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Probus, Marcus Aurelius - Roman emperor in 276-282 years. Genus. August 19. 232 g. + 282 g.

Breakdown occurs from Pannonia, from the city Sirma (Vopisk: 'Probus', 3). His father was a farmer-gardener (Victor: 'On the life and morals of the Roman emperors'; 37). After serving a centurion and a very distinguished themselves at the same time, he received the title of tribune, and graduated from the life in Egypt. His mother was a noble origin. Estate at the sample was modest, relatives had not been a high-ranking. But as a private person, and as emperor he was famous for his prowess, and shining. In his youth he was so famous for his physical strength and courage in the war with the Goths, that the decision of Valerian was promoted to command of the tribune, and legion, being almost beardless boy. Just as he valiantly served and all subsequent emperors. When Aurelian, he participated in a hike at Palmyra, and their last deeds done in Africa: relieved marmaridov Carthage and then smashed them in Libya.

. For soldiers Probus always been strict and fair: never allowed senseless brutality, but idleness is not tolerated
. If there was no military action, he forced Legionnaires perform community service. After him in Egypt, there are still many buildings constructed by the soldiers. On the Nile, he took so much work that, in essence, only he and promote the correct flow of the grain tax. In all places where he served with the hands of its soldiers had been built many bridges, temples, porticos, basilicas, widened the mouth of many rivers, drained wetlands and set in their place instituted field. This is hardly much they liked. However, after the death of Tacitus all eastern legions unanimously proclaimed emperor Trial. They say it happened against his will, and gathering where he was clothed in a purple cloak, the samples alleged to have said: 'It is not profitable, the warriors, with me you will not be good: because I can not crouch in front of you. "

. But he did not consider it necessary to abandon the proposed honor, and told the Senate about his election
. Board it was filled with wars with the barbarians and usurpers. First Probus hurried to the west. In the spring of 277 g. He entered Gaul, devastating Alamanni. Here he gave a lot of large and small battles, and took several towns and took away the Germans all the prey. Many enemies were slain and the rest driven back beyond the Roman provinces. In 278 g. He again went to the east and along the way defeated the Sarmatians in Illyricum, and, moving through Thrace, several tribes conquered the Goths. In 279 g. he with difficulty cleared of robbers Isaurian and all parts of Pamphylia, and also took blemmiyami Copts and captured Ptolemais. Simultaneously, his generals waged war against Saturninus, who was proclaimed emperor of the troops stationed in Palestine. Returning to Thrace, the samples placed on the right bank of the Danube in the Roman limits bastarnov 100 000 displaced by the Goths from Dacia, instructing them to defend the borders. This experiment was successful. However, it struck wanted to do the same with gipedami, Franks and Vandals, they rebelled and caused the Romans much evil, so that the emperor had to fight a bitter war with them. In 281 g. He won Pilate's wife, who was proclaimed Emperor in Gaul. Only after the sample is then entered for the first time in Rome and arranged for the people of the grandiose spectacle.

In 282 g. he moved against the Persians, but the road was killed by his soldiers in Illyricum. The reasons for his murder were as follows: arrival in Sirmium, he wished to make the native land fertile and expand its. To do this, he put many thousands of soldiers for drainage of a swamp. He was preparing to hold a huge ditch that can

it, relegating it to the mouth of the river Sava, to drain this area for the benefit sarmiytsam. Incensed that the soldiers killed him (Vopisk: 'Probus', 3, 5, 7, 9-10, 13, 15-16-20).

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