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Biography Pertinax
Pertinax, Publius Gelvy - Roman emperor in January. - March 193 g. Genus. August 1. 126 g. + 28 March 193 g.

Father Pertinax was freedman Gelvy successions, which, as passed, gave his son the name of Pertinax ( 'hard') to celebrate the fact that he constantly and persistently engaged in trade in wool. Pertinax was born in the Apennines, in the name of the mother. Learned literacy and numeracy, the boy was given to study Greek grammar, and then Sulpicius Apollonariyu, after which Pertinax himself began to teach grammar. But since this occupation did not give him sufficient income, he assisted konsulyara Lolliana Avita, who was the patron of his father, began to covet the post of centurion. Then in the reign of the emperor Antoninus Pius, he went to Syria as the head of the cohort. Cavalry through their zeal during the Parthian War 162-166 years. He was transferred to Britain, where he spent a long time. After that, he commanded a detachment of cavalry in Moesia. Then he was in charge of food distribution on Emilievoy road and commanded a fleet of Germanic. From Germany, he was transferred to Dacia, with a salary of 200 000 sesterces, but someone intrigues aroused the suspicion of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius and was removed. Later, however, he again has been recruited with the assistance-in-law Mark Claudius Pompeyana as his assistant on the future command of military units. Gain the approval of this position, he was appointed to the Senate. Then, after further its success, was disclosed to the intrigue, which trailed against him and the emperor Marcus Aurelius, Pertinax to compensate for any grievance, he gave him the title of a large palace, and placed at the head of the first legion. Immediately after this Pertinax defended from enemies Rhaetian area and Noricum. For their zeal, he is an outstanding, thanks to the efforts of the Emperor Marcus, was scheduled to Consuls. After the suppression of 175, the unrest caused by Cassius, Pertinax of Syria went to protect the Danube, was in control both of Moesia, and shortly afterwards - Dacia. Later he was appointed to govern Syria.

Until that time Pertinax acted unselfishly, but after the death of Marcus Aurelius in 180 g. He became addicted to money and at the end of their powers returned to Rome a very rich man. He first entered the Senate, which so far have never visited. But soon he brought upon himself the displeasure of a powerful powerful Perennisa, who ruled all the affairs with young Commodus. Pertinax was ordered to retire to his estate and three years lived in Liguria. When Perennis was executed, Commodus Pertinax returned to his position and sent him to rule Britain. Here he had to suppress mutinies of soldiers, who - it only cost him his wish - and himself were ready to proclaim the emperor. His life at this time suffered the greatest dangers, and finally he asked Commodus withdraw it from Britain, because the legions were set against hostile to him for what he stands for discipline. From Britain he went proconsul in Africa. Here he also had to suppress several revolts. Earned in all its glory man positions of sense and ability, Pertinax was appointed Prefect of Rome. Worked hard and earned praise from the new Commodus, he was nominated them for the second consulate (Capitol: 'Gelvy Pertinax'; 1-4).

. It would seem that Pertinax had reached only thing I could wish son homeless freedmen, but fate took it even higher, after the end of December 192 g
. prefect praetorian years and sleeping Eklekt conspired and killed Commodus. The conspirators were to decide to whom you can hand over power, and agreed to select the emperors of a temperate old man, and himself to escape from persecution, and all citizens to take a break from the tyranny of an unbridled. Arguing among themselves, Eklekt years and found that Pertinax more than others to meet their demands, because he had abstained, experienced in public affairs and is popular with the troops. Both accompanied the soldiers immediately went to his home. It was late night, and Pertinax took them, lying in bed. Seeing Summer, he thought that he was sent to execute him Commodus. He later admitted that he had long feared for his life, although he did not know for a no other fault than the one that was the last of the friends of Marcus Aurelius, the survivors: the rest had already been executed by Commodus. Prefect of Pretoria did not immediately able to convince him that there was no threat to his life there and that Commodus died. Then they informed about the purpose of their coming Pertinax After some hesitation, agreed to take the imperial power. Years immediately went to the praetorian camp and announced the death of Commodus from stroke. The news is quickly spread through the capital and was accepted by the people and the Senate with great glee. Crowds of people ran to the praetorian camp in order to support Pertinax. Surrounded on all sides by soldiers, though with great reluctance, acceded to the general clamor, and proclaimed emperor Pertinax. But he refused to take the title for as long as it does not approve the Senate. So he went to the curia as a private person and offered to hand over power most worthy of the senators, just as she was presented nerves after the assassination of Domitian. However, the senators have unanimously proclaimed him Augustus, the emperor, the father of the fatherland and gave him all the honors, placed Princeps. Bringing victimization Pertinax then joined the Palatine palace as all recognized emperor.

Regulation it more as gentle head and his father, not as a sovereign. Every one he allowed to occupy so much fallow land as he can handle. Cultivating land it was granted exemption from all taxes for ten years and own it forever unobstructed. By abolishing all duties, invented earlier in the tyranny in order to obtain ample funds, he found the old free order. He was so humble and so fond of equality, . that even his son, . former already in adolescence, . not entered in the imperial palace, he remained in the paternal home and attended ordinary schools and the gymnasium for private, . brought up and did everything with the rest, . never exposing the display of imperial ambition and pomp,
. Yes, and Pertinax wanted to remain in the eyes of others as it was before (Herodian: 2, 1-5).

All these measures have earned Pertinax love and respect of all decent citizens. But warriors pretorian disliked from the beginning of the new emperor and later obeyed him with great reluctance. They talked longingly about the liberties that allow them to Dresser, which covered many of their iniquities, and feared the severity of Pertinax, who had the glory of strict commander (Herodian: 2, 5). First they tried to proclaim the emperor Triariya Senator Mathern, then consul Falcon. And in the first and second times the applicants themselves, it seems, knew nothing about the intention of the conspirators. Pertinax forgave them both, but executed the ringleaders of disorder. The massacre, he further angered the soldiers. And on March 28 300 armed soldiers, lined wedge, broke into the imperial palace. Pertinax went out to him and calmed a long and convincing speech. The soldiers were about to disperse, but some Tauz threw a spear in the chest to the emperor. Then, praying to Jupiter, Pertinax togoi covered his head and was finished off the rest. The soldiers planted his head on a lance and carried it across town to the camp.

Total emperor Pertinax spent a little more than eighty days, and his demise was equally swift and sudden as the very exaltation. Say, . that this fate was predicted Pertinax on the day of his birth: in hour, . when the future emperor was born, . colt somehow climbed onto the roof and, . long they remained there, . fell to the ground and okolel (Capitolina: 'Gelvy Pertinax', 1, . 6, . 10.11, . 14).,

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  • elijah for Pertinax
  • Judging by the article he was a great man, the Roman people lost much killing him. I think it served them right then.
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    Pertinax, photo, biography
    Pertinax, photo, biography Pertinax  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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