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Nesselrode, Karl Vasilyevich

( Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1816-1856 he)

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Biography Nesselrode, Karl Vasilyevich
Nesselrode, Karl Vasilyevich (1780-1862) - Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1816-1856 he. Diplomatic career began in 1801, Mr.. official of the Russian mission in Berlin, where he was soon transferred to The Hague, and then again in Berlin and Paris. Since the beginning of World War II was in the army, under Alexander 1. Following the resignation of Rumyantsev was appointed in 1814, Mr.. Rapporteur on foreign affairs department, and in 1816, Mr.. he was appointed to lead the Foreign Ministry. After his dismissal in 1822, Mr.. retired Capodistria became the sole head of the Foreign Ministry. According to contemporaries, was not distinguished by a keen intellect and strong character. Broke all records served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, taking it for 40 years. This is largely due to the fact that not having his own line in foreign policy, Nesselrode was a perfect vehicle for the ideas of royalty, for which he was sometimes with a grin termed "Jelly-like". The biggest foreign policy mistake Nesselrode was a wrong prediction of reaction leading European countries for a possible war of Russia against Turkey in the early 50-ies. He believed that Russia would not interfere with anyone. As a result, Russia was internationally isolated and under attack not only Turkey but also spoke on her side of Britain and France. Immediately after the conclusion of the Paris Peace Treaty was dismissed by Alexander II.

Danilov AA. Background material on the history of Russia IX - XIX centuries.

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Nesselrode, Karl Vasilyevich (1780, Lisbon - 1862, St. Petersburg) - State. figure. Genus. Ross Family. Envoy. Received high-school education in Prussia. In 1788 began serving a midshipman, and then became adjutant Paul 1, and from there moved to the Life Guard Horse Regiment in 1799 and rose to colonel. After an unsuccessful attempt to make a career in the army Nesselrode became a diplomat in 1801: served as a clerk in Russian. mission in Berlin, The Hague, Paris. Great influence on the formation of his political views Nesselrode had the Austrian State. To figure. Metternih.V 1811 Nesselrode was appointed Secretary of State Alexander 1. During the war of 1812 served diplomatitcheskie assignments in the Army. During foreign campaign rus. Army 1813 - 1814 consisted of Alexander 1 and took an active part in the Congress of Vienna 1814 - 1815 and other diplomatic actions. In 1816 he became Minister of Foreign Affairs, to 1845 reached the highest rank on the "Table of Ranks" - State. Chancellor Ross. Empire. Stick to the Austro-Prussian orientation. With the accession of Nicholas I tried to fulfilling the will of the emperor, to a rapprochement with Britain and France. Not being a prominent diplomat and politician, Nesselrode was a conscientious performer "'s purposes" of the monarch. A committed conservative, Nesselrode was a supporter of legitimate, ie. "legitimate" monarchies, was one of the initiators of the suppression of Russian. troops roar. in Hungary in 1849. He - one of those responsible for the outbreak of the Crimean War 1853 - 1856, during a swarm, Russia found itself in diplomatic isolation. After the shameful defeat in the war and the completion of the Paris Congress of 1856, on a rum-peace treaty was signed, Nesselrode was dismissed by Alexander II.

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Nesselrode, Karl Vasilyevich, photo, biography
Nesselrode, Karl Vasilyevich, photo, biography Nesselrode, Karl Vasilyevich  Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1816-1856 he, photo, biography
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