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Vasilyev Vladimir V.

( People's Artist of the USSR, professor, laureate of Lenin, the USSR State Prize, two State Prizes of Russia, laureate of international competitions, Prize winner Nijinsky 'best ballet dancer)

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Biography Vasilyev Vladimir V.
photo Vasilyev Vladimir V.
Born April 18, 1940 in Moscow. Father - Viktor Vasiliev (1912 - 1963), worked as a driver of technical director at the factory felt. Mother - Kuzmicheva Tatiana Yakovlevna (1920 g. born.), worked as head of sales at the same factory, now retired. Wife - Ekaterina Maximova, an outstanding dancer, teacher, People's Artist of USSR, laureate of State Prize of the USSR and Russia.

. In 1947, for the company, Vladimir Vasilyev another came to dance circle Kirov house pioneers
. Teacher Elena Romanova Russia immediately noted gifted boy and invited him to engage in the older group. The following year, he has worked in the City Palace of Pioneers, with the Dance Ensemble which he made his debut at the Bolshoi Theater for a concert - it was Russian and Ukrainian dances.

. In 1949, Vasilyev was adopted at the Moscow Academic Choreography School in the Class EA
. Lapchinskii. In 1958 he graduated from college in the class MM. Gabovich, the famous premiere of the Bolshoi Theater. Professional opinion Mikhail Markovich accurately noted a characteristic feature of the dance student: "... Vladimir Vasiliev dances not only all his body, but every cell of his pulsating rhythm, dancing with fire and explosive force ". Already in the years of study Vassiliev striking a rare combination of expression, a virtuoso technique with undoubted acting talent, the ability to transform. At the final concert of graduates, he not only danced the traditional variations and pas de deux, but also created an image of profound tragedy 60-year-old jealous man by Giotto in the ballet "Francesca da Rimini". It was reported that the role of the prophetic words were spoken by the teacher moss Stepanovna Tamara Tkachenko: "We are witnessing the birth of a genius!"

August 26, 1958 Vladimir Vasiliev was adopted in the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater. From college he produced as a demi-character dancer, and not even think to dance classics. Initially in the theater with him and had character roles: the gypsy dance in the opera "Rusalka", lezginka in the opera "Demon", Pan in the choreographic scene of "Walpurgis Night" - the first major solo role. However, there was something in the young dancer that drew attention to it the great Galina Ulanova, and she invited him to be her partner in the classical ballet "Les Sylphides". Halina for many years to become a friend, teacher and tutor Vasilyeva and will a huge impact on the professional and spiritual formation of the actor. I believed in his talent and choreographer Yuri Grigorovich, who had just arrived in the theater. He suggested that 18-year-old graduate of the central party school in his ballet SS. Prokofiev's The Stone Flower ", which Vasiliev once won the love and recognition of the audience and critics. Followed by other major parties of modern and classical repertoire: Prince ( "Cinderella", . 1959), . Andrew ( "Pages of Life", . 1961), . Basil ( "Don Quixote", . 1962), . Paganini ( "Paganini", . 1962), . Frondoso ( "Laurencia", . 1963), . Albert ( "Giselle", . 1964), . Romeo ( "Romeo and Juliet", . 1973).,

. Choreographers not only offered Vasilyev major role, but also calls for him
. He was the first performer of the solo part in "Dance Suite" (statement A. A. Varlamov, 1959), the party Ivanushki in ballet R.K. Shchedrin's Humpbacked Horse "(statement of AI. Radunsky, I960), Batir in Shurale F.Z. Yarullina and slave in "Spartacus" AI. Khachaturian (setting L.V. Jacobson, 1960, 1962), Lucas in "Forest Song" G.L. Zhukovsky (OG production. Tarasov and AA. Lapauri, 1961), the soloist in the "Class Concert" (production п?.п?. Messerer, 1963), Petrushka ballet I.F. Stravinsky's "Petrushka" (statement of CYP. Boyarsky on MM. Fokin, 1964). In each new work Vasiliev denied establish the views of their capabilities artist and dancer, . proving, . he really - "waiver", . identity, . ability to execute on the stage any way - and the classical ballet Prince, . and hot Spaniard Basil, . and Russian Ivanushka, . and madly in love with eastern youth, . and a strong national leader, . and the bloody king-despot,
. This was repeatedly told critics, and his colleagues on the art. Legendary M. Liepa, . People's Artist of the USSR, . premiere of the Bolshoi Theater belongs to this observation: "Vasiliev - is a brilliant exception to the rule!" He has a phenomenal talent in Technology, . and acting skills, . and in the possession of a dance phrase, . and musicality, . and the ability to transform, etc. ",
. But that said F.V. Lopukhov, the patriarch of Russian ballet: "In raznolikosti he does not go to any comparison with anyone else ... He did and the tenor and baritone, and if you want the bass ". The great Russian choreographer Kasian Jaroslawicz Goleizovsky singled out from all Vassiliev ever seen them dancers, calling him "a genius of dance". Even in 1960 Goleizovsky created especially for him concert numbers "Narcissus" and "Fantasy" (for Vasilyeva and E.S. Maximova) and in 1964 - the party Majnun in the ballet SA. Balasanyan "Layla and Majnun".

Almost all the performances of the best period of creativity Yu.N.. Grigorovich also associated with the name of Vladimir Vasiliev, who was the first performer of the central parties in his productions: The Nutcracker (1966), Blue Bird (1963) and Prince Desire (1973) in ballet PI. Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" and "Sleeping Beauty", famous Spartak in the ballet A. I. Khachaturian (1968; for this role, Vasiliev was awarded the Lenin Prize and the Prize of Lenin Komsomol), Ivan the Terrible in the ballet to music by SS. Prokofiev (1975, second Prime Minister), Sergei in "Angara" AY. Eshpai (1976; State Award). Gradually, however, between B. Vasilyev S. Grigorovich, there has been a major difference in creative positions, grew into a conflict, which in 1988 in. Vasilev, E. Maximov and several other leading soloists were forced to part with the Bolshoi Theater.

. During his creative career Vasiliev lot and with great success performed abroad - Grand Opera, Rome Opera, Theater Colon, Covent Garden, Metropolitan Opera, etc.
. The phenomenon of Vladimir Vasiliev has always attracted prominent figures of the foreign theater: Maurice Bejart set for him his version of the ballet I.F. Stravinsky's "Petrushka" ( "Ballet of the XX Century", Brussels, 1977). Later concerts together with Maximova Vasiliev repeatedly performed a piece from his ballet "Romeo and Juliet" to music by Mr.. Berlioz. In 1982, Franco Zeffirelli invited to participate in the shooting of the film-opera "La Traviata" (Spanish Dance - formulation and execution). 1987 was the year of execution of the role of Professor Unrata staged by Roland Petit's "Blue Angel" to music by M. Constant (Marseille Ballet). 1988 brought the first performance artist party Zorba staged Lorca Massine "Zorba the Greek" to music by M. Theodorakis (Arena di Verona "), as well as the first performance of the major parties in the renewal of Lorca Massine, Leonid Massine one-act ballet" Pulcinella "I.F. Stravinsky (Pulcinella) and "Paris gaiety to the music of M. Offenbach (Baron) at the Theater of San Carlo (Naples). In 1989, Beppe Menegatti staged "Nijinsky" with Vasiliev in the title role (Teatro San Carlo). Speeches Vasilyeva (and later his ballets) always evoked a special attitude of the public - the French called it "the God of Dance, . Italians, . learning on the streets, . tried to carry on his hands, . in Argentina (after the premiere of his productions to the music of Argentine composers of "Fragments of a Biography"), he was just a national hero, . Americans called him an honorary citizen of the city of Tucson, etc.,

. In Ekaterina Maximova - permanent partner Vladimir Vasiliev, . he always called his muse, . - Danced with such famous ballerinas, . as Maya Plisetskaya, . Olga Lepeshinskaya, . Raisa Struchkova, . Marina Kondratieva, . Nina Timofeeva, . Natalia Bessmertnova, . Irina Kolpakova, . Lyudmila Semenyaka, . Alicia Alonso and Josefina Mendez (Cuba), . Dominique Kalfuni Pontua and Noel (France), . Liliana Causey and Carla Fracci (Italy), . Rita Pulvord (Belgium), . Zsuzsa Kun (Hungary), etc.,

. Incredible virtuosity of the dancer, . plastic expressiveness, . exceptional sense of music, . Dramatic Talent, . depth of thought and a great strength of the emotional impact yavili new type of modern dancer, . for which there are no technical difficulties, . no restrictions on topic or Role,
. Standards for Performing Arts, . Vasilyev claimed, . remain largely inaccessible until now - for example, . Grand Prix International Ballet Competition, . which he won in 1964, . so more and was not awarded to anyone in the subsequent contests,
. Fedor Lopukhov wrote: "... saying the word "God" in relation to Vasilyev ... I mean the miracle of art, perfection ". Vasiliev is considered converter male dance innovator, which is associated with its highest achievements. It is natural that at the end of XX century in a poll of leading specialists of the world is Vladimir Vasiliev was considered "dancer XX century".

. While still in the prime of Performing Arts, Vasiliev feels the need for more fully realize their creative potential and is drawn to choreography
. His debut was the choreographer ballet "Icarus" SM. Slonimsky on the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses (1971 - 1 st edition, 1976 - 2-I). Already in the first paper manifest distinctive choreographic handwriting Vasileva - extraordinary musicality and ability to reveal subtle nuances in the plastic human emotions. Not limiting himself only one genre in the future, he makes intimate evening of ballet, in which all determine the development of music and feelings, not a particular story: "These charming sounds ..." (the music VA. Mozart, J. Torelli, A. Corelli and ZH.F. Rameau, . Bolshoi, . 1978; dramatized on TV in 1981), . "I want to dance" ( "Nostalgia") to piano music by Russian composers, and "Fragments of a biography to the music of Argentine composer (Concert Hall" Russia ", . 1983; screened on TV in 1985) embodies onstage literary works: "Macbeth" (KV,
. Molchanov, Bolshoi, 1980; in 1984, made a television recording of the performance), "Annie" (based on a story A.P. Chekhov's "Anna in the neck to the music VA. Gavrilina; Theater San Carlo, the Bolshoi Theater, 1986), "Romeo and Juliet" (SS. Prokofiev, Music Academic Theater KS. Stanislavsky and VI. Nemirovich-Danchenko, 1990), "Cinderella" (SS. Prokofiev, Kremlin Ballet Theater, 1991), "Lummox" (based on the tale A.S. Pushkin to the music of SS. Prokofiev, Bolshoi, 1999) offers a vision of classical ballets: Don Quixote (American Ballet Theater, 1991), Swan Lake (Bolshoi, 1996), "Giselle" (Rome Opera, 1994; Bolshoi, 1997)

. At various times he puts the music room and dance thumbnail: "Two", . "Classic pas de deux", . "Russian", . "Two German Dance" and "Six German Dances", . Aria, . "Minuet", . "Waltz", . "Caruso", . "Jester", . "Parsley", . "Elegy", . "Overture on Jewish themes", . "Syncope", etc.; great dance songs to the music of the Sixth Symphony PI,
. And Tchaikovsky's Overture to "Ruslan and Ludmila" MI. Glinka. Foremost in his work Vasiliev believes the desire to convey to the viewer what he sees in music, dance to make tangible, to make merging of thought and feeling, emotionally capable to capture, captivate the viewer. Performances Vasilieva enthusiastically accepts public, . especially those, . where he and Ekaterina Maximova performing central parties - Icarus and Aeolus, . Macbeth, . The soloist in the enchanting sounds ", . Annie and Peter L., . Cinderella and Stepmother, . Heroes "Nostalgia" and "Fragments of one's biography",
. Currently, the ballets staged by Vladimir Vasiliev are not only at the Bolshoi Theater, but also in 19 other theaters in Russia and the world.

. Creative interests extend Vasilyeva and other fields of art - he was withdrawn as a dramatic actor in feature films "Gigolo and zhigoletta" (Sid, . 1980), . "Fuete" (Andrei Novikov, . Master, . 1986), . the film-oratorio "The Gospel for the evil one" (the central role, . 1992); here, . as, . as in the original telebaletah "Annie" (Peter L., . 1982) and "Road House" (Andrew, . 1983), . it acts not only as a performer, . but also as a choreographer and director,
. Vasiliev puts opera: opera-ballet "Tahir and Zohra to music etc.;. Dzhalilova (Theater A. Navoi, Tashkent, 1977), a requiem "O Mozart! Mozart ..." the music VA. Mozart, A. Salieri, N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov (New Opera ", Moscow, 1995)," La Traviata "J. Verdi (Bolshoi, 1996) and dance scenes in the opera "Aida" J. Verdi (the Rome Opera, 1993) and Khovanshchina Stamp. Mussorgsky (Bolshoi, 1995)

. An interesting experiment would be to work on the dramatic scene: the choreography tale comedy "The Princess and the Woodcutter" in theater "Contemporary" (1969) and the rock opera "Juno and Avos" in theater "Lenkom (1981), . direction and choreography of musical-dramatic compositions "Tale of the Priest and His Workman Balda (Concert Hall named after PI,
. Tchaikovsky, 1989), "The artist reads the Bible" (Museum of Fine Arts A.S. Pushkin, 1994).

There is considerable interest Vasilyev and teaching activities. In 1982 he graduated from the choreographic department GITIS specialty Staged and from the same year began to teach there. From 1985 to 1995, Vasilyev was the head of the Department choreography GITIS (RATA). In 1989 he was awarded the academic title of professor.

In 1995, Presidential Decree VV. Vasiliev was appointed Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Theater. Vasilyev managed to bring the theater of a heavy crisis, in which he was in those years. Was approved modern contract system, revived the traditions of the corps de ballet a benefit, , . conducted many charity events and much more,
. Each year, the theater held the premiere, including the participation of prominent foreign artists: Peter Ustinov, Pierre Lacotte, John Taras, Susan Farrell, Hubert de Givenchy and others, has risen sharply the level of mastery. Large-scale foreign touring theater were again held with great success, and the world started talking about the rebirth of the Bolshoi Theater. "The triumphal return of the Bolshoi," "Great Again!" - Newspapers. In September 2000, Vasilyev was dismissed "due to staff cuts."

. Currently, Vladimir Vasiliev, actively cooperates with many theaters of the country and the world is headed and participated in the jury of various international ballet competitions, gives master classes, rehearsals, performances and prepares new role
. In late 2000, the Rome Opera with triumphant success was premiere of a long journey on Christmas night, on the PI. Tchaikovsky (director B. Menegatti), in which the primary role played Vladimir Vasiliev, and in 2001 - the premiere productions Vasiliev "Don Quixote" in the company of Tokyo-ballet "(Japan) and" Cinderella "in Chelyabinsk Opera and Ballet Theater.

. Vasiliev starred in the movie ballets: "The Tale of Humpbacked Horse (Ivanushka, . 1961), . "Lieutenant Kije" (Paul I, . 1969), . "Spartacus" (1976); "I want to dance" and "Fragments of a Biography" (1985); original telebaletah: "Trapeze" (Harlequin, . 1970), . "Annie" (Peter L., . 1982), . "Road House" (Andrew, . 1984); movies, concerts and documentaries: "The way to the Grand Ballet" (1960), . Will the Soviet Union with an open heart "(1961)," Moscow in the notes "(1969), . "Choreographic novel" (1973), . "Classic Duets" (1976), . Pages of modern dance "(1982), . "Grand Pas in the White Night" (1987), . "The glory of the Bolshoi Ballet" (1995) and others,

. Creativity in
. Vasilyeva devoted to films: "Duet" (1973), "Katia and Volodia" (the Soviet Union - France, 1989), "and remains, as always, extra message something ..." (1990), "Reflections" (2000); photo albums: R. Lazzarini. Maximova & Vasiliev at the Bolshoi (London: Dance Books, 1995), EV. Fetisov, Ekaterina Maximova. Vladimir Vasiliev (Moscow: Terra, 1999), Pedro Simon "Alicia Alonso. Vladimir Vasiliev. Giselle "(Editorial Arte Y Literatura, Ciudad de la Habana, 1981); monograph BA. Lvov-Anokhin, Vladimir Vasiliev (Moscow: Tsentrpoligraf, 1998); Encyclopedia, compiled by EV. Fetissova Vladimir Vasilyev: Encyclopedia of creative personality "(M.: Teatralis, 2000).

VV. Vasiliev - People's Artist of USSR, . People's Artist of the RSFSR, winner of the Lenin Prize (1970), . USSR State Prize (1977), . State Prize of the RSFSR (1984), . State Prize of Russia (1991), . Lenin Komsomol Award (1968), . Prize S.P,
. Diaghilev (1990), award the Mayor of Moscow (1997), theatrical award "Crystal Turandot" in 1991 (jointly with E.S. Maximova) and in 2001 - "For the honor and dignity".

VV. Vasiliev was awarded the Order of Lenin (1976), Labor Red Banner (1986), Friendship of Peoples (1981), "For Service to the Motherland" III degree (2000), SW. Constantine the Great (1998), SW. Prince Daniel of Moscow (1999), the French Order of Merit (1999).

VV. Vasiliev won the I prize and gold medal at the VII International Festival of Youth and Students in Vienna (1959), . Grand Prix and a gold medal on the 1 st International Ballet Competition in Varna (1964), . Prize Intervision "(for telebalet" Annie ") at the International Festival of TV films" Golden Prague "(1982), . Grand prize for the contest of musical films (telebalet "Annie") on the X-Union Festival of TV films (Alma-Ata, . 1983), . Intervision prize and the prize for best male role (telebalet "Road House") at the International Festival of TV films "Golden Prague (Prague, . 1985), . prize for the best performance of the season - the ballet "Annie" in the theater of San Carlo (Naples, . 1986), . prize for the best performance in Chekhov Chekhov Festival (Taganrog, . 1986).,

. VV
. Among them: Prize in. Nijinsky - "The best dancer of the world" (1964, Paris Academy of Dance), a special prize and gold medal Varna Komsomol (1964, Bulgaria), the premium of M. Petipa's best duo of the world "(with E.S. Maximova, 1972, the Paris Academy of Dance), the Rome Prize of the municipality "Europe-1972" (Italy), Medal of the Academy of the Arts of Argentina (1983), Award of the Academy of Simba (1984, Italy); Award "Together for Peace" (1989, Italy); Prize J. Tanya - "The best choreographer" and "Best Duet" (with E.S. Maximova, 1989, Italy), UNESCO Prize and Medal P. Picasso (1990), Prize of the city Terracina (1997, Italy), Medal of Honor Foundation Carina Ari (1998, Sweden), Medal of Merit of the Princess Dona Francesca (2000, Brazil).

VV. Vasiliev - Honorary Professor of Moscow State University, . member of the International Academy of Art and the Academy of Art of Russia, . Secretary of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, . Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Rossiyskogo Center of the International Dance Council of UNESCO.,

. Leisure Vasiliev mainly devotes painting - to its more permanent and long-time passion (held three solo exhibitions of his works)
. Especially loved them artists - Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt, Bosch, Durer, Serov, Korovin, Vrubel. The main theme of paintings Vasileva - landscapes, in which he tries to convey the beauty of Russian nature. He writes, usually at his dacha in the village or Snyahir Ryzhevka near Kostroma, where he always vacationing. At different periods of life fascinated by different kinds of sports: playing football, volleyball, fencing, boxed, was engaged in diving, swimming. Currently prefers tennis. A lot of reading - memoir, historical literature, books on art. Favorite writers - Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Bulgakov, Astaf'ev; poets - Pushkin, Bunin, Akhmatova. Favorite composers - Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bach. More recently, Vasilyev, a new hobby - he began to write poetry, and in 1999 released his first poetry collection "The chain of days."

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Vasilyev Vladimir V., photo, biography
Vasilyev Vladimir V., photo, biography Vasilyev Vladimir V.  People's Artist of the USSR, professor, laureate of Lenin, the USSR State Prize, two State Prizes of Russia, laureate of international competitions, Prize winner Nijinsky 'best ballet dancer, photo, biography
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