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Sergeant Vyacheslav

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, two-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion)

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Biography Sergeant Vyacheslav
photo Sergeant Vyacheslav
Born May 6, 1940 in Moscow. Father - Starshinov Yefimovich Ivan (1903-1980), carpenter. Mother - Starshinova Agrafena Nikanorovna (1905-1978), homemaker. Wife - Starshinova Raisa (1938g.rozhd.), Engineer-economist. Sisters: Nina, Alexandra Ivanovna, Rosa I..

Starshinova was 18 years old when he first allowed to play for the masters of Moscow "Spartak". By the time he had the first level of volleyball, soccer, and acrobatics, was a good boxer. They placed him center forward in the three brothers-twins Maiorov. Those following the debut of Starshinova went to the coach Alexander Igumnov eventually awarded the title of Honored trainer of the USSR, and firmly stated that playing with this beginner refuse.

"Wait, guys, - said the coach. - Over time, this guy will sense. He will play for the national team. "

Three years have passed, and the forecast Igumnova who could discover talents, correct: Starshinov was in the center of one of triplets USSR team.

But even before elders and brothers Majorova became friends. Starshinov, finishing school, he decided to act in the same Aviation Technological Institute, which studied Mayorov, but not passed the exam in physics, and a year later again filed an application to MATI. This time he has successfully passed all the exams. Then, after graduating from the institute and became an engineer, sat down again for textbooks - enrolled in graduate school.

. In June 1975 Starshinov became a candidate of pedagogical sciences - at the Institute of Physical Education thesis "Investigation of moral duty and responsibility of the Athlete"
. Four years later, Vyacheslav chair of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. But hockey did not throw - associate Starshinov was a senior trainer and at the same time in the institute's team played in its accustomed place a central striker. Earlier in Starshinova book "I - frontline, instantly dispersed, although the draw was great.

15 years playing Vyacheslav Starshinov for Moscow "Spartak", three times by becoming the champion of the USSR. He invariably invited to the USSR national team, he - two-time Olympic champion, 9-times world champion, 8-times champion of Europe.

. He was a kind of pivot magnificent Spartakovskaya triples, which almost single-handedly struggled with CSKA, conducting on-site the lion's share of playing time
. I wound up partners such feats Vyacheslav Starshinov, as if made of iron. The vast majority of washers he threw from close range. This is generally a difficult thing - to score goals, but strikes in melee - is doubly difficult. Place next to the gate rivals - the most uncomfortable for the attacker. Here he does not give a moment's rest, here he makes a lot of bruises and cones. But Starshinov chose for himself exactly that position, the hardest.

Perhaps, in the Soviet hockey was another such a central striker, who, famous for high productivity, yet was able to neutralize the strongest opponents. Starshinov consistently appeared on the ice, when Spartak were in the minority. The surface a little awkward, seemingly off-site slow and phlegmatic, he is in such cases, the transformed. Starshinov grew towards each assailant, he was always ready to meet feeding the puck, throw a shot, and thus close the gate himself embrasure.

. Honored Master of Sport Vyacheslav Starshinov - one of the most successful strikers in the Soviet ice hockey
. In the spring of 1972, he gave up his 380 th puck ahead of one washer Alexei Gurysheva ( "Wings of Soviets), for many years headed the list of top scorers in the Soviet hockey. Difficult tests have fallen while the share of "Spartacus". Circumstances demanded that Starshinov climbed the coaching bridge. For two and a half years, he led the team, and then returned to the ice.

February 26, 1975 Starshinov scored his 391 th goal and went playing coach in the Japanese club "Oji Seyzi in Tomakomai. Hockey season in our country, then continued until mid-May, so at the time he had finished his business in Japan, the sergeant managed to last game of the native "Spartacus". He again put on a shirt with so familiar to fans and hockey players of eight issues. And two washers threw Starshinov trapped for him 392 th and 393rd ...

And all on account Vyacheslav Starshinova 406 washers, abandoned in 540 league matches of the USSR. He was ruthless enemy in the gates, especially when finished off with "patch". His trenchant throws caught unawares of the best goalkeepers of the world. At the World Cup and Europe in 1965 he was recognized as the best attacker.

In 1963, the ice of the Swedish capital of the USSR national team regained the title of the strongest teams of the planet. Began its continuous winning series, which ended in 1971. So on that memorable tournament for us, Vyacheslav Starshinov, neglected 8 washers, was the most accurate in the Soviet command. In the match against Canada and Czechoslovakia, it was his goals were crucial. Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote: "Eight Stockholm washers Vyacheslav Starshinova - the result of ingenious combinations, not just delighted the fans. Polished reaction emotsianalnost, chess combination game instinct, allowing Starshinova anticipate developments in the field for a long time in advance - that the qualities which made him one of the heroes of the tournament. "

. The French newspaper "EKIP after the Olympic Games in Grenoble, called Starshinova and Boris Mayorov most played hockey a couple of modernity.

. After playing and after working three seasons in Japan, Vyacheslav Starshinov became known sports teacher
. He - Professor, Academician of International Academy of Art. Vyacheslav Ivanovich - Honored coach of the RSFSR, . Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the RSFSR, . time paid work in the headquarters of the club "Golden Puck" - a popular competition kids born to light in 1965 at the initiative of the Young Communist League, . which keeps Starshinov warmest memories,
. He was one of the first winners of the Young Communist League awards - the sign of "athletic prowess, was a delegate XVI Congress of the Young Communist League.

. Vyacheslav Starshinov awarded the Labor Red Banner, "3nak Honor," For Service to the Motherland "III degree (in relation to the 60-year anniversary of the birth, an award handed Vladimir Putin), Friendship (in connection with the 60-year anniversary of society" Spartak )
. Among the best athletes of the world, he noted the Olympic Order.

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Sergeant Vyacheslav, photo, biography
Sergeant Vyacheslav, photo, biography Sergeant Vyacheslav  Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, two-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion, photo, biography
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