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DARLING Mikhail Petrovich

( Writer, journalist, candidate of historical sciences, foreign intelligence colonel, retired)

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Biography DARLING Mikhail Petrovich
Born May 27, 1934 in Dnepropetrovsk. Father - Favorite Petr Fedorovich (1900-1978), member of the Cheka-OGPU in 1918, worked in Tambov, Gomel, then in the secret and political department in Moscow. In 1938 he was arrested, then released, dismissed from the bodies and sent to Kiev. During the Great Patriotic War, he served on various fronts, then worked in senior positions in the military counterintelligence in the Carpathian and Volga military districts. Mother - Lyubimov Ludmila Veniaminovna (1908-1946), daughter of a professor of medicine. Married his third marriage. Wife - Liubimova Tatyana. Son - Alexander Lyubimov (1962. born.), a famous TV presenter, one of the creators of "The View", now first deputy general director of ORT television station.

. After graduating from high school in Kuibyshev, with a gold medal in 1952, Lyubimov easily entered the Moscow Institute of International Relations, who graduated in 1958 and was assigned to work in the consular department of the USSR Embassy in Finland
. In 1959 he moved to the exploration - First Main Directorate (GPR) KGB. From 1961 to 1965 he worked in the Soviet agents in London as Second Secretary at the Embassy. With beauty-wife, who was an actress, it was a success in society, has been in contact with such prominent politicians as leaders of the Labor Party D. Crossman and D. Healy, with many members of the Conservative Party and officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Are a staple in London's salons, which are used for operational purposes, a well-known writers S.P. Snow, A. Sillitou, D. Bruijn. The leader of the young Tory MP Nick Scott was firmly convinced that Mikhail Lyubimov, or "Smiling Mike" as he called some English friends, was a Soviet diplomat. "He was an unusually charming, wore a striped suit, sewn on Sevil Row, and sometimes Etonian tie. In fact, the friendly mood of the Russian was one of the most talented and motivated young employees of the KGB, and later headed the entire anti-British espionage in the Lubyanka ". So subsequently wrote about Lyubimov British newspaper the Daily Express. The activity of the young Soviet diplomat could not remain unnoticed by British intelligence services, and in 1965 he was deported from Britain as a persona non grata. In the years 1967-1969 Stamp. Lyubimov was in Denmark as deputy resident and the first secretary of the Embassy. Since 1974, he became deputy chief of the third (Anglo-Scandinavian) Department of PGU KGB, headed the organization of work against Great Britain, where, after the expulsion in 1971 from London, 105 diplomats from the Soviet intelligence seriously weakened the position of. In 1976 he went to Denmark as KGB resident and Counselor. In 1980, upon return Stamp. Lyubimov head office in the Central Office of the KGB, and then retired and devoted himself entirely to literary and journalistic activity, the propensity to which experienced a lifetime.

. In 1984, Mikhail Lyubimov managed to put in the Moscow Regional Drama Theater his play "Murder on the export"
. In 1990, the theater Dushanbe and Astrakhan was put it another play - "Legend of the legend". Since 1987 he has regularly published in the newspaper "Top Secret" and the magazine "Cartoons and politics" Juliana Semenova, his articles in support of the restructuring came out in the pages of the weekly Moscow News, Ogonyok magazine and other publications. In late 1990, an event occurred which brought Stamp. Lyubimov well known: while the most popular Ogonyok within three months to publish his novel "And hell followed with him", truthfully told about the life and work of an illegal KGB in London. Absolute secrecy in our country of any material on intelligence activities involuntarily imposed a ban on the works of her. In this respect, the genre of fiction and essays about our favorite is reconnaissance pioneer. Despite the patriotic essence of the novel, M. P. Lyubimov harshly criticized by the leadership of the KGB, but it only increased his popularity as an author. In 1989-1990, he acted in support of the depoliticization of the KGB, the elimination of "ideological lines" in the security agencies and for the department's foreign intelligence from other services. Prior to August 1991 Stamp. Lyubimov actively supported the restructuring, the "reform course" Yeltsin, he did not accept. This is reflected in his publications in the press, the speeches on radio and television. He always considered himself a democrat, a patriot and so the then division of the society believed the artificial.

In 1995 he published memoir novel Stamp. Lyubimov: "Notes of a bad egg resident, or wisp", a kind of confession life. In the same year in the newspaper "Top Secret" (the author worked there as a member of the editorial board) appeared publication "Operation" Golgotha ", made a splash in Russia and abroad. These were supposedly "memoirs" close to the Andropov KGB officer, who under his direction developed the restructuring plan, code-named "Golgotha. The essence of the plan was to ensure that Russia through a "wild capitalism", and, using the indignation of the masses, to return the country to the communist way under the leadership of the KGB. Many interpreted this not as a satire, but as a frank admission, appeared in print denials, expressions of support have gone so far that the committee of the Duma sent the request to the intelligence of the existence of such a plan. Historian Vadim Kozhinov gave this assessment of this little work: "Yes, . heroes of the liberation of prices ", . "privatization" and things will eventually realize, . what, . Despite all the drama or the direct tragedy of our time, . they who were, . like English and French "restorers", . first comic figures, . fully prepared to become the prototype of the heroes of this caustic satire,
. But "Operation" Calvary "portrayed them as such today".

In 1996 appeared a book of short stories about the intelligence - spies, whom I love and hate, "publication" Guide of the KGB in the cities of the world "(it did Lyubimov" reconnaissance cut "in London, Paris and Copenhagen). In 1998 came out and had numerous copies satirical novel "Decameron" spies ", in which the author against the background of a caustic criticism of the" reforms "told of a spy who fell in love online. In September 2001 a book appeared "merry-making with a Cheshire cat", dedicated to the study of English soul and morals, the similarities and differences in national characters of the British and Russian. Many works Stamp. Lyubimov translated into foreign languages (Bulgarian, Serbian, English, German, Czech, etc.).

All spy stories Lyubimov are vital foundation. Example, . Recruitment in Moscow with the "cream of domestic homosexuality" clerk of the British embassy is built on the history of the Soviet agent Vassall, . described the special committee of the British Parliament, . on the memoirs of the Vassall, . arrested and who spent in prison,
. In the eyes of the case unfolded Liubimova British War Minister, Profumo, associated with a prostitute, who had contacts with Soviet military intelligence. On the basis of published material in the West, wrote a story about the killer Ukrainian nationalist Bandera C. Stashinskom and his love for a German, the story of a foreign embassy employee-collecting branded ashtrays, stolen in a restaurant (it like to work myself). He knew the major spy Kim Philby and agents who worked on an ideological basis, wrote about them a lot of good. It is characteristic that the heroes Lyubimova did not like the "steadfast Stirlitz the contrary, they are often cast in a humorous or ironic manner. Lyubimov do not tend to idealize the intelligence activities, foreign to him pathos and jingoistic patriotism.

Now Stamp. Lyubimov continues to be published in various Russian and foreign publications, has appeared regularly on radio and television, has lectured at home and abroad.

. Lyubimov hobbies in their spare time are reading, theater, and visiting art galleries
. He is an adherent of Nabokov, Solzhenitsyn, E. Zamyatin, Brodsky and many others. In sports prefers swimming, and enjoys hiking and walking. Hobbies carries within the family or with friends. Remove negative emotions in moments of rest, Mikhail Petrovich helps his favorite - a huge black cat, the hero of his latest book and a lover of Scotch whiskey.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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DARLING Mikhail Petrovich, photo, biography
DARLING Mikhail Petrovich, photo, biography DARLING Mikhail Petrovich  Writer, journalist, candidate of historical sciences, foreign intelligence colonel, retired, photo, biography
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