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GLEB Rostislavich

( Prince of Ryazan)

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Biography GLEB Rostislavich
Gleb Rostislavich (? - 1177) - Prince ryaz., Son of Grand. kn.ryaz. Rostislav Yaroslavich. After the death (1145) of his uncle, Moore, Prince. Svitmlava Rostislavich was sent by his father from Murom to reign in Ryazan. In 1146, Mr.. driven out with his father and his sons, Yuri Dolgoruky, Rostislav and Andrei Bogoliubsky. In 1159, Mr.. returned to directing body of Ryazan. holdings. With the permission of Bogolyubsky, took into their possession (1169) expelled from everywhere Dorogobuzh. kn. Vladimir Mstislavovitch. After the death of Andrei Bogolyubsky (1174) held the side of his nephews, his shurev Yaropolk and Mstislav Rostislav aimed at people in the Vlad. and growth. table. These shuryam in 1175, Mr.. appropriated many vlad. jewelry, namely: Vyshgorod. icon of the Virgin and the sword of St.. Boris. In 1176, under threat of siege led Ryazan. kn. Vlad. Mikhail of Vladimir, restored all vlad. jewelry. After the death Mihalka (1177), urged by his brother-Mstislav, went to Vsevolod the Big Nest, sitting on the lead. desk in Vladimir, Moscow burned, robbed Bogoljubovo, but was defeated on the river. Koloksha, y Pruskovoy mountains, and taken prisoner, thrown into prison in Vladimir, has not taken liberty with the condition to retire in the South. Russia and died a few days.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

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GLEB Rostislavich (knee 9)

From the kind of Ryazan kn. Son of Rostislav Yaroslavich. Kn. Ryazan in 1145 - 1178 he.

Wife: daughter of Rostislav Yurevich (+ 1179).

+ 30 June 1178, Mr..

* * *

In 1175, after the death of Andrei Yurevich Bogolubsky, Hleb has helped establish a government in Vladimir his shuryam Rostislavich. After their expulsion in 1176 he first made peace with Mikhail Yurevich, but then, urged Mstislav Rostislavich, came to Moscow and the whole town Pozega. Vsevolod the Big Nest moved against Ryazan. But while he waited for Hleb at Kolomna, he approached the other way, Vladimir, and sacked the cathedral church of the Assumption, Pozega other churches, the village of noblemen and women, children and all property given to the board (in production) Polovtsy. Vsevolod immediately went back to his parish and met Gleb River Kolakshe; a month were enemies without action on both sides of the river, finally got into a fight, and Vsevolod won. Mstislav Rostislavich first fled, and ran after him and Gleb. But Vladimirec overtook both of them were captured and son Glebov, Roman, and the whole squad, Ryazan. Wife Glebova and Mstislav Rostislavich Smolensky, his son, began to plead for his release from prison. Vsevolod Third agree to let Hleb, but only on condition that he refused to Ryazan and went to live in southern Russia. But Hleb does not agree to these terms. "Better to die in prison - he said - and not go into exile in Russia". The case dragged on for two years, and Gleb really died in prison in Vladimir.

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GLEB Rostislavich, photo, biography
GLEB Rostislavich, photo, biography GLEB Rostislavich  Prince of Ryazan, photo, biography
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