ". So he said to his prince, yet referred to Vasily, promising to extradite Boris.

On the way back from the Horde, drive to Kolomna, Basil sent to the Lower Tohtamysheva ambassador with his boyars. Boris at first did not want to let them into the city, . but the blush was talking to him: "Mr. Prince! Ambassador Khan's' and the boyars of Moscow and then come here, . the world to drink and love to adopt eternal, . and you yourself want to lift curses and Men, let them into the city, that they can do for you? We are all with you ",
. But as soon as the ambassador and the nobles entered the city, they were ordered to ring the bells, assembled the people told him that belongs to the Lower Prince of Moscow. Boris, hearing this, sent for the nobles and began to say to them: "Gentlemen and my brothers, my dear squad, remember kissing the cross, do not give me my enemies". To this he answered the same blush: "Mr. Prince: Do not hope for us, we are no longer yours and not with you and against you".

Boris was captured. A little later came to Lower Basil I, planted here his deputies, and Prince Boris and his wife, children and well-wishers ordered to breed in bondage to various cities and to keep a strong guard. On the same label except the Lower Basil acquired Gorodets, Moore, and Meschera Tarusa.

Buried in Suzdal, in the Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral.

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Boris Konstantinovich, photo, biography
Boris Konstantinovich, photo, biography Boris Konstantinovich  Prince, photo, biography
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