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Biography HOPE, Bob
Comedian Bob Hope (Bob Hope) - an era in American popular art. Merit him before the American people so much that enumerate them all very difficult. Special, . honorable side of its activities - a tireless work to raise the spirit of American soldiers on the various fronts, . where his performances he sostryasal laugh huge masses of members of military action - and those, . who to them was only prepared, . those, . who have to smell gunpowder, . those, . who "fought" in the rear and sit on military bases: in front of their face Bob Hope, . bound in a subtle British humor with American rollicking optimism has always been himself - and he adored.,

. Bob Hope is not an American by birth, though became an American idol, and the Englishman
. I was granted the noble title of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. He was born a long time, May 29, 1903. His real name - Tauens Leslie Hope (Leslie Townes Hope). He arrived in the United States with his parents in 1907. After success on Broadway, began acting in film (1934) and shot up to 1994-th.

Bob Hope has traveled many countries. His perpetual motion amazed and loved ones, and the mass of admirers. He himself joked: "People ask me why I was so much to move. I answered: With my occupation as safer! "He once compared himself to a Soviet cosmonaut Nikolayev Andriyan, . which orbited around the Earth 64 times, myself, Bob Hope, . in his own words, . doing the same thing, . but much more difficult way - a tourist,
. It is not quite right just past: all travel, Bob Hope did not stop work. I visited it, and Khrushchev's Soviet Union, as mentioned in one of his books covering this eventful life.

"You know, like the Cold War?" - He asked, opening his memoirs, "I should Russia $ 1200". And explained his "version" of what happened. Was it exactly, or a great joker Bob again "play-act" is unknown - but the canvas of real events.

. When Nikita Khrushchev visited the United States with his wife, he was invited to lunch with well-known American actors and entertainers, who organized Spyros Skuros
. Nina Khrushchev put the table between Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra - cheerful company! It was polite small talk - how it was possible to maintain: first of all had prokrikivat translator. Bob decided to speak to the most innocent topic. "Why do not you visit Disneyland? - Asked her, Bob. - All the tourists there are ". Frank added: "Yes, you ought to get there ... I'll take you there ". - "It seems to be a great idea!" - Said Madame Khrushchev. - I will ask Nicky! "

. She was so lit up the idea of this trip, . that he immediately dashed off a note and handed it over other guests to her husband, . which, , . followed closely behind them with the other end of the table - he was sitting at the head of the banquet, along with important officials of the Gosdepartmenta,
. Shining Nikita, . razomlevshy from the set of benefits and contented just perfect trip to the island of Tom Sawyer, and in other places, . read the note, . nodded and whispered into the ears of man number one (as they call him Bob Hope), . that he organized a trip to Disneyland,
. Man number one retired, then came back and whispered in his ear Nikita: "The security agencies of Los Angeles does not allow you to go there."

From Khrushchev's head up steam, "says Bob. Nikita took off his shoe, tapped it on the table, demanding silence and said: "The wonderful country! Invite me to dine with you, and not let Disneyland. What type of missiles are you ustanavlivate? "At this point, sighs Bob, we know what nezatykaemy talker Nikita: ten minutes he lash out, denouncing the capitalist conspiracy against his visit to Disneyland ... Why, why Khrushchev was not allowed to go to Disneyland - in fact in Congress he did not hit! ...

So Bob Hope assigns a real outbreak of a major diplomatic scandal. But it, Bob, personal Cold War with the Soviet Union started earlier ... [He visited Moscow in March 1958 or 1959, although the exact date of his memoirs to find out it is impossible] His "offense" began in London when he saw the Albert Hall in a long queue of at least two thousand people. The fact of the matter is that Bob that evening did not speak. A huge poster announced: "State Dance Ensemble of the Ukrainian SSR". Bob watched this speech, the decision to go to Moscow, he took on the same evening.

He had then no concrete plans, he knew nothing about the Soviet country. He was not going to set and achieve any ambitious targets. All of what he was thinking - is the creation of a special television program, which would make a notch on the Iron Curtain ...

. The next day, Bob went to the Soviet Embassy, . House 5 at Kensington Palace Gardens and applied for a visa, . then contacted his New York press agent Ursula Helloran and the Moscow representative of NBC Irvom Levin and informed them of his intention to ...,

. Their intention! ..
. The intentions of the Soviet embassy, too, were his - and typical of. All week after the application, of course, they have no news was. During the second week they did not guarantee. In the third week the situation has returned to the starting point. At the fourth week, Bob was told that the man with whom he talked about the visa, and no general there has never been ... Bob soon had to go back for New York, and he rushed to recover acquaintance with influential personages. U.S. Ambassador in London, has kindly agreed to talk about his case with the Soviet Ambassador, Yakov Malik, on the diplomatic cocktail party. That, . became known, . in response to a question Malik grinned lazily and asked: "What Mr Hope your going to do with us? to entertain our troops on Red Square?" In the Soviet embassy in the United States agent Bob received in response to only the same grin ...,

. Here Bob and said: nothing will be more times when on TV they show a good, rollicking western ...

. Bob managed the Moscow correspondent Irvom Levin
. He said that everything seemed to his arrival, but the visa not married. Hope threatened to sit on the plane in Copenhagen and ... just fly to Moscow. Levin said that, first, he and the plane is not wasted, and secondly, their line is bugged. Phone immediately disconnected. Soon the Kremlin demanded the expulsion of Levin from the country - whether for one reason or another ...

The saga with the visa got into the British and American newspapers. Bob packed his things and sat on the plane of reflected in New York, smiling, as he said, "jaws burdened ten pounds". It was planned to urgently work on a new television show in California, where Bob said: waiting for a visa at the Soviet Embassy in Washington. Bob raced there.

At the entrance there lay a rug with the inscription: Welcome. Bob had his doubts: he waited for a visa a few months. The embassy met him a cultural attache Tamara Mamedov, who said with an amiable smile: "Well, hello, conqueror!" - "Conqueror?" - "No one has so quickly had not received the Soviet visa". But, replied Bob, it took many weeks ... - "Well, all takes time. You're learning us, we are studying you ". With these words, she had Bob on the second floor of the embassy, at a press conference - I must say it was the first time in history when American reporters were allowed into the territory. After the press conference, Comrade Mamedov instructed Bob Hope, how to behave on Soviet soil. Although the word has been said many, the idea was simple: if it was necessary to bring to the work of any of the Soviet artists, all negotiations should be conducted by the Soviet authorities, not by the artist.

. Gee, I thought Bob, I would be quite sour with such orders: Although the house before me money too, do not reach, but at least I was able to trace their movement ...

. Bob explained his purpose as
. He did not want to participate in any political affairs, . and was interested in, . to see the Soviet show business as close as possible, . meet with local stars, . see them on stage and on screen, . photograph them in their program then, . where it is convenient and where it is convenient,
. All sixteen required visas - for the crew and the technical team from London. That Bob, of course, refused: Soviet workers do everything themselves, and where better. As Bob himself with the camera did not work, the choice he was not - he agreed. Six visas, however, was issued by: Bob, his press agent Ursula Helloran and Arthur Jacobs, as well as three staff members from London: two men "cruising" screenwriters and outstanding English operator Ken Talbot. Three days later, Bob and his agents sat in New York on a plane bound for Copenhagen, where they were transplanted to the Aeroflot plane ...

Before Copenhagen flown safely. There they were immediately informed that the flight to Moscow delayed due to snow. Snowfall has already lasted for two weeks ... The next day, they plunged into a brand-new, silver, slim TU-104, capable of flying at speeds of four miles per hour. Documents checked three times: on the aisle, before leaving for boarding and landing - so no one has changed their personal data on the way to the plane.

. Inside the plane looked quite elegant, although the padding on the chairs was torn in some places, the pen looked like stolen from an old train, and flower vases were nepepoy detail
. At a capacity of seventy-passenger cabin was occupied only fifteen seats, and all the passengers for some reason were dressed in black ... Bob thought that, although the Soviet Union boasted of the creation of a classless society, the plane looked very bourgeois: a large bay tourist-class, luxurious first-class compartment with a very wide seat - all they have to Khrushchev's standards ... Although tickets have all been identical, they were seated in different places - first class was not for the silent Russian. Russian pilots, further thought Bob, probably not the best in the world, the plane took off, "like a seagull with poranennymi feet". In that seat belt, was not even necessary; takeoff pressed into the passenger seat. However, remember Bob, flying at a speed of five hundred miles per hour was normal, the vibration was observed only in his lap ... And so ...

A dinner. Waitress in a black jacket and scarf (so says Bob) in English did not say a word, but smiled radiantly metal teeth. First filed vodka. Enough of glass, Bob realized why over each seat was an oxygen tube: vodka bouncer spirit. Then - a great steak with fresh vegetables - hence booted in Copenhagen, the Danish beef, because, to defeat the Soviet steak, would have to circumnavigate the earth three times ... This remark was not without truth: Bob argues that the dinner on the plane was the last decent meal before you arrive to Moscow, where he was already more than anything like it never received.

. After landing, Bob prepared the widest smile for the camera ..
. But he saw no. Though he expected that customs would push it even toothpaste from a tube, not even open my suitcase. Policeman came up to him, a loud creaking new boots - the only stereo, which Bob had heard in the country. He filled out a customs declaration, which vowed to not import hashish, antlers and bait fish, and then climbed into the filed Intourist "winter", which strongly reminded him of one of the models "Bewick" model in 1938. Officially speaking, the group considered the delegation, which was obliged to follow the plans of "Intourist", but at their own expense. Service Package - cost $ 30 per day - included a suite, a driver with a car for two hours a day, the work of the translator. Of course, such prices are not for farmers and workers ...

They put in a new hotel "Ukraine", built in 1957 - according to Bob, it was a Japanese copy of the Waldorf-Astoria. The first five floors - the halls, where, perhaps, was beautiful furniture, but it was covered with covers - nothing to damage public property, that even the people are not allowed. "Ukraine" was not purely Intourist hotel, it stayed mostly different percussion and head of the Republican delegation. Hundreds of Uzbeks and the Mongols, excited temptations of city life, swarmed, dressed in pajamas, in the halls and corridors. Once people prnadlezhit everything, including elevators, people go there to fish for refusal. It was then that Bob Hope, the first time and met face to face with people who consumed garlic in large quantities ...

Number, where settled Bob, consisted of three rooms. One even stood a grand piano - though sad, was a TV set; tank in the toilet worked. Bob is not just the question: whether they overheard in the hotel? Whenever entering a room, . he said loudly: "Check!" Check! "It's me! me good news?" Said, . that the entire thirteenth floor of the hotel was occupied eavesdropping and recording equipment,
. One way or another, but all the stair passages there were muffled locked, and the elevator buttons, even the thirteenth floor was not.

. Of course, often in the memories of Bob Hope and it is about food.

. Bob was at first so naive that tried in the first morning to order room service breakfast - orange juice and a cup of coffee
. First, he called on the number of hotel service - in reply received a long clip nerezberi-no words and did not immediately realize that the long-listens to the dial tone. He began to call on all extensions, desperately saying only: "Orange juice and coffee!" Finally, the door to his knock. It was a maid. Trying to be as polite, Bob repeated her the same thing. She stepped. Bob went for it, repeating the phrase. They went to the elevator. Bob threw himself at a hefty storey matron with a bulldog jaw. The maid hid behind her. Babishchy began yelling at Bob and waved him back to his room. Bob felt like Jack the Ripper, but did not give up, pointing gestures: squeezing out the juice from an orange and drink. By this time a crowd gathered around them: the other maids, porters, some wise men in fezzes. People all were added ...

"Orange juice and coffee", - again groaned Bob. Suddenly porter smiled knowingly and shook Bob's hand. When Bob returned late at night in his room, waiting for his breakfast: a glass of cold tea and apple ...

"I think that with such services communist system can survive. If ordered to his room the bomb, it will have to wait five years "- that was the conclusion of Bob.

Contrary to expectations, the translator of "Intourist" Larisa said nothing propaganda. Before that she worked with people like Adlai Stevenson, Cary Grant, Mike Todd, etc.. The interpreter was amazed at the calm, even-tempered girl. She rented a handkerchief or mohair on the street in the cold, or in the room - and absolutely no interest in America. Just in any aspect. The only time she said something about it, there was a. She asked where were her clients. They responded - from California. "I know that there is a very good climate", - she said. And - everything.

Needless udvlyatsya, watched more Bob, that Russian so successful in the Winter Olympics. Only marry threshold - and get out on the streets, as on skis - willy-nilly natrenirueshsya! And: if the hat to wear too quickly, can be divided into glassy in the cold ears ...

. Bob and wondered this: how quickly all around all of them learned
. Do not have time to sit in the Intourist car, the driver told with whom they are intended to meet. Once it was zavsektsiey Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture Igor Rachuk. The driver, without asking anything, the visitors rolled to the building "Soveksportfilma". At the entrance stood guard. Americans feel guilty for all crimes. Some gloomy man almost forcibly took their coats. Carpets were worn into holes, ladders sprinkle. Everywhere they cast looks of suspicion. After a long trek through the rooms they were in the office of Igor Rachuk. Welcoming his words were: "You are late for seven and a half minutes! For this you will pay!" Visitors felt very bad. "The fare is - continued Rachuk - Gentlemen drink to the bottom of glasses of wine, and the lady sedyat all the treats". With fright, Bob grabbed the food, but not for the wine ... There was laughter.

In business negotiations, none of the newcomers could not understand who it really was the main. It was round for round. It was hard even to whom and when to smile. What do want from them, Bob? Two things: first, the English-speaking audience, before which he could speak with his jokes. Secondly, an extended meeting with the Soviet theatrical figures to each other and openly share the secrets of a professional and tell each other about their problems.

None of those interested in the Soviet authorities. Negotiations have been playing cat and mouse, and ended in nothing.

Bob Hope visited attractions in Moscow - especially the Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, Lenin's mausoleum and Stalin (then so he was). That's what the housing problem, he said, - some even in one grave had adjoin!.. Mausoleum - the greatest and most popular show of the Soviet Union: even at the terrible frost gathered longest queue, and so every day! ... Around the mausoleum was a cordon of police. Visitors like to shoot all on tape, but not knowing the language, permission from the police station to ask it was impossible. Then they were expecting trouble, went with a camera down the line. Nothing happened, except that behind them stretched out a handful of curious, but a police drove. Wherever then Bob Hope and his staff, they stared, instantly recognizing foreigners, but that he learned as an actor, and the speech was not.

Irv Levin invited Bob and his company in the restaurant "Prague". The restaurant consisted of a number of rooms, the floor was slightly below the level of the sidewalk. Teens indicted thundered gypsy orchestra, the audience was very much. Illuminated restaurant is not romantic: fluorescent lamps reflected in the tiled walls. There was no one, according to Bob's an interesting woman - not on anyone stop and look. His press agent Ursula, dressed in a low-cut dress and shoes with heels, decorated with bits of glass, caused a sensation - every visitor pushed to their table at least once, as if to look at the treasures of the Armory. Although the Soviet government promoted the wine, everywhere on the tables could be seen vodka. This - as Coca-Cola in America, said Bob, the most popular drink in Russian.

. INS employee of the U.S. Embassy told them that the restaurant at the hotel "Leningrad" is a whole orchestra, consisting only of girls, they decided to film it on tape
. In any case, understanding the local conditions, before entering the hall of the hotel cameraman hid the camera under his jacket. Shoved the doorman had some little things and got a table near the stage. No sooner had the maiden to leave the orchestra after the break and began to play "Rent us Petrusha, a tractor," as the floor dance floor rattled shoes, boots and galoshes, the audience danced. Cinematographer Ken moved to the edge of the platform, removing the spectacle on film, Bob walked beside him, trying to shield him from the maitre d'hotel. But no such luck; maitre d 'yelled: "No, No, No!" Not once before having seen Gromyko diplomat, said Bob Hope, I immediately understood what it means ...

Then it evolved so. Operator dutifully put the camera on a chair and covered it with a napkin. INS-Vec, who spoke the Russian language began to brawl with metrodotelem: "These people - government guests, Take me to my boss!" In a country where the employer alone, the risk is not necessary - the maitre d 'obeyed went with him to the Director. This is only waiting. In seconds set up a tripod, battery charge - three minutes of shooting had been completed. When he returned INS-Vec with the head waiter, they were told: it's all settled, for permission to appeal said somewhere in a month. "Losers" meekly nodded their heads. Later, footage of the maiden episode of the orchestra, a length of about one minute, went into one of television shows by Bob Hope in the United States.

Indicative was the history of the employee INS (his name was Serge). He was unmarried and felt very lonely. Soviet television could not comfort him. Is finite, he thought about girls. Upon his arrival he had not spoken in Russian, but learn the language very quickly. Somewhere he met a pretty young woman and quickly made friends with her. They began to see. This lasted for three months. One Saturday Serge had to go for it, but no one answered. The apartment it was empty, no note is left. Serge handled in the Housing Administration, where he was told that this person has never lived. Then Serge moved to Paris.

The next day, a reception was held at the U.S. ambassador Tommy Thompson. He learned that the group could not find a theater hall for filming, and immediately offered his official residence on the Savior, a large stone house. The location was perfect, it could accommodate all the English-speaking tourists in Moscow. It had a spacious room where children were taught the local American Dance. Were set up scaffolding for cameras and projectors.

Soviet film crew was to arrive to twelve days - it arrived in four. Equipment for the group was horribly out of date, but the workers themselves to be extremely savvy, they all understood and done very quickly. But there was a hitch. Bob and his team have brought their own film, then to show it in his house. The main operator, Comrade. Immortal, said that the American film gets stuck in the cine. At the last moment, he called to the studio so that they bring his film. Thus, the film was supposed to appear and they. The guests did not like.

Because of the limited space of about two hundred invited guests - mostly Canadian, British and American embassies. Arrived, but not less than three hundred people from other places, too. The crowd piled jam. In some places could see the turban, fez and saris ... Bob came out to speak with his jokes. He began: "It's so wonderful to see you, Democrats. If you were not Democrats, you would not be here ". He continued: "How interesting to be here, in Russia. I know that I am in Russia, because my stomach woke up two hours before me, and swallowed a bowl of borscht.

I do not know why, "remarks Bob, but I was very amused by this. And it always amuses the audience in any country in the world. In London, a joke was: "My stomach woke up two hours ranshe me and drank a cup of tea". In Tokyo - "My stomach woke up two hours earlier than me and swallowed a whole bowl of soup Wonton". And so on; joke is still not obsolete in Copenhagen, Vienna, or Dien Bien Phu ...

"Strangely enough, but problems with the local language I do not. Nobody does not talk to me ". "Some American historical films may seem strange to Russian. If they see our version of "War and Peace", they certainly shocking that Napoleon had escaped from Moscow because of Audrey Hepburn.

. The most interesting reaction to Russian translators at the jokes Bob, in his opinion, was what followed after his remarks about the Soviet satellite
. Although everywhere in Russian newspapers on the front page of this topic was widely covered, the satellite was depicted on postage stamps, magazine covers, even on toys, people avoided discussing this topic. As soon as Bob mentioned artificial satellite in a private conversation, the topic immediately changed. Each time, he says, as soon as I just uttered a word, the translator looked as if about to strike lightning. They, the Soviet people could not imagine that someone could idly discuss the subject of national importance. They, translators, could talk about the quality of food, the weather, even the lack of housing, but only touch the something closer to the policy, as they are automatically and permanently paralyzed.

. Bob Hope was very interested in a Soviet show business and tried to see as much as possible
. The first thing he saw was, naturally, a circus - the most important, the most popular shows in the USSR. The circus was packed. The centerpiece of the program were bears Yuri Durova. The culminating moment was that, as Yuri Durov put his head in the jaws of a bear. This, remarks Bob, I would not dare to do even with his agent ...

It is like Bob and Oleg Popov, whom he had seen before, in Brussels, was excellent and humorous hockey team where every player looked like Oleg Popov. But the most memorable was a trip to the Bolshoi Theater, . Khachaturian's ballet in "Spartacus": wild, . exotic dancing, . extravagant, . bright costumes and decorations, . music, . explosions - in his usual manner, Bob says this: "I was not sure, . whether it was their usual style, or they ran from the scene satellite,
. His team shot a statement (later it was shown on television in the U.S.) then prima ballerina Galina Ulanova, . which at that time was about fifty years, her speech seemed to Bob Hope, the most beautiful sight of all he had seen in my life.,

. Bob noted the public's love of the Soviet puppet show, visited the theater Sergei Obraztsov
. Bob visited his presentation of "Unusual Concert" and later wrote about the workshop setting and excellent design dolls.

While in the USSR, as in bolshinstve the world, was extremely popular with American jazz. In every restaurant, club, hotel playing jazz, swing from time to time (the latter, according to Bob, it was only a pathetic attempt). Although the authorities have declared decadent jazz phenomenon, first heard that Bob in the restaurant of the hotel "Ukraine", was "Lullaby of Birdland" ...

. Plates with American jazz unusually valued at the local black market: the recordings of Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, could cost up to a hundred dollars
. The next time you get around in Moscow, prihvachu with him a suitcase, joked Bob. This never happened.

One of the restaurant jazz musicians are asked Bob to send him out of America's newest aranzhementy. Bob has sent them to him immediately upon his return to the U.S., but I never found out whether they reached their destination. In general, the musicians was virtually unheard of in English, but well versed in jazz terms. One of the interpreters who worked with Irvom Levin, George, was captured in conversation at a jazz jargon, and said that his life changed. [As a translator, that George received dveti pyatdyasyat dollars a month. In jazz terminology let him pay a hundred, joked Rob, even though no one and will not understand].

. On the last day of his stay in Moscow, Bob Hope visited the cocktail party in the HOME culture, where he met the stars of Soviet cinema screen
. Among them reigned Irina Skobtseva, who became famous in the role of Desdemona. Bob said "low blonde comedienne Shivalovu", as well as Juno with unimaginable name - Cherednichenko, the present equivalent of Anita Ekberg. However, Bob was quick to note that the "girls" this could really have been brilliant and did not leave more American workers of the company Sears. Neither did not speak in English, but the word Hollywood is well understood - belonging to Hollywood strongly raised by Bob in their eyes.

And then, says Bob, came to the darkest episode of his visit. It was time to talk about money. The conversation began with a friend Rachuk. After this trouble Bob Hope was invited to study a representative Filmeksporta Mikhail Fadeev, and then - in the office of the head Soveksportfilma Alexandra Davydova. In each of the offices was about the same conversation, full of innuendos and hints. It was clear that above all they had in mind: censorship and the assignment of rights. Bob regretted that I never took a portable tape recorder ... After a formal compliments clips Davydov said: "Mr Hope, recorded on the film held by us your speech great, great, superb - a true treasure. But we would like to remove from him a few jokes. "

. Although Bob replied that he had arrived in the Soviet Union in order to cultivate anti-Soviet propaganda and such is not engaged, Davydov pulled out a sheet of paper with a list of objectionable jokes and read it
. Among them were these:

"My arrival at the airport was wonderful. They gave twenty-five rounds in honor of this ... But it would be better if they waited until the plane will sit.

"Russian is going crazy with pride in her companion. Oddly enough for a country where holidays inrush every ninety minutes. "

"Who has a neck is not strong, that traitor.

The word "traitor" particularly worried Davydova. He said: "In the USSR a traitor - this is a very serious charge". General reference to the satellite should remove - this is not a subject for jokes.

Bob Hope, fiercely argued that the satellites and missiles - the subject of widespread discussion, both here and overseas. The Americans, they say, make jokes at their own tmy no less caustic, for example: "Important news from the Cape Canaveral!" Our government launched a major space submarine! " Or: "Our scientists think they have found the cause of problems. A gum is still bursting, "" We have nothing to fear. Our Army can for ten seconds to destroy our aircraft ". And so on.

From such jokes Davydov thawed. The atmosphere was discharged. Bob asked him to deliver to the hotel list of objectionable jokes. They, incidentally, he never failed to provide. The man who was supposed to make a list, and has not appeared - allegedly ill.

Then Davydov said that should pay for the survey, work crew, to process at the films, etc.. "Mr. Davydov, - replied Hope. - It - educational film, practically - chasvaya ads Soviet pop art. Is not the film was shot in poradke cultural exchange? "Davydov took a sip from his glass and said:" Friendship is friendship, money apart. I understand finnsovo you are strong ". Hope said: "After paying taxes we all just poor peasants". "Comrade," - said Davydov, Bob, shaking his hand. In his left hand bill. What a pity that Davydov - a member of the party, thought Hope. - What capitalist would get out of it! "

Negotiations went around a few laps. As a result, when Davidov removed his knee to his chest, it turned out that Bob Hope was the Soviet Union to $ 1200. So owed. Years passed, but he did not wait for two of the manifested in Moscow rolls. If he got them, it would have paid - just not in cash. Later, when the program was screened on Russian art of those commercials that were among the Americans, its popularity was enormous; authors flooded stream of laudatory letters from the public. Reinstall the program was shown on NBC, with the same result.

The next day, Bob Hope, flew from Moscow. Although much that he never saw, yet never so much he did not feel like home.

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