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VASILKOV Rostislavich

( From the kind Peremyshl'skii and Gapitskih princes)

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Biography VASILKOV Rostislavich
Of the genus Peremyshl'skii and Gapitskih kn. Son of Rostislav Vladimirovich. Genus. app. 1062 g. Kn. Terebovl in 1085 - 1124 he.

+ 1124 g.

* * *

In 1097 Vasilko went to the prince's Congress in Ljubech, near Kiev. The Congress secured him Terebovlya, but for his brother Valadar - Przemysl. However, Prince Davyd I. Vasilko slandered before the Prince of Kiev Svyatopolk Izyaslavich. At the end of the Congress, November 4, Vasilko received from Svjatopolka invitation to the birthday party. Vasilko went to Kiev. Along the way he met a young man, who told him: "Do not go, the prince, you want to grab". But Vasilko not believe him, reasoning: "As it wants to catch me?" After all, only that we swore on the cross, that we will, one after another? " And so deciding, came with a small retinue of prince's court. Here Vasilko locked up, shackled by the double shackles and put him imprisoned for the night. The next night he was moved from Kiev to Belgorod, and taken to a small hut. Sitting there, I saw Vasilko Prince's servant, tochivshego knife, and realized that they want him to dazzle. Then he burst into tears and began to pray to God. Soon came sent Svyatopolk and Davydov Snovida Izechevich, groom Svyatopolk, and Dmitry Davydov groom, and. have spread a carpet. Spreading the carpet, they grabbed Vasilko and wanted him to pull out, but he resisted them strongly, so that they could not cope with it. The noise ran to the other servants, and, acting together, knocked Vasilko and tied. Then both grooms board removed from the stove, putting the prisoner on his chest and sat on both sides. But now they could not keep Vasilko. Came up the other two, took off the other day with the stove and sat down, crushing his shoulders, so that the chest crunched. He went Torchin named Berend with a knife in his hands, and struck Vasilko, took out his eyes. Then he struck a second time and took second. Vasilko lay at the time, like a corpse. And lifting it on the carpet, loaded on a cart and the corpse was taken to Vladimir. Here Davyd I. imprisoned captive at Vaneeva yard and put 30 people watch him.

In the spring of 1098 Volodar besieged Davyd Igorevich in Buzhske. Davyd let Vasilko and Rostislavich reconciled with him. But in the spring Vasilko with Valadar went against Davyd to Vladimir. Vladimirec issued Rostislavich Davydoffs headphones, are specified in front of him Vasilko. The brothers made peace for the second time, and headphone Davydoffs executed.

Autumn 1099 Svyatopolk made peace with Rostislavich, kissed them cross. After he started the war with Davyd and drove him from Vladimir, was once again plotting against Volodar cornflowers and as anxious to recover the entire parish of the deceased brother. Volodar cornflowers and went to meet him, and met the two armies in the field of Rozhnov. Vasilko then lifted up his cross and Svyatopolk said: "He kissed you, when he swore me in love. And then taken away my eyes. But now you want to take more and my soul. Yes, this will be a cross between Us ". Shelves come together, and began a bitter battle. Soon Sviatopolk ran, Rostislavich drove him to the very limits of their parish.

In 1121 Vasilko gave his treasury to the Poles, to redeem from captivity Volodar.

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VASILKOV Rostislavich, photo, biography
VASILKOV Rostislavich, photo, biography VASILKOV Rostislavich  From the kind Peremyshl'skii and Gapitskih princes, photo, biography
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