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ROMAN Glebovich

( Grand Prince of Ryazan)

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Biography ROMAN Glebovich
Roman Glebovich (? - 1216) - led. kn. ryaz. son ryaz. kn. Gleb Rastislavicha from marriage with the daughter Pereyaslav. kn. Rostislav Yurevich, unknown by name. New upom. in the Laurentian Chronicle (1177). In early. this year, along with his father was defeated in battle on the river. Koloksha and was captured by Vsevolod the Big Nest. Roman Glebovich been in prison for 2 years. Vsevolod forced him to swear allegiance, and sent Mr. Ryazan. Returning home, became a Roman Glebovich 'uimat parish' from his brothers, carrying. Princes. Those turned for help to Vsevolod, who quickly approached with his army to the Ryazan and broke a guard detachment of Roman Glebovich, who fled to Polovtsy and left in Ryazan, his younger brothers, Igor and Svyatoslav. Shortly Roman Glebovich was forced to make peace with Vsevolod 'all over his will', and the last section (1180) Ryaz. land between Glebovichi by seniority, then Roman Glebovich again sat on the large-Knyazh. table in Ryazan. In 1183, Mr.. walked Vsevolod the Volga, the Bulgars. In 1186, Mr.. in alliance with the brothers took Pronsk, but was soon kicked out led. kn. Vlad., which went against Olegoviches to Chernigov (1196) and against Polovtsy (1205). In 1207, Mr.. two nephews Roman Glebovich, Hleb and Oleg, Vsevolod told about the alleged alliance ryaz. Princes black directed against the North-East. Russia. Vsevolod summoned Roman Glebovich and Svetoslav Glebovich and after their trial concluded in a dungeon, where Roman Glebovich and died.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

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Roman Glebovich (knee X)

From the kind of Ryazan princes. Son Gleb Rostislavich and Duchess Vladimir. Prince of Ryazan in 1178-1207 he.

Wife: daughter of Prince. Chernigov Svyatoslav II Vsevolodovicha.

+ Ca. 1210 g.


In 1178, after Kolakshinskoy battle, Roman was taken prisoner along with his father and was taken to Vladimir. Upon the death of Gleb in prison Roman oath Yurevich Vsevolod III Big Nest and got out of his hands Ryazan Principality. In 1180 the younger brothers Roman and Vladimir Vsevolod complained Vsevolod III, that the novel should be the will of the prince of Kiev and his wife's father Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich and deprives them of parish. Vsevolod immediately made a campaign. The vanguard of Roman, crossed the Oka, was defeated by the vanguard of Vsevolod, part of it was captured, some were drowned in the river. Roman, hearing about this accident, he ran past the Ryazan steppe. Vsevolod took Ryazan without a fight and then reconciled the brothers and gave them parish on their own. New in 1186 between the Ryazan princes began again feud. Roman, Igor and Vladimir armed themselves against the younger - and Vsevolod, Svyatoslav, sitting in Pronsk, came with a large army, began to ravage predgradie and forced open the gates. Vsevolod the Big Nest, who was standing on the side of their younger brothers, was greatly annoyed by this turn of affairs. In 1187 he went to the Ryazan district and terribly devastated her. This campaign has reached its goal - Ryazan princes Vsevolod again recognized by his father, and was given Pronsk Vsevolod Glebovich. In 1207 Roman nephews, Hleb and Oleg, Vsevolod began to speak: "Do not believe the Prince, to our brethren: they conspired against thee in Chernigov tsami". Vsevolod sent incriminate the Ryazan princes. The accused swore that he did not think anything like that, but Prince Vladimir ordered all the same grasp of Roman, Svyatoslav and nephews Ingvar and Yuri Igorevich and sent them to Vladimir, and then to Petra.

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ROMAN Glebovich, photo, biography
ROMAN Glebovich, photo, biography ROMAN Glebovich  Grand Prince of Ryazan, photo, biography
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