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ROMAN Rostislavich

( Prince of Smolensk and the Grand Prince of Kiev)

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Biography ROMAN Rostislavich
Roman Rostislavich (? - 1180) - Prince of Smolensk and led. Prince of Kiev, son of Grand. Kiev. kn. Rostislav Mstislavovitch. New upom. in Hypation Chronicle (1148) in connection with his marriage to the daughter novg.-Seversky. kn. Svyatoslav Olgovich Mary. As well, helped lead. kn. Kiev. Izyaslav Mstislavich defend Kiev from Yuri Dolgoruky, has made a great contribution to the defeat of the latter on the river. Rute and defended him Chernihiv. The following year helped Izyaslav fight with his father. In 1154 took Novgorod. table, but soon lost it. In 1158, Mr.. participated in the campaign directing body. kn. Rogvolod Borisovich against others. Polotsk princes, and in 1159, Mr.. - In the campaign against Svyatoslav Olgovich vschizhskih Prince Svyatoslav Vladimirovich. In the same year, when my father sat down on the led. reign in Kiev, Roman Rostislavich received Smolensk land. In 1169, Mr.. participated in the capture of Kiev by Andrei Bogolubsky army and then in his campaign against Novgorod Veliky. In 1171, Mr.. Andrew gave him Kiev. In 1172, Mr.. Bogolyubskii, angry refusal to issue a Roman cues. boyars, suspected of murdering Prince. Gleb Yurevich, forced to withdraw from Kiev in Smolensk. After the death of Andrei Bogolyubsky (1174) Roman came in second in Kiev and was conducted. Prince. In 1176, Mr.. He organized a large march on Polovtsy, which ended in defeat for Russian. princes; Roman had to leave drevnerus. capital and away at Smolensk. In the spring of 1179, Mr.. He began to reign in Novgorod, but the fall of that year he returned to reign in Smolensk, where he died. Chronicle pays tribute to his philanthropy and care for his subjects. Roman Rostislavich died after distributing all the property, and Smolyan as a sign of respect for themselves arranged his funeral.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Roman Rostislavovich (knee X)

From the kind of Smolensk princes. Son Rostislav Mstislavovitch. Kn. Smolensk and 1160-1172, 1177-1180 gg. Conducted. kn. Kiev II 1171-1173, 1175-1177 gg. Kn. Novgorod in 1178-1179 he.

Wife: from January 9. 1148 g. daughter of Prince. Novgorod-Seversky Svyatoslav Olgovich.

+ 1180 g.

* * *

In 1171, after the death of Gleb Yurevich Kiev, Rostislavich called the great reign of his uncle, Vladimir Mstislavovitch. But Andrew Bogolyubskii sent to tell them: "You called me a father, I wish you well and give your brother Roman Kiev". Roman on the orders of Andrew came to Kiev was adopted by all people with joy. But peace with its northern neighbor was short-lived. In 1173 Andrew was told that his brother Gleb died in Kiev violent death, and identified the killers - of some of Gregory Hotovicha, Stepantsov and Olek-su Svyatoslavich. Andrew demanded their extradition from Roman. But the novel did not listen to Andrew. Then Andrew sent a message to Roman: "Do not walk in my will with his brothers, so go out of Kiev". Roman did not resist and went to Smolensk.

In 1175, after the death of Andrew, Roman returned to Kiev. Former Prince Yaroslav II of Kiev ceded the city without a fight. But not so accommodating was another old prince - Svyatoslav of Chernigov, who had far more rights to Kiev as generic accounts. He just waited for a pretext to intervene. In 1177 Polovtsians attacked Russia,. took six cities Berendey and defeated the Russian in Rostov on fault Davyd Rostislavich, who started a quarrel with his brothers and prevented the progress of business. Svetoslav hastened to take advantage of calamity and Rostislav sent a message to Roman: "Brother, I'm not looking at you nothing, but we have such a number: if the prince guilty, then pay a municipality. Davyd blame Take away his parish ". Roman did not listen. Then the princes of Chernigov crossed the Dnieper and captured Trepol. Roman left Kiev and went to Belgorod. Svetoslav villages in Kiev, but not for long. On aid to the brothers appeared Rostislavich Mstislav of Smolensk. Svetoslav scared and ran across the Dnieper. Nevertheless, . Rostislavich pochli for the best yield Kiev Svyatoslav: Roman, . Prince, . as seen, . not warlike, . not wanting to ruin the Russian land and shed Christian blood, . According to the chronicler, . thought and gave Kiev Svyatoslav, . and went back to Smolensk,
. Buried in the constructed of the Church of St.. John.

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ROMAN Rostislavich, photo, biography
ROMAN Rostislavich, photo, biography ROMAN Rostislavich  Prince of Smolensk and the Grand Prince of Kiev, photo, biography
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