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PAULS Ojars-Raymond Voldemarovich

( People's Artist of USSR, State Prize Laureate, an honorary doctor of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, King's Chevalier of the Order of the Polar Star I degree (the award of the Danish realm))

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Biography PAULS Ojars-Raymond Voldemarovich
photo PAULS Ojars-Raymond Voldemarovich
Raimonds Pauls can rightfully be called the founder of pop music in Latvia. It is thanks to him initially easy genre has become a serious art. "Rare Latvians, whose name requires no explanation," - wrote a book about Pauls, his friend and co-author of a poet Janis Peters. It so happened that on the territory of the former Union pianist, jazz musician and composer, became a symbol of his, tepep already independent, Republic along. His shlyagepy Million scarlet poz "," Maestpo "," Vepnisazh "," Stapinnye hours, "Green Light", etc.. performed a. Pugacheva, IN. Leontiev, L. Vajkule successfully pposhli test temporarily, and till now performed an encore.

Ojars-Raimonds Pauls was born January 12, 1936 in Riga, in a working class family Voldemars and Alma-Mathilde Pauls - mechanic-repairman and embroiders pearls. His father was a local musician: in amateur orchestra "Mihavo played on percussion instruments.

. Voldemars Pauls wanted his son to become a professional violinist - "Paganini": Voldemars thought Muzykantsky bread - easier and more enjoyable than work at the factory
. He took his son to the professor and asked to evaluate his musical abilities, but "professional" was categorical: the child has nothing to do with music. However, CRITICISM, and then, and subsequently only increased the persistence Pauls and the desire to prove the opposite. In 1939, Raymond's father led the kindergarten at the Riga Music Institute. The teacher suggested: "Let's start it is better not to fiddle, but with the piano". It was decided his fate.

Later he Raymond Voldemarovich not advise her daughter Anete to follow in his footsteps: "To be an outstanding musician - there need not only talent ... Now hold on society of music stars - means prison. Daily basis for 12-14 hours ... Not ready for this, not studied music. Mean and just good musicians today are not wanted. Tend some other decent work ". Sam Pauls always had an incredible work ethic: he was able in the name of the completely forget about food and sleep ...

In 1939 my sister was born Edite Pauls, who later became a famous painter of tapestry. Her works are exhibited in many countries around the world, and one is always in the UN. In 1946, Pauls joined the music school named E. Dд¦rziе+е¦. Already in 14 years was carried away jazz. And since access to contemporary world music at the time was extremely limited (there were no tape recorders, musical scores or recordings), Pauls extract information from the radio "Voice of America: listen Transfer Music USA and from memory he wrote the notes.

. In 1953, the Pauls did, and in 1958 - graduated from the State Conservatory of the Latvian SSR on the piano under the guidance of Professor Herman Brown, and from 1962 to 1965 he studied composition with composer Janis Ivanov
. In parallel, he worked in a variety orchestra pianist Club road engineers, health professionals and accompanist in the Philharmonic, was especially interested in "light" genre, in which he outlined his serious way. In the years 1963-1971 - Head of REO (Riga pops orchestra). Even then, Raymond Voldemarovich wrote his first song to the words of Alfred Kruklis - "Winter Evening", "We met in March," "Old Birch" - melodic, emotional, light and lyrical.

. Already in 1960 came the first song disc Pauls with Latvian artists, which was sold over half a million copies, and then another five times replicated
. In the late 1960's and early 1970's Pauls gives 90 concerts sold out of copyright. He first managed to draw the attention of the public to local artists before in Latvia mostly listened to the German stage.

August 31, 1961 Pauls married Svetlana Epifanovoj (specialty - linguist). Their daughter, Annetta (1962) graduated from LGITMIK specialty "a television producer, and married the manager of airline SAS Marek Petersen. We Anete had two daughters - Anna Maria (1989) and Monique, Yvonne (1994).

In the early 1970's, Pauls created VIA "Modo", which is an incredible toured throughout the Soviet Union. One of the tracks of the team leaked through the Iron Curtain, and occupied the top lines in Western charts. In 1976, Pauls wrote his first musical, "Sister Carrie" by Theodore Dreiser.

On the musical was created music video, which won the "Golden Amber" at the international competition in Poland. Subsequently, "Sister Carrie" set in many theaters of the Union. In 2000, the Russian version of the musical set Riga Theater "Russian drama". Since 1978, the Pauls worked as chief music editor of the Latvian SSR State Committee for Television and Radio, supervised and conducted the orchestra and chorus of the radio.

In Russia, the glory of the Maestro began with the song "Blue Flax" (in Spanish. L. Mondrus) and "Yellow Leaves" (in Spanish. N. Bumbiery IN. Lapchenoka, A. Greenberg, M. Viltsane). In mid-1970 Pauls began working with Robert Rozhdestvensky and Andrei Voznesensky, who first agreed to write poetry for the finished music. Tracks Pauls and the Ascension "Pick up the music" (in Spanish. YA. Yoly) and "Dance of the drum" (in Spanish. N. Hnatyuka) received prizes of music festivals in Sopot.

In mid-1970 Pauls suggested cooperation poet and songwriter Ilya Reznik: Russian texts, he wrote several songs on the composer, previously served in the Latvian language. Their first joint hit was "The Maestro" by Alla Pugacheva - the song was played on all the radio stations of the Union several times a day. Constant performer Pauls and Resnick were Alla Pugacheva ( "Antique Clock", . "Hey, you there, . top ", . "Without Me", . 'Cause time ", . Return ", . "I waited for you for so long", etc.), . Lyme Vajkule ( "Not a night", . "Vernissage", . Charlie, etc.), . Valery Leontiev (Verooko ", . "I'm with you do not say goodbye", . "Years of Wanderings", . "Singing Mime", . "After the holiday", . "Hypodynamy" etc.).,

. At the same time, Pauls cooperates with Zinoviev ( "Green Light", "Dialog", "Comet Halley", etc.), M
. Tanichev ( "The length of Love", "Three minutes," "Carousel," "Velvet Season", "Lighthouse"), continues to work with a. Voznesensky ( "Love the piano," "Muse", "Eclipse of the heart", "Man-tape, etc.). Their song "Million scarlet roses" (in Spanish. A. Pugacheva) was such a success that soon she was transferred to many languages. For example, in Japan, this hit is still considered a symbol of love songs, it is included in the repertoire of karaoke.

Widespread fame in the Union and received a children's ensemble "Kukushechka" which the composer created in his time with the Latvian Radio. Pauls first radically changed the rhythm of nursery rhymes, and young performers from "Kukushechki" jazz syncopations performed better than many professional singers. Much love in the territory of the former Soviet Union still enjoys composition of the team "Golden Wedding" (words and. Resnick).

. Music is successfully cooperating with Latvian singers and jazz artists, . wrote music for many theatrical productions on Blaumanis, . Sheridan, . Ibsen (play "Brand" won first prize for music at the theater festival in Yugoslavia) and others,
. and films - "The long road to the dunes," "Theater", etc..

In 1985 Raimonds Pauls named a People's Artist of USSR. In 1986 he hosted the first contest of young pop performers, with the creation of which Pauls fought in all instances within 15 years. Composer headed the jury of this annual event (it took place six times), that launched many now well-known singers: Valerie, Aziz, Pavliashvili, Malinin, etc.. In 1986, the director of the firm "Melody" was handed to the composer as a gift to the 50 anniversary of the two "golden disk" - for piano album "My Way" and song compilation "We have guests from the Maestro."

. In 1985, Pauls, was elected deputy of the Supreme Council of Latvia, and March 26, 1989 - People's Deputies
. May 25, 1989 deputies from the Baltic republics have implemented the first "vote with their feet: demonstratively left the room when the agenda would not include the issue of recognition of the Molotov - Ribbentrop. September 6, 1991 Mikhail Gorbachev officially signed the order on the resignation of People's deputies from Latvia in connection with the recognition of independence of the Baltic republics.

In November 1989, Pauls headed ministepstvo kultupy Latvia. For the first time in the history of the Soviet Union was approved by the non-partisan (Pauls never belonged to the Party) minister. The announcement of this historic event went to 62 countries. In 1991, Pauls again elected minister of culture in the first government of independent Latvia. And in 1993 - and the second government. But in the early period Pauls resigned as a matter of principle, when the Parliament was asked to abolish the Ministry of Culture and combining it with other government organizations. (Later, this proposal has not been approved.)

As Minister of Culture, Pauls and his team worked on developing a contract system in the theaters and the reorganization of the theater system. Identified the main theater, which should subsidize the state, the rest ought to fight for life itself. Closed for repairs the building of the National Opera - five years. Built a puppet theater, Valmiera Drama Theater, etc.. Such decisive action the Minister of Culture led a lot of disputes among the intelligentsia, but as it later turned out, in most cases he was right.

. From 1993 to 1998, Pauls was adviser to the culture at the President of Latvia Guntis Ulmanis
. During the visit of the Latvian delegation to Denmark in 1997, Maestro grants awards kingdom - the Order of the Polar Star I degree.

. In those same years, worked as accompanist Pauls in the Latvian Radio Choir, with a children's ensemble "Kukushechka, wrote song cycles and concert programs
. He created music for productions of "Wild Swans", "The Count of Monte Kpisto", "The Green Maid" and others, several programs for A. Vajkule ( "I went to Piccadilly Circus", "Lyme-style tango, etc.). A particular success enjoyed his concert in memory of George Gershwin at the stage of the National Opera: "Rhapsody in Blues" (Pauls performed his piano version), one-act opera "Porgy and Bess" with the participation of professional jazz artists ...

. March 14, 1998 Pauls resumed his political activities - became the chairman set up by him and his associates Hovoy paptii, explaining his desire to move "to move into manual page stpany ppogpessivno young-minded people"
. October 3, 1998 Pauls elect a Member of the 7 th Saeima - he works in the commissions' on Education, Culture and Science, "" auditing, "" child protection "and the Latvian national team .. Interparliamentary Union. In 1999, New paptiya makes kandidatupu Pauls to the post ppezidenta stpany. Successfully ppoydya all the preliminary rounds and going to the finals, Raymond Voldemapovich surprise of many, fizzled out, delivered his shortest formal speech: "Having weighed all the pros and cons, I decided to withdraw its candidature. Thanks to all those who supported me. "

. To his 65-year anniversary, . coincided with the 50 th anniversary of creative activity, . Raimonds Pauls, . among many other greetings, . received a telegram from President Vladimir Putin's Russia: "... for many years, each of your songs became a notable event, . They decorated the repertoire's most famous artists, . many of which are right for you due to its,
. And today, despite time, years and distance, you remember and love in Russia. "

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  • Nicholas for PAULS Ojars-Raymond Voldemarovich
  • Pauls - a complete asshole. And no Soviet occupation had never been. Booze from the "occupiers", napolusal various ranks - and shit. PAULSEN SHOULD SUCH soak in the toilet!
  • Micke for PAULS Ojars-Raymond Voldemarovich
  • Nick, you yourself asshole and dolpoyop. Do not be offended. Think of it, it's true. Ask anyone you like.
  • Elena for PAULS Ojars-Raymond Voldemarovich
  • I would like to cooperate sovmestno.Est lyrics, lacks the genius kompozitora.Esli have a desire to raise up to world star zvonite89625725410 or 88555-417386Isaeva Elena.Budu grateful.
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