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Gavin Yuri Petrovich

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Biography Gavin Yuri Petrovich
Gavin Yuri Petrovich (cf.. Pham. and the name of Jan Dauman Ernestovich) (March 18, 1884, Bikern farm, near Riga - October 4, 1936). Born in a large peasant family in the village in the limits g. Riga. He graduated from high school in Riga and 1-year student teachers' seminary Baltic. Excluded from it in 1901 for revolutionary propaganda to the ban to continue their studies. Since 1901 member of the Latvian SDLP. In 1902-05 propagandist, secretary. Riga desks. org-tion. In December of 1905-1906 led peasants fighting squads Lifland province. In 1906-1908 member of the Central Committee of the Social Democracy of the Latvian territory (SDLC), a member of its press organs. Delegate 1 st and 2 nd congress SDLC, 5 th Party Congress (1907 under the pseudonym Donner). 6 February. 1,355 arrested until July 1914 was a hard central Riga and Vologda, and then exiled to Minusinsk Yenisei Province.

. After the February Revolution of 1917 March 3, Minusinskogo chairman of the Council, in March the chairman Minusinsk organization RSDLP (b), editor of "Comrade"
. One of the organizers and leaders of the Congress of Soviets in Central Siberia (early September), about his proposal to the Congress adopted a resolution on the Bolshevik Soviet power, convene a 2-Russia Congress of Soviets. In September, delegates to the Democratic meeting in St. Petersburg, a member of its Bolshevik faction. With the mandate RSDLP (b) in late September sent to Sevastopol to win over to their side of the Black Sea Fleet sailors. In anticipation of passage in Sebastopol 3-20 October was in Simferopol, strengthened the city of the Bolshevik organization.

. On 25 October, one of the leaders of the Bolshevik faction of the Sevastopol Council and its executive committee, the daily spoken at meetings: meetings of the Council and the Sevastopol Tsentroflot October 26-27, promoted the adoption of resolutions on the assumption of power
. In November, one of the leaders of the Congress Obschechernomorskogo navy in Sevastopol, which adopted the Bolshevik. resolution of power, sending a detachment of sailors and ships to fight п-.п°. Kaledin. Participated in a conference of the Bolsheviks Tavrich. Lip. November 23-24 in Simferopol, elected member of. Gubernia. The seizure of power in Sevastopol armament. by bypassing Council. One of the leaders of the armed intervention of sailors in Sevastopol, on the night of December 16, on the arrests of nearly all the officers and leaders of the Mensheviks and SRs, mass shootings.

. Since 16 December, the Chairman of the Bolshevik Military Revolutionary Committee of the city, having taken power, re-elected City Council
. Since 18 December, members of the Presidium of the Council of the Sevastopol military and Workers' Deputies., Before. Gore. to-ta Bolsheviks. In late December 1917 - the beginning of 1918 sent warships to the landings of seafarers to help the Bolsheviks Evpatoria, Yalta, Feodosia, one of the red. gas. "But in Tauris". One of the main organizers and leaders of the revolutionary committees and congresses of Soviets Tauride province 28-30 January 1918 and 7-10 March, was elected a member of their provincial CEC. At the provincial congress of the Bolsheviks on March 2 elected to the Provincial Committee. Led Sevastopol Regional VRK. Shares responsibility for the "Red Terror" and lynchings February 21-23. From March 21 member of the Council of People's Republic of Tauris, People's Commissar of Naval Affairs. In February - April to create and send detachments of the Red Army to fight rom. and it. interventionists. Supervised the defense of Sevastopol, Simferopol and fighting under the Alma in late April, the evacuation of troops and the fleet in Novorossiysk. In May - June, members of the revolutionary headquarters Kuban-Black Sea republic, was wounded, sick 10 months. After the Civil War in Soviet and economic work in 1933 on a pension.

April 4, 1936 arrested on October 3 and the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court sentenced to death on charges of involvement in the counter-revolutionary Trotskyite organization. Rehabilitated in 1958

Used materials article L. Garchevoy in the book.: Politicians Russia 1917. Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 1993

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Under Stalin
. Gavin Yuri Petrovich (real name - Jan Ernestovich Dauman) (18.03.1884, kh Bikern inside the Riga - 4.10.1936), party and state leaders
. The son of a peasant. Teacher. In 1902 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. During the revolution of 1905-07 was one of the leaders of the communist groups (TN. "Forest Brothers") in Latvia. In Feb.. 1,908 arrested until July 1914 was in prison, then in exile in Minusinsk. On 03.03.1917 before. Minusinskogo council, then before. local organization RSDLP (b). On Nov.. 1917 members of the Bureau of the Tauride Provincial Committee RSDLP (b), one of the leaders of the Communists in the Crimea. Since 1918 member of the Tauride Military Revolutionary Committee. In March-April. 1918 Member of the Presidium of the CEC Tauris Soviet republic, Commissioner for Naval Affairs, before. Sevastopolskogo Committee RSDLP (b). In May-June 1919 before. Crimean Regional Party Committee, RCP (b), while the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs and member of the Presidium of the Crimean SNK, a member of the Defense Council. Feb. .- In June 1920 a member of the Crimean Revolutionary Committee, the secretary of the RCP (b) in Melitopol. Since Sept.. 1920 he worked in the foreign department of the CC CP (b) of Ukraine. On Nov.. 1920 Member of the Crimean Revolutionary Committee and at the same time in June 1921 before. Commission to combat gang violence in the Crimean Cheka. Involved in mass executions of remaining at the call M.V. Frunze military officers in the Crimea, as well as in the organization of punitive expeditions against the local population. In 1921-24 before. CEC Crimean SSR. Since 1924 member of the Presidium of the State Planning Commission of the SNK. In 1931-33 the control of Soviet oil company in Germany. In 1933, seriously ill, and nowhere at work. 04/04/1936 Arrested. 3/10/1936 sentenced to death on charges of belonging to a counter-revolutionary Trotskyite organization. Shot. In 1958, rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Gavin Yuri Petrovich, photo, biography
Gavin Yuri Petrovich, photo, biography Gavin Yuri Petrovich  Promoter, photo, biography
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