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Olga Orlova

( Singer)

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Biography Olga Orlova
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Recently, the whole country is watching Olga Orlova, a former soloist with the band 'brilliant' in the 'Survivor'. And no one argue that it is - a girl and a spectacular 'grip'. She is now married and raising a young son. And once, before her marriage with Olga there were many ambiguous situations, like most of us. Including it faced and always topical such as health, problem: to share with someone a man or not. On this subject, she has her own, a definite opinion.

- Olga, you are beautiful, so it seems, that you of something like ever 'flies' a man from a rival. Maybe not every. It is?

- For me the concept of 'recapture guy' does not exist. Just too lazy to do it. Moreover, I am a fatalist and believe that fate is no arguing against. Something comes to us as well as leaves. And I absolutely just this attitude. If, say, I fell in love with a married man and divorced because of this with my wife, I do not think that it repelled. That he 'strayed' and came to me. And when women specifically are doing everything to tear a man from someone, is unlikely to end up with something good.

. - And if you do not tear off? If it is 'peaceful' likes, . not the claim, . and hoped for the best? Because he's all of a 'chocolate', . says, . that to live without it can not and ready for anything: In your opinion, . sad end is still inevitable because of his chronic 'married'?,

. - I've had experience with married men
. So I can safely say that it almost always ends in a dismal. Happy end of these stories, by and large, there. The woman finally get tired of that he's with her, but weekends and holidays must hold family. The second option - it is not going to divorce his wife, and then the story itself is doomed. Well, even if he decides to be just yours, it is often triggered or wisdom, that the misfortune of someone else's happiness can not build or another - if he left his wife for you, then you can go on to someone else. Although a reservation that the fates are different, and of any rule there are exceptions. People converge, diverge, find true happiness. But it is rare. Only then things will work out if the man himself is ripe to go, and not because you insist.

. - So you yourself deliberately interrupted relations with married men?

. - Or itself, or they are interrupted by themselves, because they do not make sense to continue it
. Being eternal lover no one is interested.

- Two years ago appeared in a newspaper information: singer and model Natalia Lagoda jumped from the fifth floor. And then the tragedy was bound by rumors that it was allegedly due to the fact that a former friend businessman Alexander Lagoda pocket, and now your husband, left her for you:

. - When we met my future husband, he was free, my heart is too empty
. Yes, long before they met me with Lagoda, but it was not so serious.

. - As such, besides the lack of a stamp in the passport, was in Alexandra, that you finally summed up the aisle?

. - He coped with adequately filling that space, which is called the secret and personal
. All the other men that I had, to hold a candle to him no good. After all, every woman can be bribed, but not money, but the ratio. He took the whole burden of my problems on myself. Plus, flowers, gifts, restaurants - he has always been for me, free time. I am convinced that man must conquer the woman and make her life a celebration.

Actually it is difficult to calculate than thou 'bewitch' to himself. I quite peculiar man. For example, for family, friends - a simple, open, sincere, loyal. But for others can be tough. Sasha told me: 'You're a man, whom I have never been able to calculate the logical. Do you think you have to do, and you're doing things differently '. After all, we are always intrigued by the fact that we can not solve. And if the woman on the second day as the books they read, the interest in it disappears quickly.

No, I'm not a bitch. Just do not try to bind men to himself. Do not grab them by the trouser leg and dragged to a. Do not pretend that he never ate black caviar. Many also believe that men like accidents, because they feel guilty. I am a happy, self-sufficient person who really appreciates his opportunities. By the way, at first I did not like Sasha. It seemed to me that even friends with him would be problematic. But then, when the affair began, I said: 'I ask you about two things: never make me leave my job and do not ask me now to marry you'. He replied: 'No matter how you say'. And we have not discussed this subject until she came herself.

- You're pregnant ...

But this is not the case, which is called 'marriage on the aerial', everything is real. Although marriage and pregnancy were not included then in my plans, because the contract with the producer of 'brilliant' after five years of work in the group I was supposed to start a solo career. But after the allotted time, and they asked me to wait another year because they wanted to make the first solo project, Jeanne. It was terribly sorry, but I accepted the terms. A few months later all agreed to pregnancy. They told me: 'Once such a case would be better if you leave'.

- But in the end everything turned out better for you than if you went solo in the group?

- Hard to say. Someday, I would still be a solo project, and then it happened spontaneously, I was not ready. She left without a base. I woke up one day and realized that does not need is already there, but I do not yet here. I stood. And now, without pain in my heart I look back at what experienced.

- You say that was not going to have some time to get married until I got pregnant. And how much do you think a girl can walk 'a bride'?

- We have other rules, and if you're not married, and you're 30 years old, you're not an old maid, and a solid man who devotes himself to a career. I think those who do not want to go in 40 years, should not do it just because he wants to society or the parents.

. - Olga, do you think about those who have and will throw in the trash make-up, or will you give me 'pomayachit' to her husband, uncombed, in her dressing gown?

. - And I detest garbage? See, I do not like to deceive people
. After all, if I am not an economic man, then I warn you about this man at once. I do not cook at home, do not lick the glass, not cleaning the carpet brush, because I have the opportunity to keep assistant. When was a student and worked, then did everything she. I now have the opportunity not to do. As for grooming, I can not imagine how a woman can not look after themselves. For example, I do it not because the husband was pleased, but to me it was very convenient, comfortable.

- Three years of marriage - a period of crisis, so say psychologists. You lived with Alexander just so. What do you think?

- We have a smooth relationship, nothing has changed in any direction from the start. We do not beat the dishes, we have no scandals, we have respect for each other. Real partnership.

- Once dry, point by point: And love?

- Well, would not be love - would not be living.

- Here we often say that women are men beat off each other. But it happens and vice versa. Because of you ever 'beat males'?

- I do not advocate to bring to such situations, I often was all intelligently and calmly. All my men, and they were not so many before her marriage - are decent people, older than me. I am grateful for the school, which to them was. Each of them is something I was taught. A man must be smarter than a woman, for her it is important.

. - Now you're more like 'iron', but do not you ever flowed from a man in excruciating psychological dependence, as many of the girls?

. - Yes, it was, I recall with horror
. Psychological dependence on a man who was unworthy of. I did not sing, but when it started. I think the time lost, it was an enormous grinding and cutting me, then I became the one that now. Most school and very difficult. Then I made all those mistakes that make young girls.

. - Oh, if only young ...

. - Apparently, those girls and women that they still commit, delayed development in the period of adolescence.

. - What should this happen, so you turned and left her husband?

. - Things that I can not forgive
. Well, for example, if he hit me. Then I went away forever.

- You would tolerate even treason?

- It depends on what with whom and when. The situations are different. I think that it is sometimes easier to forgive, except then live with each other. If a man changes a woman, he should do it nicely, that I was not ashamed of it to other women, that neither I nor my friends about it never learned. Then I was ready to accept. Otherwise, the door will be locked forever. I'm not arrogant, but I know his worth and not let men treat me disrespectfully.

. - Ol, as if suddenly your husband seriously carried away by someone on the side and the question arises: leave it to you or not to go, what will you do?

. - I find it difficult to be objective about their lives and talk in the abstract, but I probably would have given him the right choice
. Each person has his own outlook on life and law, with whom to be in any given moment. So, I think, in this case must give a person an opportunity to determine. I think so at 99%, and one - leave it to the unforeseen. To avoid this from happening, the couple should give each other freedom. People feel more comfortable when we feel that they have no obligation permanently close. It is necessary, for example, most go on vacation and her husband's release. For me, marriage, when every minute, people are together, is impossible. It is hard - all his time to give some people. Hello, I'm busy at work and my husband too. This gives us the opportunity to have time to miss.

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