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( The King of Alemannia)

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Biography CARL III Thick
Charles III of fat from the kind of Carolingian. King of Alemannia 877-882. King of Italy in 879 - 887. German King in 882-887 years. French king in 884-887 years. Emperor 'Holy Roman Empire' in 881-887 years. Son of Louis II the German and Emma. Wife: Richard,
+ 18 January. 888 g.

* * *

In 873 g. Carl conceived rebellion forgiven his father and older brother, but in a fit of annoyance suffered mental disorder, after which all his plans revealed. After the death of his father Charles was Aachen, and half of Lorraine, and two years later, after his brother Carloman inherited Italy. In February, 881 g. Charles went to Rome, where Pope John VIII crowned him the imperial crown. The new emperor was the emperor at all timid and indecisive, pious and can be controlled is. But fate would have it that he was the least capable of all Carolingian, no difficulty in obtaining it, dreamed about many of his ancestors - united under his rule the empire of Charlemagne. In January 882, after the death of his brother Louis III, he acquired the whole of Germany, and in 884, when the death of his cousin Carloman, Younger princes invited Charles to take and the French throne. However, the burden was obviously not afford. Already in 882 g. he had. hastily speak out against the Normans, who stood in the fortified camp near Lyuttiha on the Meuse and terribly devastated neighborhood. 12 days, the Germans stormed the camp of the Normans, but they repulsed all attacks. On the advice of his Chancellor Liutvarda Karl concluded with a shameful peace, which they took the money, agreed to withdraw. And the army, and the people were very annoyed by this cowardly act. In 886 g. Norman went up the Seine and besieged Paris. In July, Karl with hastily assembled army was made to relieve.

Until September he was standing near the besieged city, but did not dare to attack the Normans. When the autumn weather conditions he had paid a huge ransom enemies and forced them to retire. Three months later the Emperor stayed in Paris, taking steps to consolidate his power in this part of the country. After that he went to Germany. His health was by this time very weak. With fourteen years of Karl suffered an epileptic fit, and in his youth suffered an attack of this madness. From this illness he was cured, but continued to suffer from headaches. In 887 g. Emperor accused his chancellor Liutvarda in the criminal context, the Empress Richard and chased him from me. Liutvard fled to Arnulf and began to bring him to the war with Charles. Meanwhile, Charles announced that he had not lived with Richard as his wife, and therefore wants to divorce her. In turn, Richard admitted that after so many years of marriage, she is still a girl, and asked for divine court to prove his innocence and false accusations being built has caused. Then she took the veil. Meanwhile, in December, all Germanic lords gathered at a congress in Ferhgeyme and unanimously elected the German king Arnulf. Carl relinquish power. Arnulf left him a few royal estates in Alemannia, that he lived income from them.

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CARL III Thick, photo, biography
CARL III Thick, photo, biography CARL III Thick  The King of Alemannia, photo, biography
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