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Lara Flynn Boyle

( Actress)

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Biography Lara Flynn Boyle
photo Lara Flynn Boyle
In my family Lara was an only child. When the little girl was six years old, her parents divorced. Lara and his mother left his hometown and moved to Chicago. Since then she has never seen his father.

As a child, Lara was absolutely certain that it would be "queen of disco". Two years later her plans have changed dramatically: she decided to become mayor of Chicago. Understand the complex scientific disciplines girl could not, therefore, enrolled in courses of improvisation, to learn how to express themselves. It was after these courses for the first time Lara felt a genuine interest in stage art. Soon she was enrolled at the Chicago Academy of Arts.

Already a freshman in 1987, Lara received her first role in a small television series "America". Film debut aspiring actress took a year later. Lara starred in the third part of "Poltergeist". These small role means a lot to her. Actress believe in our strength, and the next day after graduation she moved with her mother in Los Angeles. Lara hoping that this is where it can build a successful career.

The calculation was correct. Lara was able to get a role in the TV series "Twin Peaks" and became famous. She started to offer different roles. However, the main characteristic of the early films the actress was their "a failure". "Road to Velvil", "Baby's Day Out", "Temporary secretary" did not arouse much enthusiasm among the audience. For many series of such failures, it is likely would cause the end of career. But talent Lara has protected it from such a sad fate. For participation in the low-budget projects have nicknamed her "Princess of the independent film", and the appearance of unsuccessful films compensated roles in such films as "Beginner", "Wayne's World," "Happiness".

. In 1997, Lara returned to television screens in the series "The Practice" and now six years continued to appear in the role of Helen Gamble
. In 1999, the series received an Emmy in the category "Best Drama". The success of the film project drew attention to itself Lara. Tabloids speak maliciously, that Miss Boyle took up the hunt for men who, by happy coincidence for her, almost every one of the biggest Hollywood stars turned out. The name of beauty associated with such representatives of film industry as David Spade, Harrison Ford, Jack Nicholson and, finally, Bruce Willis. But do not forget about it and film career. In recent years, the actress co-starred in famous paintings "The Sunset", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," "License to Kill," "The Way of weapons," "Talking about sex," "Traffic," "Pledge" and, of course same, "Men in Black 2".

. Roman Lara with Nicholson, the famous heartthrob and lover of the fair sex, was under scrutiny during the year of its existence
. They went together to film festivals (in 2001 the couple visited the festival in Moscow), and at the ceremony Emmy officially announced their relationship. But soon, despite the seeming idyll, rumors began to appear that those in love more often there is disagreement about their future.

. Perhaps the 63-year-old Nicholson began to worry when one publication an article, referring to the fact that thirty-year-actress seriously decided to marry him to a
. Oil dips and friends of Jack, who never understood and disapproved of their relationship. And then, the newspaper gossip that Lara is not the first year of marriage is officially registered once in Las Vegas. So they parted.

Although it may cause rupture star pair was the nature of failed bride. Now the former lover "major Hollywood villain" once confessed that she likes to be a bitch, because that is its real essence. Lara said that spent a lot of time trying to look good and sweet, cause sympathy of the audience and journalists. But then she decided that first of all need to be myself, like a someone or not. "I think I'm just going to do what must be done in this life. It may not all be like it, but I can sleep peacefully at night. So I no longer conceal themselves present ". In addition, the actress is confident that today the definition of "bitch" has ceased to be strictly negative. "I called so many times in the interview, and I, you know, I think that as a compliment," - says Lara.

. In an interview with Vanity Fair she said that generally refers to the type of women, the appearance at a party where all the other ladies go
. One can only wonder how this feature will allow her actresses to realize themselves in a new direction of its activities. The actress has signed a contract with modeling agency Elite, and now she has to escape the women who, by his own statement, Miss Boyle, not very fond of her, to buy advertised its products. However, her new employers are optimistic and believe Lara a good model, able to work in advertising as a leading cosmetic companies, and in design projects.

. This is not surprising, because the actress is fully consistent with well-established ideal model: it can successfully rival with Calista Flockhart for the title of "the most thin in Hollywood"
. This Lara is absolutely no complains about the appetite and consuming food in large quantities. She likes a variety of foods - from roast beef and eggs to cakes and sweets, eating at night, but no fullness. "Maybe it's because of the fact that I constantly work? - Expressed their assumptions actress. - As early as four in the morning I was on my feet all day and steeper. Perhaps this job allows me to maintain weight naturally ". Yes, this "diet" is not everyone's strength.

However, such a welcome for many elegant forms actress is not happy. "I always wanted to have bigger breasts, - confessed Lara. - As a child I even stuffed with toilet paper under a bathing suit and contrived in such a swim ". Dream fragile actress of the solid form of partially realized during the filming of the movie "Men in Black 2". Space villain Serlene master makeup artificially created a magnificent bust. "It was really fun to walk around, showing his huge chest, and listening to every conversation approvingly," - recalls the actress.

. There, surrounded by gossip and brilliant men, living this beautiful and independent woman.

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Lara Flynn Boyle, photo, biography
Lara Flynn Boyle, photo, biography Lara Flynn Boyle  Actress, photo, biography
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