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Bukeikhanov Alikhan Nurmuhamedovich

( Teacher, journalist, ethnographer)

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Biography Bukeikhanov Alikhan Nurmuhamedovich
Bukeikhanov Alikhan Nurmuhamedovich (1870, for others. Data, 1866, 7 aul Tokraunskoy parish. Karkarala y. From the noble (Sultan) family. He graduated from Omsk techn. uch-School, then economical. Faculty of Petersburg. lesotehnich. Inst. Teacher, journalist, ethnographer. Belong to the "Westernising direction of" social movement Kirghiz (Kazakh) intellectuals to-paradise "sees the future Kirgh. steppe in soznat. translating zap. culture - in the broadest sense of the word "and" take as an example ... particularly. Party of the People. Freedom "(" Kyrgyzstan ", in the book.: Forms th. movement in modern. gos Islands, St. Petersburg., 1910, with. 599). Member of the Cadet Party since 1905. In late. 1905 in Uralsk at the Congress delegates 5 areas was one of the initiators of attempts to create Kirg. (Kazakhstan) of the Constitution's Democratic. Party. In January. 1,906 arrested "as the head Kirgh. his political movement "(TSGAOR, f.. DP. 7 D-vo, d. 2 h. 39, l. 63); released after 3 months. Tsp. 1 st State. Duma. Signed Vyborg Manifesto (1906), calls for CET. disobedience. In 1908 he was arrested again, until 1917 remained a link in Samara. Tsp. Samara Regional Committee (established in August. 1915) Party of the People. Freedom.

In early. Created in 1917 led to his initiative in Minsk native West Division. Front. After the February. Revolution of 1917 Provisional. pr-tion March 8 Bukeikhanov, as well as M. Tynyshpaevu and OA. Shkapskomu entrusted with "matters of arranging Semirech'ya and questions Kirgh. Life in Kosovo ". March 19 an appointment. Prospect-tion Commissioner Turgay obl. March 24 gas. "Kazakh" has published a telegram signed Bukeyhanovm and others: "For all the peoples of Russia the sun rose brotherhood, equality and freedom. To support the new pr-vo, Kazakhs should unite. To strengthen the new order is necessary to strengthen the fraternal ties with others. peoples. We must prepare for elections in the inaugural. Coll. Strive for unity and justice!.. Do not be afraid of anyone except God, work hard, support the new pr of ..."; OCH. slogan in his political structure of Russia in the telegram called Dem. Republic. At the 1-m Turgai Region. Kirgh. (Kazakh) Congress (2-8 May.), in favor of convening obschekirg. (obschekazah.) Congress, Bukeikhanov elected to the Organizing Bureau of the special training program and the convening of the Congress included in the Turkm. in-ta, creates time. pr-tion on April 5.

At the 8 th Congress of the Cadet Party (May), elected a member of the Central Committee in connection with the earth's. conflict between the Russian. and Kirgh. (Kazakh) populations on May 19 appealed to perform. bodies Turgay obl. appeal "to all citizens of Russia, without distinction of party, nationality and religion, living together in harmony, helping to force the possibility of each other"; believed that the "RGM. question decide to establish. Coll. "Advocated proportional. th. representation in government, the withdrawal of charges. Mosques in charitable, societies. amount, but not in favor of the sole of the mullahs, women's rights in matters of marriage and education (Central State Archive of Kazakhstan, f.. 17 inventory. 1, D. 21, l. 12. 14, 19, 26, 88, 91, 238). July 15 demanded that the Petrograd. A strip of the RNC. Dzhangildin authority to roar. agitation among the Kyrgyz (Kazakh); Dzhangildin was recalled to Petrograd (see: "1917 in Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata, 1977,. 140-41). At the 1-m Obschekirg. (Obschekazah.) Congress in Orenburg (21-26 July), to-ing decided to establish an inde. his political party "Alash, Bukeikhanov withdrew from the party Cadets. Nominated Minister. in the inaugural. Coll. from the Semipalatinsk region. October 31. participated in the inaugural. cit. Party Alash in Omsk, have formed the Regional Party Committee. Elected before. Turgai obkom Alash.

On behalf of the 1 st Obschekirg. (Obschekazah.) Congress Bukeikhanov one of the sponsors of the draft program of the party Alash, according to Roy, "Russia should become a Democritus, a federal ... republic with a presidential form of government and public izbirat. law; zakonodat. power belongs to the State. Duma: "autonomy Kirghiz ... is to Russia along with other nationalities, "" there is equality, security of person and freedom of speech, press and association, "" religion must be separated from the state-wa. Everyone should be free and equal "," the court ... be consistent with the custom ... Taxation should happen to the degree of wealth and property, the state in general ... Labor legislation should be in favor of workers ... Party Alash support in this regard the program with-d. Mensheviks'. In the agrarian question, the party opposed the sale of land for the return of the Kirghiz (Kazakhs) are not populated by settlers land, the definition of the size of plots depending on soil quality and type of x-in ( "Kazakh". 1917, 21 Nov.)..

October. roar-mation not received. After 14 Nov.. Orenburg was busy joy Ataman AI. Dutova, Bukeikhanov made the city a collection point for the forces of their supporters. December 1. the "Memo to the peasants, . workers and soldiers, wrote: "Remember, . peasants, . workers and soldiers, . Bolsheviks consider: 1) responsibility to the people's rulers, . 2) freedom of speech, . press freedom, . freedom of assembly, . 3) universal direct secret ballot, . 4) the inviolability of citizens and MPs, . 5) the power of people - bourgeois prejudice ..,
. From the person slept Bolshevik revolutionary and a red mask is stripped of its essence reactionary "(Central State Archive of Kazakhstan, f.. 17, on. 1, q. 21, l. 1-2). In gas. "South Ural December 10. called Kirghiz (Kazakhs) to unite under the banner of "Alash.

Organizer 2 nd Obschekirg. (Obschekazah) Congress in Orenburg (5-13 dec.) Comrade. prev. Presidium of the Congress, the speaker on "attitude toward the autonomy of Siberia, Turkestan and the south-east. Union ". Congress on the report Bukeyhanova unanimously agreed: "... bearing in mind ... that ... Ros. Republic lost power, enjoying the confidence of the people and the moral authority that-may occur CET. war that anarchy ... danger of life and property.. Cossack cirth. the people. "form terr.-th. autonomy for the regions, representing a continuous territory with a dominant population of the Cossack-Kirgh. common origin, common culture, history and common language, "calling it" Alash ", guarantee the rights th. Minorities and proportional, representation in all institutions of autonomy. Was formed Vsekirg. (Vsekazah.) Nar. Council Alash horde of 25 people, 10 seats it was given to Russian and others. Populations living among the Kirghiz (Kazakhs). Bukeikhanov voted against an immediate declaration of autonomy for the proclamation of her "to clarify the relationship nekirgizskogo population of the steppe regions of the Kyrgyz-Kazakh autonomy", argued that "stand apart ... politically and to take an independent course purely autonomous control would be inappropriate ". Of the 3 candidates elected before. Vsekirg. (Vsekazah.) Nar. Council Alash Orda (Alash Orda "Sat. dock-ing, Kyzyl-Orda, 1929,. 50, 51-52, 53. 56). Later stated: "Resolution of the Congress was motivated by a desire to prevent anarchy in the territory inhabited by Kirghiz, to prevent the possible development of Bolshevism in the Steppe" (ibid.,. 116).

After the January 23, 1918 Orenburg was occupied by Soviet troops, Bukeikhanov moved to Semipalatinsk, where the Feb. 17 victory of Soviet power, and Bukeikhanov established contact with Soviet institutions, April 2, with X. Gabbasova and A. Yermekov on a direct line from Semipalatinsk was negotiating with the VI. Lenin and I.V. Stalin, for clusters of national autonomy in Kazakhstan.

June 11 M. Tynyshpaev, Gabbesov and Bukeikhanov signed OCH. decrees Alash Orda ". to rye-recognized "null and void on the territory of the autonomy Alash all docs issued Owls. power "and" existing laws and declarations ACCESSED. Prospect Island, restored zemstvos, announces a set of "drug. police, entered the tax system (see. ibid,. 91, 92). He headed the delegation Alash Orda "on Ufim. State. meeting (Sept.). Entered the apparatus glavnoupolnomochennogo for the Territory Alash created pr-tion AV. Kolchak (con. nov.).

In December. 1919 after the defeat of the army adm. Kolchak siding Owls. power. Participant 1 second inaugural. Congress of Soviets Kirg. (Kazakh) ASSR (4-12 October. 1920). Then was on the joint. and households. work, translated Random. rus. Classical. lit-ry. In the 20-30-ies. three arrested. Sep 27. 1937 Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR convicted on charges of belonging to terroristich. org-tion and the same day shot. Rehabilitated in 1989.

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Bukeikhanov Alikhan Nurmuhamedovich, photo, biography
Bukeikhanov Alikhan Nurmuhamedovich, photo, biography Bukeikhanov Alikhan Nurmuhamedovich  Teacher, journalist, ethnographer, photo, biography
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