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Oleg of Novgorod

( Prince of Novgorod, Prince of Kiev)

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Biography Oleg of Novgorod
Key moments
. Prince of Novgorod (879-882);
. Prince of Kiev (882-912);

. Rurik's successor, his brother's wife Efandy; guardian minor Igor;

. Three years after the death of Rurik Oleg remains in Novgorod, and is consolidating its position, is directed at the head of team squads of Normans and the northern tribes to the south, along the river through Volkhov-Dnieper
. He conquers encountered on the path of the city and seizing cunning Kiev, is based here, and shifts the joint state in Kiev. This event is attributable to the chronicle of the year 882, traditionally considered the date of formation of Ancient Rus.

Oleg subdued Drevlyane, northerners and Radimichi, destroying the dependence of the Khazars, tributaries of which they were. Strengthen their influence imposition of tribute and planted Posadnik and protect the border from attacks by neighboring nomadic construction of the outlying towns, Oleg goes farther south - in Byzantium

. In 907, Oleg organized a large march to Byzantium and succeeded, . and in 911 in Constantinople sent their ambassadors to approve the contract between the Greeks and the Rus, . essential points of which are: 1) legal proceedings in civil and criminal cases, and 2) crimes against life and bodily integrity, and 3) property crimes: theft and robbery in the act, 4) assistance in case of an accident at sea, . ransom captives, . recruitment of soldiers, 5) the search for slaves, . heritage protection, . the return of escaped criminals,

. Soon after signing the contract Oleg died, . one version of the chronicle - in Kiev (with legends, . which served as Pushkin's story to the poem "The Song of Oleg the Wise"), . on the other - in the north (and is buried in Ladoga), . the third - the sea, . from snake bite,

Appendix 1:
The image of Oleg, the first unifier of Russia, decked out in the annals of legendary features that brings him near to heroes of the national epic chronological dates mixed up, and allocate the actual Oleg almost impossible. Are doing a lot of assumptions about the origin and activities of Oleg. The first issue is solved now in favor of its Norman origin, the second - finds a response in the recognition of an independent prince Oleg, Igor predecessor.

Primary researcher Rusi Parkhomenko, on the basis of documents on Russian-Khazar-Byzantine relations, built the original hypothesis about the activities of Oleg. Scandinavian Viking Oleg and his warriors, . in the early tenth century, . through familiar Normans Novgorod, . his way south, . finds in Kiev alien Hungarian prince Dir, . on the side of a Slav Igor, . restores it to the reign of Kiev and, . securing the marriage to Olga, . relative Oleg, . friendly alliance with the support of Kiev, . sent to the Byzantine campaign,
. After a victorious campaign Oleg grabs Tmutarakan, there is a persistent struggle with hozarami and in alliance with the latter commits a second trip to the Byzantine Empire, this time unsuccessful (campaign, the chronicle attributed to Igor). Not being able to hold on to remnants of squads Tmutarakan, Oleg has made a campaign in Persia, where die.

Appendix 2:
It is widely known legend about the death of Oleg. Allegedly, he asked the wise men, sorcerers, from which he die? And he said, a magician: "To die for you, prince, from a beloved horse on which you always ride". Oleg thought and said: "So do not ever sit on this horse and did not see him". He ordered me to feed him selected grain, but leads to a. Do not touch his horse a few years, until the Greek campaign. Returning to Kiev, Oleg remembered the horse, groom called and asked: "Where is the horse that I put to feed and take care of?" Equerry replied: "He died the same". Then Oleg started to laugh sorcerers and scold him: "These wise men always lie, that the horse was dead, and I am alive, Let's go, I see his bones". When the prince arrived at the place where the horse lay bare bones and a skull, then descended from his horse and stepped on the skull, saying with a laugh: "So from that skull I must die!" But then crept out of the skull and snake bitten in the leg by Oleg. He started to hurt and died ...

... Everyone strives to punish the Magi --
And would not - listen, right?
Oleg would listen - one more shield
Would arrive at the gates Tsaregrada.
Vladimir Vysotsky

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OLEG (mind. 912) - the first historically accurate prince of Kievan Rus. In the chronicle to legend, a relative or voivod Rurik. After the death of the latter became the prince of Novgorod in 879 and had to take care of the juvenile Prince Igor. In 882 stealth captured Kiev, killing ruled there Askold and Dir, making the city the capital ( "matter hail Russian). Conquered many Slavic princes, establishing a permanent tribute to them, successfully fought with the Khazars. In the 907 made a successful campaign in the Byzantine capital Constantinople. Byzantine emperor paid on. a huge ransom and signed a lucrative contract for Russia.

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Oleg of Novgorod, photo, biography
Oleg of Novgorod, photo, biography Oleg of Novgorod  Prince of Novgorod, Prince of Kiev, photo, biography
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