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CONSTANTINE Vsevolodich Wise

( Grand Duke of Vladimir)

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Biography CONSTANTINE Vsevolodich Wise
Constantine Vsevolodich Wise (1186 -1218) - led. Prince Vlad., son of Grand. kn. Vlad. Vsevolod the Big Nest. In late. 1190-ies. Pereslavl long reigned in the South, and in 1205 his father sent him to 3 years in Novgorod the Great, and then gave him possession of the Rostov and Yaroslavl and Uglich, another city of Mr.. In 1212 Konstantin Vsevolodich Wise had a quarrel with his father over land. possessions, which he had inherited after the death of the last. Constantine Vsevolodich Wise shall seek after the death of his father's superiority in power over the younger brothers, who also had to get a considerable inheritance in the North-East. Russia. Possessing Vlad. and Growth. township, Konstantin Vsevolodich Wise could dictate to the rest of the holders of. However, Vsevolod the Big Nest did not agree to a request from older son and because he refused to come to Vladimir for the conclusion of 'series' by the will of his father, gave the supreme power in the North-East. Russia 2-mu son - Yuri, leaving Constantine Vsevolodich Wise only its growth. Parish. After the death of his father Constantine Vsevolodich Wise began to gather an army against the Jury that was established in Vladimir. Yuri, hoping for a peaceful outcome of the dispute, suggested Constantine Vsevolodich Wise as his elder brother, to sit in Vladimir, and give him Rostov. However, he refused, t. to. he wanted to sit in Vladimir, Rostov put his son Vasilko, Yuri is left Suzdal. Then offended Yuri with others. brother, Jaroslaw Vsevolodich, moved its troops under the Rostov to make Constantine Vsevolodich Wise fulfill his father's will. But krovoprolit. Battle on the River. Ishna ended in vain. In the struggle waged. reign of Constantine Vsevolodich Wise supported sitting in Novgorod the Great Prince. Mstislav Udatny. The dispute was resolved in the brothers Lipitsk Battle (11816). In this battle Constantine Vsevolodich Wise and Mstislav Udatnyi troops defeated George and Jaroslav. Constantine Vsevolodich Wise went to Vladimir (in Klyazma) and proclaimed himself led. Prince of the North-East. Russia. In his reign in Rostov and Yaroslavl was conducted large pages of. In 1214 in Rostov was created individual bishops.
To use material from the book.:

Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

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Constantine Vsevolodich (knee 10)

From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand. kn. The ancestor of the princes of Rostov. The son of Vsevolod III Big Nest Yurevich and Czech princess Mary Shvarnovny. Genus. May 18, 1186, Mr.. Kn. Novgorod in 1205 - 1207 he. Kn. Rostov in 1207 - 1218 he. Conducted. kn. Vladimir in 1216 - 1218 he.

Wife: from 1196 g. daughter of Prince. Smolensky Mstislav Romanovich the Old, Prince. Agafya (+ Jan. 24. 1220).

+ 2 Feb.. 1218 g.


In 1212 Vsevolod, feeling death approaching, he wanted more in life Uryadov sons. He sent for Constantine, wishing to give him behind Vladimir, and in Rostov to send his second son, Yuri. But Constantine did not agree to such an order, he wanted badly to get Rostov, Vladimir. "Father!" - He ordered to answer Vsevolod. - If you want me to do a senior, then give me the old city of Rostov and start him Vladimir or, if you so wish, give me to him and Vladimir Rostov ". Vsevolod became angry, called boyars, and long thought to them, how to be, then he sent for the Bishop Ivan and the advice of him decided to give precedence youngest son, Yuri. Having made this important order, Vsevolod died April 14, 1212. Shortly after his death among his sons started strife

. Constantine could not bear to take the loss of seniority, according to the chronicler, . He broke fury, . vozdvinul their eyebrows at his brother George and to all Duma members, . that prisovetovali old Vsevolod deprive him of seniority, . and immediately came commotion in Suzdal: crowds of people were running from one side to another,
. For Constantine stood Svyatoslav and Vladimir II. Jaroslav Vsevolodovich the contrary, he kissed the cross, Yuri. Double princes came together, but before the decisive battle did not come. Help for Constantine came unexpectedly. In 1216 Mstislav Udaloi, who fought with Yaroslav Vsevolodovich because of Novgorod, sent to the nobleman Constantine Yavolda, inviting him to an alliance against the brothers. As expected, the princes quickly agreed, Constantine with shelves went to Pereyaslavl and here joined with Mstislav. Junior Vsevolodovich - Yuri, Yaroslav, Vladimir and Svetoslav - joined this time, against Constantine. With them was the whole Suzdal and Murom Regiment. Mstislav tried to start negotiations, but Yuri and Jaroslav answered him boldly. Then he joined the trumpet sound of the night, troops from Konstantinov, who stood on the river Lipice. With him were Smolyan, the people of Pskov and Novgorod. April 21, the battle began, which ended in complete victory Mstislav. Vsevolodovich lost up to 10 thousand people. Yuri ran into one Vladimir, Zamora three horses, and, when Mstislav approaches to the city, without a fight went out. Mstislav reconciled him with Constantine, who has received a great table after this victory, and Yuri gave radicals Gorodets on the Volga

. But poor health Constantine not long reigned in Vladimir, . he felt the approach of death, . saw his sons minors and therefore hastened to make peace with his brother, Yuri, . not to leave it for the last dangerous enemy: as early as next, . 1217, . he summoned the Jury, . gave him Suzdal, . promised and Vladimir on his death, . gave many gifts and forced to kiss the Cross that, . to be a father to his nephews.,

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CONSTANTINE Vsevolodich Wise, photo, biography
CONSTANTINE Vsevolodich Wise, photo, biography CONSTANTINE Vsevolodich Wise  Grand Duke of Vladimir, photo, biography
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