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Herbert von Dirksen (Dirksen)

( Deutsch diplomat)

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Biography Herbert von Dirksen (Dirksen)
Dirksen, Herbert von (Dirksen), (1882-1955), Germanic diplomat. Born April 2, 1882 in Berlin. He graduated from the gymnasium of Emperor William in Berlin, then studied law. In 1907, toured the world, visiting Vost. Africa, India, China, Japan, North. America, Brazil and Argentina, which later became a basis for his diplomatic career. He served as a lawyer. In 1910 he visited the colony in Germanic Vost. and South. Africa. Participant 1-st world war, a lieutenant, was awarded the Iron Cross II degree. After the war he entered the diplomatic service. In 1923-25 was Germany's Consul in Danzig. In 1928, Dirksen led the Eastern Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. In the same year he was appointed Germany's ambassador in Moscow (1928-33). In September 1933 Dirksen became Germany's ambassador in Tokyo, in 1938 - Ambassador in London. Since the beginning of 2 nd World War Dirksen returned to Germany and retired.

In 1950, in Stuttgart, he published the book "Moscow-Tokyo-London: memories and reflections. 20 years, Germany's foreign policy, . 1919-1939 ", . which gave a very unflattering characteristics of many high-ranking representatives of the Nazi diplomacy, . including the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Third Reich, Joachim von Ribbentrop, . which he contemptuously described as "an upstart and useless comic figure ',
. Dirksen recalls his diplomatic career in the Third Reich as "a complete humiliation and frustration". His first meeting with Hitler lasted no more than three minutes, with the "Hitler restlessly in his chair, every now and then apologizing and then suddenly disappeared. I was amazed and furious when I came out of it ". As a diplomat of the old school, Dirksen never managed to put up with "hypocrisy, shallowness and ineffectiveness" of the Nazi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After signing the Munich Agreement of 1938, he finally gave up trying to return Germany's diplomacy to "sensible policy". Dirksen admitted: "Despite the fact that I was not involved in lying this time, it would be much more honorable not to serve in Hitler".

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Dirksen (Dirksen), Herbert von (02.04.1882, Berlin - 9.12.1955, Munich), diplomat, diarist. The son of a major diplomatic Vibana von Dirksen. Educated at the universities of Heidelberg and Berlin, in 1903 received the degree of Doctor of Law at the University of Rostock. In 1903 he entered the Prussian civil service. In 1910-14 he served under the Ministry of Trade in colonial possessions in Africa. Participant 1-st World War, Lieutenant. For military distinctions awarded the Iron Cross 2 class. Since 1918 the diplomatic service, while Germany was in the mission in Kiev. Since 1919, the referent of the Baltic countries in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 1920 Counselor of the Embassy in Warsaw. Since 1921 the head of the Polish referantur in the Ministry. In 1923-25 consul-general in the free city of Danzig. In 1928 was the manager of East Department of Foreign Affairs. Since 1929 Germany's ambassador to the USSR. Since September 1933, Ambassador of Japan. In 1938 it was replaced by the designated Minister of Foreign Affairs and. Ribbentrop as ambassador in London. Was opposed to foreign policy pursued by Ribbentrop. After entering the UK in September 1939 in the war left the country and returned to Germany, retired. The author's memoirs "Moscow - Tokyo - London: memories and reflections. 20 years, Germany's foreign policy. 1919-1939 ", which gave the characteristics of the leaders of Nazi foreign policy.

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Herbert von Dirksen (Dirksen), photo, biography
Herbert von Dirksen (Dirksen), photo, biography Herbert von Dirksen (Dirksen)  Deutsch diplomat, photo, biography
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