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Hoffman, Henry Hoffman (Hoffmann)

( Hitler's personal photographer)

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Biography Hoffman, Henry Hoffman (Hoffmann)
Hoffmann, Heinrich Hoffmann, (Hoffmann), (1885-1957), Hitler's personal photographer. Born September 12, 1885 in Fц?rth, Bavaria, the son of a wealthy owner of a photo studio, where he learned the craft of the photographer. During the 1-st World War was a photographer of the Bavarian army. In 1919 released his first album "Bavarian revolution". Hoffman's first contacts with Hitler in Munich began at the dawn of the Nazi movement. Hoffman felt the promising future of the young politician, and became his constant companion. Hitler often visited the house of Hoffmann in Munich-Bogenhauzene, where he managed to relax after a hectic political activity. Hoffman introduced Hitler and Winifred Wagner, widow of the son of the composer Richard Wagner, and later with Eva Braun, who worked with him in a photo studio assistant. Hoffmann's daughter Henrietta married a Hitler Youth leader Baldur von Schirach, but before the 2-nd World War, they were divorced.

Over time, their personal relationships were added and profitable business cooperation. Rapid growth of its popularity in large part, Hitler was obliged photographic skills Hoffman. For a long time, Hoffman was the only one who was allowed to photograph the Fuhrer in an informal atmosphere. After the huge circulation throughout Germany were distributed postcards with portraits of Hitler, made by Hoffmann, Hitler's personal photographer became a millionaire. Hoffman issued a series of albums: "Awakened Germany", "Brown House", "Unknown Hitler", etc.. In 1933 he was elected to the Reichstag, and in 1938, Hitler awarded him the title of professor. In 1947 the West was sentenced Hoffman to 10 years in prison for illegally acquired by the state during the Nazi period. His property was confiscated, and he was deprived of the title of professor. But a year later reduced the sentence to 3 years, but then, in 1950, again increased to 5 years. Hoffman died on December 16, 1957 in Munich at the age of 72.

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Hoffman (Hoffmann) Henry (12.9.1885, Fц?rth, Bavaria -16.12.1857, Munich) A personal photographer. Hitler, Professor (1938). The son of the owner of a photo studio. Participant 1-st World War military photographer. After the war was discharged in 1919 released his first album "Bavarian revolution. In the early 1920. met with Hitler in Munich. They became friends, and Mr.. become a constant companion of the Fuhrer. Hitler often visited the home of Mr.. Munich - Bogenhauzene. G. Giyera acquainted with many representatives of the world culture of Bavaria, in t h. with the widow of the composer's son P. Wagner - Vinifrid Wagner.

in 1929 from working in his studio model 'E. Brown, who in 1931 after the death of Mr.. Raubal herds metressoy Fuhrer. This helped strengthen the position of G. among the leadership of the NSDAP. ab. ([yun Chirac even married his daughter (they divorced in 1939). Being a talented photographer, Mr.. largely contributed to the rising popularity of Hitler. For a long time T. was the only one who Hitler was allowed to photograph themselves in an informal atmosphere. After amplification pozily NSDAP, which ciajia second party in the Reichstag in Germany, photographs G. become widely used in the publication of postcards, illustrated albums, posters, etc.. Even after the Nazi Party came to power, Mr.. issued a series of albums in t.ch. "Awakened Germany", "Brown House", "Unknown Hitler", etc.. All this gave him a good profit, and he became a millionaire, in addition, it has been retained for the right of personal photos Fuhrer, which he then bought the Reich Ministry of Propaganda. In 1933 was elected to the Reichstag. As the first photographer of the Third Reich. After the war in 1947 Germanic denazification court sentenced Mr.. to 10 years' imprisonment with confiscation of personal property and deprivation of the rank of professor. In 1948 the term was reduced to 3 years, but in 1950 again increased to 5. After his release he lived in Munich.

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Hoffman, Henry Hoffman (Hoffmann), photo, biography
Hoffman, Henry Hoffman (Hoffmann), photo, biography Hoffman, Henry Hoffman (Hoffmann)  Hitler's personal photographer, photo, biography
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