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( Honored trainer of the USSR and Russia, Honored Artist of Russia, the master of sports, champion of the USSR in singles skating, Professor)

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Biography TCHAIKOVSKY Elena
Born in 1939 into a theatrical family. Father - Anatoly Sergeyevich Osipov, was an actor of the Moscow theater Mossovet. Mother - Tatiana Golman, was an actress of the Moscow theater Mossovet.

How many children of actors, the small Lena all the free time spent behind the scenes, was present in almost all the rehearsals, she knew better than any other actors of their role. Together with his father even co-starred in the popular World War II film "The machine is 22.12.

In theater Lena Osipova was keen on sports - figure skating. Initially, interest was stimulated: when a girl with her mother returned to Moscow from a remote village in Kazakhstan (Lena's mother - a German by birth - was in the first days after the start of the war, along with thousands of other Germans expelled from the capital), . Doctors found her in the dimming light,
. The recommendations were: the girl must spend more time outdoors, especially in winter. Lena's father led to the rink Young Pioneers Stadium. It began and victorious path of the future great coach.

School - Theater - Roller. This was a triangle, which was below the life of Lena. Gradually, it became a skating rink apex of the triangle, and on top of that it will be successful. Artistic, musical and plastic girl several times in national championships won by a single dance, and in 1957 won all his rivals in the championship of the Soviet Union.

. When it came time to think about what institution to act, the decision was unequivocal: GITIS, choreographer Faculty
. When entering GITIS Lena looked "black sheep" among the well-known dancers and dancers. Still, after an interview with People's Artist of the USSR Rostislav Zakharov accepted it, perhaps as a participant of the experiment for the preparation of the country's first ice ballets for the choreographer. Studying in GITIS demanded total commitment, and with sports, active, competitive, was eliminated.

But the experiment ended brilliantly. A few years later the same school GITIS was already a pupil Helen Tchaikovsky - Ludmila Pakhomov, Olympic champion and six-time world champion and Europe (along with her husband and partner, Alexander Gorshkov). And then in GITIS established a special department, which come to learn the former athletes - figure skaters, only to have quite a new cultural and professional level to give lessons in the Russian school of figure skating. Faculty that exists to this day, and headed by Professor Elena Tchaikovskaya.

. When, in 1999, celebrates the Tchaikovsky, she jokingly said in a toast to "our century", referring to the fact that by 60 years of life added another 40 years for the preparation of figure skaters of the highest class.

. One of the first lessons of Tchaikovsky began to receive athletic couple - Tatiana Tarasova and George Proskurin
. Already at the foot pedestals World Cup and European partner was seriously injured and was forced to leave active sports and later became known coach.

. And the first who managed along with his coach quickly go all the way to the highest degree of the biggest competitions were Ludmila Pakhomov and Alexander Gorshkov
. They, along with Tchaikovsky created a unique style of Russian dance on ice, . because of them dances became an Olympic sport, . it is they were awarded in 1976 in the Austrian city of Innsbruck's first ever Olympic gold awards.,

. Four years later the success was repeated the following students Helena Tchaikovsky - Natalia Linichuk and Gennady Karponosov
. They were completely different from their elders, but the coach was able to re-create for them a completely new script, new style.

. For more than four decades of teaching practice Elena Chaikovskaya brought more than 50 masters of sport - world-class, distinguished.

. And it is not only outstanding dancers
. Many years in the group trained and the great Tchaikovsky's singles champions.

Vladimir Kovalev became Russia's first European champion (1975). Twice it was a world champion figure skater, getting the title against the best singles skater from Germany, England, United States, Canada, and at the Olympics in 1976 Kovalev won the silver medal.

. Today, along with Elena Tchaikovsky works even one of her students - Vladimir Kotin
. Four times he won silver medals in Europe, participated in two Olympic Games, which in itself is an achievement for any athlete. Kotin was outstanding, brilliant performer on the ice, his arbitrary programs and to this day, many are copying a single skater. After a short but brilliant career as a professional actor in the ballets on ice Kotin Tchaikovsky returned to school as its next Assistant. Their total work gives excellent results.

. While the vast majority of the leading coaches of the former Soviet Union went to work outside of Russia and other CIS countries, . Elena Chaikovskaya stayed at home, . in Moscow and put all their energy, . all their creative talent in the revival and strengthening of the brilliant position, . which were created by several generations of skaters in our country.,

. Children's ballet "Geeks Russia under the leadership of Tchaikovsky for several years served on ice scenes in Russia and Europe, infecting thousands of enthusiastic young athletes.

. In the late 1980's - early 1990's Elena Chaykovskaya participated in the creation of ice performances for several troupes of professional figure skaters and circus on ice
. Switching his talent with a clean sport in art helped her to a whole new way to look at the many creative processes in sport. And it gave her an opportunity for a short time, being a head coach of national team of Russia, to breathe new life into it. Russia squad played brilliantly in two Winter Olympics (1994, 1998), each time winning three gold medals out of four. These results did not seek any one team in the world.

But the creative person was close to the administrative framework, and Elena Chaykovskaya returned to his trainer - his favorite - the work of.

She has written several books on the education of young skaters. Three editions withstood textbook for the youngest athletes, . long ago became a rare book-confession "Six Points", . where the coach tells us invaluable experience, . which had been accumulated domestic skating, . from the time of the first Russian champion Nikolay Aleksandrovich Panin,
. In the preface to this book Elena Chaikovskaya says:

"I have a profession, which earlier in the world was. I - coach. Such words in many languages there is no. And even in the Russian language it is - for us, coaches - is inaccurate. Incomplete. Only partially reflect the saturation capacity of the other concepts that lie behind them ... More and longer you work, . higher raises your students, . more characters and fates pass through itself, . through their lives and their destiny, . more solvent than in other, . to eventually incorporate them into a, . give them a, . to grow and continue to climb with them and without them, . the more you know, . in which the depth of the profession and plunged as much it requires, . and what small joys and great care dooms,
. Everyone sees coaching moments of joy, no one sees coaching tears, invisible tears coach of the world ... Not in this phrase is no affectation. There is only a harsh life coach, when you draw on the ice until noon. When you hear music at night and rise to record flashed in his sleep "pas". When every day - the fight. Not against, and beyond - for his style, for his vision of sport and the arts for their students ... "

. Elena remains the same boiling, flowing with new ideas, new creative approaches to the many already seemed to have been studied techniques

In the second half of 1990 came to it a failure championships singles skater Maria Butyrskaya. A year later she became a European champion, and then the first in history and yet only rossiyankoy - won gold medal at the world championship (1999). This year was a year of absolute record for the national team of Russia - all four gold medals at the world championship won Russian athletes.

Elena Chaikovskaya organized in Moscow school "Konek Tchaikovsky". From it come out champions, such as the silver medalist of European Championship, bronze medal - World Championship Julia Soldatova. And in 2001, the sky rose a new figure skating star - the world champion junior Kristina Oblasova. This suggests that the school Chaikovskaya have a future, and hence of the whole of Russia figure skating.

Today Konek Tchaikovsky "can be called the International School of Ice Skating. There are trained skaters from the CIS, Lithuania, Poland, the fees are shared with the young athletes in Italy. Brilliant results achieved remarkable Lithuanian dancers - Margarita Drobiazko and Povilas Vanagas. In 2000, they first brought their country bronze medals at world and European championships.

. Elena Tchaikovsky - Honored coach of the USSR and Russia, Honored Artist of Russia, the master of sports, champion of the Soviet Union's figure skating
. She was awarded two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, several medals. The Lithuanian government has awarded E. Tchaikovsky the Order of St. Gediminas.

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TCHAIKOVSKY Elena, photo, biography
TCHAIKOVSKY Elena, photo, biography TCHAIKOVSKY Elena  Honored trainer of the USSR and Russia, Honored Artist of Russia, the master of sports, champion of the USSR in singles skating, Professor, photo, biography
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