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Izyaslav II Mstislavich

( From the kind of Rurik)

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Biography Izyaslav II Mstislavich
From the kind of Rurik. Progenitor Volodymyr Volynskyy son of Grand Duke Mstislav I Vladimirovich and the Swedish queen Christina Ingovny. Genus. in 1096, Mr.. Kn. Kursk and the 1125 - 1129 he. Kn. Polotskny in 1129 - 1132 he. Kn. Perei in 1132, 1142 - 1146 he. Kn. Turovsky in 1132 - 1134. Kn. Vladimir-Volyn in 1135 - 1141, 1149 - 1151. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1146 - 1149, 1151 - 1154 he.

1) unknown (+ 1152);
2) Lithuanian book.;
3) since 1154 Mr. Georgian Prince.

+ 13 November 1154, Mr..

* * *

In 1127 Mstislav gave Izyaslav his regiment that he led it against Polotsk residents to Lagozhsku. All the princes Mstislav appointed day in which they were to attack a specified place for them. But Izyaslav beat one whole brotherhood and approached Lagozhsku. In-law of his, . Bryachislav, . Prince Iziaslav, . conducted at this time lagozhskuyu squad to help his father, Davyd, . sitting in Polotsk, . but, . learning halfway, . that Izyaslav City, . so frightened, . I did not know, . What, . where to go, . and went straight into the hands of a brother -, . which passed and lagozhskuyu squad,
. Lagozhane, seeing their hands in Izyaslav, surrendered to him. After spending two days here, Izyaslav went to his uncles Vyacheslav and Andrew, who was besieged Izjaslavl. In 1129 Mstislav Polotsk princes sent to Constantinople, and the parish gave them Izyaslav. In the ISO, together with his brother Vsevolod of Novgorod Izyaslav went to Chud.

In 1132, after the death of Mstislav Vladimirovich, for the great reign of his brother sat Yaropolk. He gave Pereyaslavl Izyaslav, against the wishes of his younger brothers Yuri Dolgoruky and Andrew. Offended brothers ganged up on Yaropolk and Polochans drove away his nephew Svjatopolka. Yaropolk Then, seeing that the principality of Polotsk, left Izyaslav brave, who could always get people's love, departs from Monomakhovo kind, settled with his brothers: translated Izyaslav. against his will back in Minsk, a single parish, the remainder have Monomakh of Polotsk principality, then, to comfort him, gave him another Turov and Pinsk, and gave him many rich gifts, and his brother Vyacheslav from Turov transferred to Pereyaslavl.

Thus, for a short time, all the princes were satisfied. But in 1134, Vyacheslav throw Pereyaslavl went to Turov, and drove away Izyaslav and sat down in his place. Yaropolk wanted to give Izyaslav Rostov, but was no longer able to reconcile the brotherhood: the enmity between uncles and nephews flared. Izyaslav twice exiled, decided not to wait more than any new transactions between uncles, and then give it to the concepts of the court of God, that is to end its weapons. He left in 1135 in Novgorod to his brother Vsevolod, and persuaded him to go to Novgorod region on the Jury. Novgorodians were made in the campaign, came to Dubna, but here the adversaries Vsevolod collected Chamber and decided to go back. Izyaslav remained in Voloka-Lamskom and learning that Vsevolod II of Kiev Chernigov started the war with Yaropolk, went to Chernigov to fight against his uncle. Yaropolk, without waiting for the bloodshed, gave Izyaslav Vladimir Volynsky.

In 1139, after the death of Yaropolk, in Kiev, sat by his brother Vyacheslav, but Vsevolod II of Kiev had turned against him, and sent Izyaslav. say: "After your father Kiev belongs to you, . But your uncle will not let you sit in it, . knowest, . that before you drove everywhere, . and if not I, . is no parish you have not got, . so now I want to take Kiev, . and you'll keep as siblings, . and after my death I will give thee Kiev, . Once you nesoedinyaytes with his uncles against me ",
. Izyaslav agreed, and the princes have approved a contract with a kiss Cross. Thus, Vsevolod, agreeing with Izyaslav, drove Vyacheslav of Kiev and sat down at a great reign. But soon the princes quarreled. Then went to Vsevolod Pereyaslavl forgiving Andrei Vladimirovich, and to Vladimir Volhynia sent his cousin Izyaslav Davydovich. He fought Turovsky and Volyn regions, but this case was limited. In 1142 Izyaslav Davidovich and his brother wanted to expel from Pereyaslavl Vyacheslav Vladimirovich. . Izyaslav Mstislavich heard about this, hastened to go to Pereyaslavl and broke Davidovich. From there he went to Chernihiv district and village fought on the Desna. In the same year gave Vyacheslav Pereyaslavl Izyaslav, while he went to Turow.

In 1144 Iziaslav II of Kiev Vsevolod II of Kiev, along with walking on Vladimirka Volodarovicha Galitsky. In 1145 Vsevolod II of Kiev, feeling the approach of death, declared his successor to the throne of Kiev's brother Igor. Izyaslav initially opposed this, but then reluctant to kiss the cross, Igor.

But hardly Vsevolod II of Kiev died in 1146, sent to tell Kievites Izyaslav Mstislavich in Pereyaslavl: "Come, Prince, to us, we want you". Izyaslav accepted an invitation, . gathered his fighting men, and went out Pereyaslavl, when he crossed the Dnieper at Zaruba, . it stuck to him all the frontier population - black hoods and all residents of border towns along the river Ros (all pigs), sent to speak: "You are our Prince, . Olegoviches not want ",
. Izyaslav gathered all his forces in the steppes, . Christians and pagans, . and said to them: "Brethren, Vsevolod I thought the truth elder brother, . because the older brother and my son as a father, and with these as my God and the power to govern the Cross, or put his head in front of you, . a'll get a table grandfather and father ",
. With these words he moved to Kiev. First Kyiv boyars sent Izyaslav say: "Go, Prince, we had agreed with Kyivers; cast banner Olgovich flee with his regiment in Kiev". And in fact, the battle has barely begun, Kiev residents have cast their banners and fled the city, and squad Igo-roaring crushed shelves Izyaslav.

Izyaslav with great glory and honor drove in Kiev, many people came out to meet him; abbots with monks and priests from all over Kiev welcomed him, and he traveled to St.. Sophia, the Virgin bowed and sat down on the table his father and grandfather. Igor Olgovich Izyaslav imprisoned in Pereyaslavl Ivanovo Monastery. In Pereyaslavl Izyaslav planted son Mstislav, and uncle, Slava, who at first promised to give Kiev, gave nothing, and even took away Turow. But there was Sviatoslav II of Kiev Seversky, brother captive Igor. It was hard to expect that he lay down their arms before the release of Igor. Chernigov Davidovich sent Izyaslav say that they are ready to go with him against Olgovich, and he hastened to take the help of these unexpected allies.

All summer Davidovich devastated Seversk parish, but could not take a single town. Izyaslav led Kiev shelves to Putivl. Putivltsy tightly fought with Chernigov, but Izyaslav sent with a bow. Izyaslav deduced from them and put the former mayor of his. Learning about the fall Putivel, Svyatoslav threw Novgorod Seversky, and ran the ground Vyatichi. Izyaslav chased him until Koracheva here Davidovich said: "What you would like townships, those I got you: here you Novgorod Seversky, and all Svyatoslav parish". Uryadov thus Iziaslav back to Kiev. In the spring of 1147 Svyatoslav II of Kiev, getting help from Uncle Izyaslavova Yuri Dolgoruky, drove Izyaslav Davydovich of Novgorod Seversky. Davidovich sent Izyaslav Mstislavich say: "Brother! Sviatoslav II of Kiev took our parish Vyatichi; go at him when he was kicked out, then go to the Jury in Suzdal, and either make peace with him, or we will fight". Izyaslav agreed, . but his supporters in the Chernigov managed to warn him: "Prince!" Do not move anywhere in the audience: are you cheating, . want to kill or capture instead of Igor; Davidovich tselovayi Olgovich cross and sent a cross from Yuri: conceived and with him against you ",
. Izyaslav sent messengers to Chernigov and demanded Davydovich again kiss his cross. Those first embarrassed, then admitted that they had indeed already made peace with Sviatoslav Olgovichem.V response Izyaslav ordered them to quit the treaty ratification, which meant a gap of peaceful relations. Izyaslav gathered a large army and marched against Davidovich. Seeing his power, the princes of Chernigov retreated without a fight. Izyaslav was followed, the path taken plundered Vsevolozh. When in other cities have learned that Vsevolozh taken, the inhabitants fled to Chernigov. Empty city Izyaslav ordered to burn. Ransacking the Chernihiv district and took over many people, he retreated to -. Kiev, telling his allies to come to the beginning of winter. In 1148 Izyaslav again gathered all his strength, he took from his uncle's regiment and a regiment of Vladimir, Vyacheslav, called for assistance, a detachment of the Hungarians, joined with Berendeys, crossed the Dnieper and Pozega in Chernigov all their villages. Chernigov prince could no longer bear the destruction of his parish and began to ask the world for Izyaslav. Izyaslav Rostislav conferred with his brother and decided to accept. Davydovich vowed not to take revenge for Igor, do not ruin the Russian land and stand for one with Izyaslav. After the conclusion of the princes of the world gathered at Gorodets Osterskogo and agreed to go to the Jury in the winter to Rostov.

Autumn Izyaslav, leaving his brother Vladimir in Kiev, went to his brother in Rostislav of Smolensk and cheerfully spent time at feasts. From Smolensk Izyaslav with a small entourage went to Novgorod, Novgorod people to call for war against Yuri. Novgorodians collected in the campaign all my parish, with their united the people of Pskov and Karel. Came with their regiments and Rostislav. All the troops joined in the city Konstantinova at the mouth of Big Nerli and, . receiving no news from the Jury, . set fire to his cities and villages and fight on both sides of the Volga, from there went to Uglich and then at the mouth of Mologi and returned to Palm Sunday afternoon with a big booty,

Yuri, gathering all the power, hired Polovtsy and made the hike to his nephew. Izyaslav heard about this, began to collect the shelves. Sent to Chernigov prince recall agreement. But Vladimir Davidovich did not come to him, and Sviatoslav II of Kiev joined up with Yuri. Izyaslav decided to move closer to the Dnieper and Pereyaslavl, under which, and met with shelves Yuri. At dawn on August 23, 1149 the regiments were together, and began slashing evil: first ran porshane (porosskih urban residents), followed by the people of Kiev; Pereyaslavets changed during the battle and went over to the Jury. Meanwhile Izyaslav with warriors seized with Sviatoslav Olegoviches and a half regiment Yuryeva, . passed through them and, . being already behind them, . saw, . that his own shelves run, then he ran himself, . crossed the Dnieper at Kanev and myself was the third in Kiev,
. Yuri moved followed and confronted Michael Monastery. Izyaslav and Rostislav Kyiv asked: "My uncle came, can you fight for us?" And they answered: "Gentlemen, our princes, do not destroy us to the end: our fathers, . brothers, . and the sons of one captured, . others beaten, . and weapons with them removed, . take us in full; go better in his parish, . you know, . we do not get along with George, then see where your banners, . will be ready with you ",
. On hearing this answer, departed Mstislavich: Izyaslav - Vladimir in Volyn, Rostislav - in Smolensk, and their uncle Yuri drove in Kiev.

Arriving at Volyn, Izyaslav tried to negotiate with his uncles George and Vyacheslav, but not succeeded. Yuri besieged Lutsk, stood under it for six weeks, but later reconciled with Izyaslav mediated by Vladimirka Galitsky. Izyaslav lost uncle Kiev, and he returned to him all the tribute Novgorod. Then the princes met at Peresopnitse Viacheslav here had agreed to return to each other all captured after the battle Pereiaslav. But when in 1150 Izyaslav sent Tiunov his boyars and look in Kiev Yuri estates and flocks, the Jury did not return. Izyaslav armed again calling for, as they say, Kyivers. First he attacked Gleb Yurevich, who stood under Peresopnitsey, away from him the city, but did not cause him any harm, just sent to his father. From Peresopnitsy Izyaslav went to the black hoods, who switched sides all with great joy. Jury heard about this, he ran into Gorodets Ostersky, and villages in Kiev, Vyacheslav. But Kiev residents came out to meet Izyaslav large crowd and began screaming that do not want Vyacheslav. Izyaslav rode settled with his uncle and with difficulty persuaded him to go from Kiev to Vyshgorod. But soon word came that the "Yuri in Gorodets agreed Pereyaslavets and Chernigov Davidovich and Sviatoslav II of Kiev. From the west to the rescue Vladimirka Galitsky. Izyaslav went to Vyshgorod, reconciled with Vyacheslav and vowed that from now on will honor him as the father. The old man softened and agreed to return to Kiev. Settle the case with his uncle, Izyaslav went back to Kiev, Kiev, convened and went against Vladimirka. "Who is closer to me on that and go before," - he said. Izyaslav stood at the headwaters of the river Olszanica; archers have begun to skirmish over the river, when Kiev and black hoods, seeing that a lot of Galicia, were frightened and fled, was left with a retinue, Izyaslav also went back to Kiev. Fortunately it Vladimirka could not believe that the army ran contrary is without a battle, thought this cunning and not ordered. his chase Izyaslav, who rode safely to Kiev. Here he found his uncle, Vyacheslav; talk to each other, they sat down together for dinner, when suddenly came the news that George with all the Chernigov prince in Kiev, Kiev, and many went to meet him in the boat. Seeing this, Vyacheslav and Izyaslav said: "It's not our time" - and went from Kiev: Vyacheslav - in Vyshgorod and Izyaslav - in Vladimir. Winter Izyaslav went back to Kiev, where he was called boyars Vyacheslavov, Berend and citizens. Yuri ran across the Dnieper in Gorodets, and Kievites out with joy to meet Izyaslav. Grabbing Yuriev squad, Izyaslav went to St.. Sofia, and thence to Yaroslaviv yard, where he called for lunch Hungarians and Kiev, there was great joy. The next day Izyaslav sent an invitation to go to Uncle Vyacheslav great reign. The old man came and talked with his nephew, that henceforth all will be done together, and the squad will have their obscheyu.

In 1151 both sides were prepared to act decisively and gathered allies. By Yuri at Gorodets came Vladimir Davidovich Sviatoslav II of Kiev and Chernigov Seversky. Another Davidovich - Izyaslav - siding Izyaslav Mstislavovitch, soon came to Kiev and Rostislav Mstislavich with Smolensk regiments. Yuri made a ally -. mi out of town and stood at the mouth of the Dnieper Radun. At this time Izyaslav was cautious and did not give the battle to cross the Dnieper, and because both sides began fighting in the boat from Kiev to the mouth of the Desna. Yuri began to look for another crossing, and finally managed to move the Dnieper at Zaruba and went to meet Vladimirka Galitsky to connect with him. Izyaslav walked and walked literally followed on the heels, at the river Ruta he overtook George and forced him to start the battle. Battle was an extremely bitter. Izyaslav before anyone entered the enemy's regiments, broken spear, was wounded in the arm and thigh and flew off the fallen horse. Finally, Yuri and his allies fled. When the victors returned after a chase on the battlefield, . we saw, . that one of the wounded began to sit up a crowd of pedestrians Kyivers ran up to him and wanted to kill, . Suddenly he said: "I am a prince!" "Well, you-and we must", . - Answered one of Kiev, . thinking, . that Yurievich or II of Kiev, . and began to whip him with a sword on the helmet, then the wounded said: "I Izyaslav, . Count your "- and took off his helmet,
. Kievans knew him and seized with joy on his hands, like a king and his prince, in the words of the chronicler. All the shelves was a great joy when they learned that the prince was alive. Izyaslav was very weak, it came blood. However, having heard that Izyaslav Davidovich weeping over the body of her deceased brother, Vladimir, gathered strength, got on his horse and went there to cry together. With the victory Mstislavich with Uncle Vyacheslav returned to Kiev and began to live very amicably. In the same year Izyaslav with his uncle and brother went to Svyatopolk Pereyaslavl and expelled from the Jury. Yuri shut in Gorodets long resisted, but finally was forced to make peace and go to your Suzdal. In 1152, together with Izyaslav Izyaslav Davidovich Chernigov captured and burned Gorodets Ostersky.

However, there still remained. an implacable enemy - Vladimirka Galitsky. At the end of 1152 Izyaslav sent to the Hungarian king Geuze call him a campaign to Galich. Gejza replied: "I have sat on the horse, and thy son of Mstislav I take with me, and you sit on a horse". Izyaslav once assembled. Retinue, took with him the whole regiment Vyacheslavov, all black hoods, the best Kiev, the whole Russian squad, and went to Galich. For Yaroslavl met Hungarians. Izyaslav ran with all his shelves wade, Hungarians, seeing that the Russian had already ferried, and threw ford, from different sides entered the Galician shelf and put them to flight. Vladimirka fled to Galich and begged for peace. Izyaslav would not be tolerated, but Vladimirka bribed Hungarian nobles, and they persuaded the king. After much debate, agreed that Vladimirka give Izyaslav Buzhsk, Shumsky, Tihoml, Vygoshev and Gnoynitsu. Vladimirka promised to return them Izyaslav, but when the shelves had already left the parish and Galicia Izyaslav sent their Posadnik, they all came back: Vladimirka not let them into any one of the cities.

Next year Izyaslav met again to go against the Galician prince, but the news came that Vladimirka died. Galicki table sat his son Yaroslav Osmomysl. Nevertheless, the war continued. Izyaslav with all its strength appeared to Terebovlya, and here began slashing evil. The enemy fought from noon until evening, when both became ratyah confusion: no one could see who won. Izyaslav drove Galicia, and his brothers fled from them; Izyaslav taken prisoner Galician boyars, and Galicians - izyaslavovyh. Time was no longer in the night, . when the Prince of Kiev, stopped with a small retinue to the place of battle and raised banners of Galicia; Galicians ran to him, . thinking, . that is their, . and were captured, but at night Izyaslav scared: guards had little, . prisoners were more, . than squads, . yet from Terebovlya Jaroslav could attack him, thinking, . . Izyaslav ordered to kill the captives, . Leaving only the best men, . and retreat back to Kiev, . because the brothers and his retinue fled, . no one to continue the campaign,
. Was then a great cry throughout all the land Galitzkarya, says the chronicler. That is the sad march ended activities Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. In 1154, he married a third time at the Georgian princess, Izyaslav buried Svjatopolka brother, and he soon fell ill and died. Buried him in the monastery of St.. Fedor.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

* * *

(cm. genealogical table II)

Parents: Mstislav the Great (1076-1132 +), Christina, the daughter of Swedish King Stenkilsona;

Children: 1. Rusudan (Georgian princess, aunt of Queen Tamara) => no children;

2. ?, Princess Abazanskaya =>

Mstislav (? -1170 +);
Yaropolk (? -1168 +);
Married with 1164g. the daughter of Svyatoslav Olgovich =>
Vasilko (speaking. under 1167g.)
Jaroslav (? -1214 +), Book. Lutsk and buzhsky; =>
Izyaslav (1196 +);
Vsevolod (died after 1209), Prince of Lutsk;
Married with 1166g. on Malfride Yuryevna Turov;
Ingvar (1214 + (speaking. in 1220?)), Prince Dorogobuzhsky =>
Jaroslav (speaking. by 1227);
Izyaslav (1224 +), book. Lutsky;
. Vladimir (1229 +);
. Mstislav Nemy (1226 +), Prince Peresopnytsia, a companion of Prince Rurik Rostislavich on hikes =>
. Ivan (1226 +);
. Daughter (1143);
. Key moments
. Vel.knyaz Kiev (1146-1149), (1150-1150 - less than six months), (1151-1154);
. Note 1
. After the expulsion of Igor Olgovich Izyaslav sat on the throne of his father
. Thus, the senior table moved back to the genus Monomakh, however, moved on to a junior, passing his uncle. Again started feuding, tk. Uncle Izyaslav Yuri Dolgoruky (1090-1157 +) had more rights to the throne and gathered a large force. Izyaslav yielded Yuri Kiev and went to Vladimir-Volyn, where he applied for help to the Polish king Boleslav and the Hungarian king Geuze II.
Note 2
Of Kiev and, above all, the clergy did not accept Yuri. In his place sat a brother Vyacheslav Vladimirovich (again less than six months at 1150g.). But Vyacheslav could not and would not withstand Izyaslav and once again the world gave him the Kiev throne
. Note 3
. Meanwhile, Yuri Dolgoruky with matchmaker Vladimirka Halytskyi large forces once again began to Kiev, . Izyaslav again went to Vladimir-Volyn, . where he became a cook's men against Yuri and as a result of the third (!) happened to be in Kiev for 3 years (1151-1154 +).,

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