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Borovik Genrikh

( USSR State Prize Laureate, writer, essayist, playwright, social activist, Chairman of the Charitable Foundation named after Artyom Borovik, a board member of the Foreign Policy Association Ros)

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Biography Borovik Genrikh
photo Borovik Genrikh
Born in 1929. Father - Borovik Aviezer Abramovich (1902-1980), conductor of the Symphony Orchestra, worked in musical theater. Mother - Borovik-Mariya Matveeva (1905-1970), actress. Wife - Borovik (Finogenova) Galina Mikhailovna (1932. born.), teacher and historian, was a history teacher at school, then worked as a television editor of a culture. Daughter - Yakushkina (Boletus) Marina Genrichovna (1956 g. born.) Cand.Phil.Sci. Son Artyom Borovik Genrikhovich (1960-2000), famous journalist, writer, founder and first head of holding "Top Secret", was tragically killed in a plane crash. Grandchildren: Yakushkin Ivan D. (1976 g.rozhd.) Borovik Maximilian Artemovich (1995 g.rozhd.) Borovik Christian Artemovich (1997 g.rozhd.).

Parents of Henry Borovik life were associated with the theater. In 1939 they were among the founders of the Pyatigorsk Theater of Musical Comedy. In the town of Pyatigorsk passed school years of their son Henry.

His teacher, he remembers with great gratitude. They were taught not only the "subject", but also life. It is no accident Genrikh still enjoys warm friendships with many classmates.

In the years 1944-1945, while still a schoolboy, Henry worked in the theater Pyatigorskom assistant electrician and Statistics. There he made friends with is just beginning to magnificent way in art Mahmoud Esambayev and Mikhail water. In 1947, after graduating from school with a gold medal, Borovik went to Moscow to enroll in the Institute of International Relations. Replacement option was GITIS. Love of the theater, the music always remained with him.

After successful completion of MGIMO Henry Borovik had to work in the international department of the magazine Ogonyok the position ... Technical Secretary. It seemed that the owner of a diploma with honors could count on more, but he was happy and this: in the courtyard stood a cold summer in 1952. In the wording of the young man felt an unusual warmth. It worked fine people, almost all - the front-line journalists: the poet Alexei Surkov (Chief Editor), Martin Merzhanov, Victor Viktorov, Andrei Turks, Leonid Lerov. All affairs magazine ran the remarkable man, deputy editor Boris S. Burkov, the war worked for the chief editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". To the Editor easily visited and absolutely legendary people - Konstantin Simonov, Boris Polevoy, Sergei Mikhalkov, Irakli Andronicus ... Henry Borovik was in the magazine's youngest officer, and the older generation regarded him as a minimum, with interest - but it will come from this guy a journalist? ", But more often - with a touching solicitude.

In 1953, when came a thaw, Borovik was a literary associate, and later special correspondent of the international department. Already in the mid 1950's came to him fame. His essays from the "hot spots" - Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Burma, - printed in the magazine Ogonyok, differed sharply from the general level of acceptance when the international journalism. These materials have been deprived of promotional stamps, they acted not cardboard characters, but normal people with their doubts and hopes, not a template describing the political scheme, and the ordinary life situations. As for the findings, they were given to do by the readers.

In 1955, the library Ogonyok published the first book of essays about Henry Borovik Vietnam. Particular success had fallen to the lot of the young writer and a journalist after the publication of them in 1960 Ogonyok essays on revolutionary Cuba, and then created on the basis of their book "The Tale of the green lizard", . inhabited by living, . not the poster people with extraordinary characters,
. His essay on the meeting in Cuba with Ernest Hemingway and fishing with him alone on his legendary schooner Pilar Steel true sensation.

. A year later, together with the outstanding film director Roman Carmen Henry Borovik created the documentary "Burning Island" printed in screens around the world
. The topic of the struggle against colonialism was devoted to his first play - "Mutiny unknown", brilliantly staged by Andrei Goncharov in the Little Theater on the armor and went round the many theaters of the country.

. In 1962 at the Congress of young writers Henry Borovik was admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers

All he had written over 20 books. Among them: The Story of a green lizard, "" Your special correspondent met ...", "One year of troubled Sun", "Prologue", "May in Lisbon," Report from the Nazi Borders, "Kim Philby and others.

GA. Borovik - by more than 40 scripts for documentary films, including the documentary series "dearest", "For nine years before the end of the war," War in Russia - the blood on the snow ", etc.

. His play "The man in front of a bullet" (1963), "Three minutes of Martin Grove" (1970), "Interview in Buenos Aires" (1976), "Agent 00" (1985), were placed in the major theaters of the USSR, were in many abroad.

. Numerous speeches GA
. Borovik in print and on television, . TV shows, . that he appeared ( "International Panorama" - in the 1970's, . "The camera looks into the world" - in the early 1980's, . "Position" - in the years of perestroika, . author's program "The Will of XX century - 1997-2001,, . - All this gives an idea of the creative biography of the writer, . Publicist, . playwright, . journalist, . presenter Henry Borovik.,

. It is unlikely that someone will undertake to challenge, . that among the works of international affairs of the older generation works of Henry Borovik - whether on a newspaper strip, . magazines, . book, . screen a documentary film or television, . onstage, . Finally, . - Is always occupied one of the first places (if not absolutely the first place) in popularity among readers and viewers.,

. For example, in 1986, his novel-chronicle GA
. Borovik's "Prologue", immediately noticed by the reader, and dispersed in large quantities. The following year, the staff of "Roman newspaper sent two million of its subscribers profile, . which lists 100 works of prose, . received publicity in recent, . and appealed to readers to include 12 works for publication in the monthly "Roman-Gazette in 1988,
. Among the hundreds of works was mentioned and the last book of Henry Borovik. It was not a detective story, no romance, no other known to be attractive to the reader the elements. But in reading the responses documentary journalistic book "Prologue" was ranked third in the number of votes cast for her, and the general circulation of the book only in the USSR has passed for 5 million copies!

Explanation for this "simple". Despite the "neromannoe" building, the book truly artistic. The author introduces the reader to the whole gallery of characters and situations. Introduces the American people and to America as a country. They are the protagonists of the book.

And another protagonist of this novel confronts the reader's eyes, regardless of the will of the author. He. His views, hopes and disappointments, moral values, character. And it is interesting to the reader.

From the dramatic works of Henry Borovik particular success fell on his play "Interview in Buenos Aires", written in 1976 on the hot trail of the Chilean event, which the author was a witness. It was not only almost a hundred theaters in our country, but in a half dozen theaters world's largest cities, including New York, Madrid, Stockholm, Prague, Warsaw, Tokyo, Damascus, Paris, Caracas ...

. The author himself, saying the success of the play, is inclined to attribute it primarily on account of the climate of solidarity with the people of Chile, which was perceived by many in the world of Pinochet's coup in September 1973
. But those events were written by dozens, hundreds of works (including playwriting), but the play G. Borovik was in those years the most popular.

. The chief director of the Theater Lensoviet Igor Vladimirov, . also placed this piece in his theater and brilliantly played in the main roles of journalist Carlos Blanco, . told, . in 1977 drove theater performance in Paris at the Theater Festival of Nations,
. The play was received very well, and the famous French theater critic said then: "The secret of success of this performance is that it tells not only about Chile. It concerns about us, about France, about the people of any country! In every scene, every dialogue, I see and hear what concerns me personally, the French journalist ... "

These words apply to all works of Henry Borovik. In what genre would it acted, for whatever country telling people reading, listening or looking in his work, finds in them the main thing that he can relate with them personally, with the society in which he lives.

Mr. Personality. Borovik's versatile, it goes far beyond the creative biography. In his life many actions will not correctly identify which, if telegraphic style.

In the spring of 1980 GA. Borovik spent several months in Afghanistan. Traveled all over the country, visited the most dangerous places and situations, but almost nothing is written out or in the newspaper or in magazines. Write the truth could not, but the truth - no one would have published. Returning to Moscow, he gave up lucrative offers studio "Mosfilm" write a script for a feature film about this war. Contract was concluded on the eve of a trip to Afghanistan. Script promised state order, and almost surely the State Prize. Quickly find the well-known producer for the film. But returning home, Genrikh abandoned the contract and returned the advance. Instead of writing the script, he went to the Central Committee and told there that he saw. He said that this war is pointless, that Soviet troops were saddled with a war on their shoulders, but they were not ready for it, that the true size of our military commanders hiding losses, etc., etc.

. The result of this campaign in the Central Committee was the anger of the Soviet Army Chief GlavPUra
. Army General AA. Epishev going to complain about the "irresponsible journalist himself LI. Brezhnev. Saved by the "irresponsible" just friends to help Central and Nicholas Eugene Samoteikin Shishlina, as well as the fact that at this time Borovik and a half years away from journalism - working on a series of documentaries and write a new play.

. In the years 1982-1985 GA
. Borovik became chief editor of the magazine "Theater". Circulation of the publication when it has doubled.

In 1985-1987, GA. Borovik elect a secretary working Writers' Union International Affairs. It was during these years, come to our country at the invitation of the Union of Writers are old friends of Henry Aviezerovicha - distinguished writers and artists Graham Greene, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Peter Ustinov and others. It is hardly necessary to emphasize that this contributed to the rising popularity of our country abroad.

. Henry Borovik appealed to the Central Committee with a proposal to end the isolation of Soviet writers from major international writers' organization, in particular from the Pen Club
. His arguments were convincing, and the Secretariat of the Central Committee has decided to end the Berlin wall "between the Soviet writers and writers of the world.

In 1987, GA. Borovik was elected chairman of the Soviet Peace Committee and vice-president of the World Peace Council. This social work took him a great time. The old committee, created in the late 1940's to propaganda, above all, the Soviet foreign policy and an instrument of the international department of the CPSU Central Committee, was in need of profound changes. Together with like-minded people, among whom Borovik relied primarily on the outstanding figures of culture, these transformations to a large extent managed to. Soviet Peace Committee then became a prominent social organization, stand on the positions of the democratic reforms. This has been proven many real cases the revitalized organization, which made a considerable contribution and for the elimination of "enemy image" and for the end of the Cold War.

In those same years Borovik runs a political observer of the USSR Radio and Television. He is the author and presenter of the popular program "The camera looks into the world", "Position". For the first time with the TV screen, he told about the origins of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, raised the question of the chauvinistic organizations in the USSR.

. In the years of perestroika, Gorbachev invited Henry Borovik with him almost all the meetings with heads of foreign countries as an expert or a member of the group support.

. In 1989, GA
. Borovik was elected people's deputy of the USSR, member of the Standing Committee of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on international affairs.

. He sent a note to the CPSU Central Committee, . in which he argued, . the situation, . when all channels of All-Union Television and radio are subject to one organization and one man - the chairman of the Public Broadcaster, . impoverishes the television and contrary to democratic principles,
. He proposed to keep in subjection Broadcaster only one channel, and the rest to pay under the jurisdiction of the creative unions. The same principle is proposed in respect of broadcasting. While this proposal was more than a radical.

In the critical days of the August 1991 coup, the Soviet Peace Committee on August 19 adopted a formal statement condemned the unconstitutional action GKChP. The statement was aired on radio in the evening on August 19 and published in the newspapers the next morning, . and Henry himself Borovik 19, . 20 and 21 August spoke from Moscow on to CNN, . telling the world about, . As leaders of the CPSU betrayed its Secretary-General, . betrayed the restructuring, . violated the Constitution (on Soviet television to do it was, . naturally, . not),
. Son of Henry Borovik - Artem, already very popular at that time a journalist, all these three days and three nights was the "white house" on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment.

In June 1990, Mr.. Borovik out of the CPSU. In the years of reform, he was an active position to help the democratization of the country. In 1994, the channel Ostankino he created (as the author of the project, writer and presenter) TV series "Over the nine years before the end of war". For the first time in the history of the domestic television market had been told the truth about how in 1979, was taken infamous decision to send Soviet troops in Afghanistan and how it is implemented.

. The following year, Henry Borovik starts (as the author of the project and one of the authors of the script) over the 10-part documentary film entitled "Russia in the war - blood on the snow"
. It has been shown is the real truth about the Great Patriotic War, which, for obvious reasons, could not show the Roman Karmen in his famous 20-epic series "The Great Patriotic War". The new series has for its creators as a continuation of work on the film Carmen.

GA. Borovik has made significant creative contribution to the emergence of television channel "Culture". Its author educational program "Testament of XX century", in which the writer and journalist tells of his meetings with prominent personalities of XX century, such as п-.пг. Kerensky, Ernest Hemingway, Kim Philby, Konstantin Simonov, Graham Greene, Walter Cronkite, Mother Teresa and others, always has a high rating.

. Writer, playwright, essayist, TV journalist, a prominent social activist, political scientist, finally, a citizen, Genrikh Borovik - one of the most prominent figures in the literary and social life of contemporary Russia
. His name is known in many countries. And of course - in all countries of the CIS.

GA. Borovik - winner of two State Prizes of the USSR (for the play "Interview in Buenos Aires" and his book "Prologue"), Laureate of the Union of Soviet Writers behalf of A. Tolstoy and the name of Micah. Koltsov, laureate of the Union of Journalists named Vorovskogo number of prestigious international journalism awards, including the award "Golden Pen".

. His work is marked with state awards of the USSR and Russia: Orders of October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor, People's Friendship, the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "III degree, medals.

. In 2000, the family suffered a terrible grief Borovik: March 9, son Artem died in a plane crash during takeoff at the airport Sheremetyevo
. Artem was a talented journalist and writer. He became famous for his sketches from Afghanistan in mid-1980's, in which the first in the country told the truth about Afghan war. He won the love and trust of readers and viewers to, . that newspapers, . magazines and television programs created by him holding "Top Secret" bravely fought journalistic investigation of crimes, . committed by some oligarchs and corrupt power,

Despite the enormous pressures on Artyom and his holding company, despite the explicit threats, he remained independent, honest, incorruptible journalist. In the last television interview someone from the audience asked him a question: "If you're so honest, why are you still alive?" .. " The answer came in two days - at Sheremetyevo airport in crashed during takeoff aircraft, which flew Artem. Until now, the causes of the crash are not known for certain.

Today, headed by Henry Borovik Charity Foundation named after Artyom Borovik, who established the family and friends Artem. Its aim - to promote the development of independent journalism in Russia, that is, to keep the main thing, Artem uphold its ideals of a citizen and patriot.

. Family of Henry Brovika finds at least some consolation in this work and that Artem left two young sons Maximilian remarkable and Christian.

. Henry Borovik lives and works in Moscow.

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